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Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst calls for President Obama’s impeachment

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21st Century Wire says…

A shot across the bow of the White House from the Lone Star state.

As the scandals continue to pile up in the White House basement, more politicians will be breaking ranks simply because the people will demand they do…

By Christina Rosales
Dallas Morning News

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst called for President Barack Obama’s impeachment during a Tarrant County Tea Party candidate forum, The Texas Observer reported first. 

Dewhurst’s spokesman confirmed to the Texas Tribune that the lieutenant governor said Congress should impeached the president for taking his role too far on issues like immigration and Obamacare, as well as mistakes following the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“He feels very strongly about the tragedy in Benghazi and has said that Congress should consider impeaching the President over the tragedy,” the spokesman told the Tribune. “David Dewhurst also believes that President Obama should be held accountable for Washington’s failure to secure the border and the gross overreach of the federal government under Obamacare.”

Other Republican politicians have sung similar refrains, including U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Corpus Christi, who at a town hall meeting in August said if Congress wanted to impeach the president, they’d have the votes.

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  • R Elgin

    Then do it! Impeach him and get him out of office!

    • Glenda LaHaye

      Even if they did the Senate would protect him. It would die before it got started.

      • Melissa Kellison

        Yeah that would be bad. That would condone everything he is accused of as lawful to do wouldn’t it? (if found not guilty)

      • Bee Man

        then its time to clean house get all of congress the senate and obama out of office. then set a 2 yr limit on every political office in the us and when they get out of office their pay stops

        • William Lanteigne

          The Constitution sets the President’s term at 4 years, Senators at 6 years, and House Representatives at 2 years. Putting them all on 2 year terms would require Constitutional Amendments. The result would be non-stop campaigning, all the time, every year. With the present setup, we get a break from major campaigning 3 years out of 4.

          What you want are “vote of confidence” elections, or referendums, every 2 years, not term limits, A “vote of no confidence” could trigger a recall election; this way, if YOU have a dud politician, I don’t have to put up with unnecessary campaign advertising.

        • Marguerite Clem

          Amen !

    • lesstressrx

      Not going to happen. The Senate will never pass it. Hope we take the Senate in 2014 and then we can.

    • Mike Terri

      and we will stand our ground and just keep doing it…please don’t give in even before the fight has started…We are not the Jews in Pre WAR Germany!

    • Yukidongo

      They’d have the votes in the House…not in the Senate. Waste of time to even try til 2014. We need to replace the GOP with Libertarians and Tea Party, and this country will turn around. Period. And, most of the American population is TP sentiment, now. and those old guard GOP are doomed.

  • drdgonflyr

    impeach him. now…..

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    get him OUT and ALL the members of congress who stood behind him. As well as his monsanto execs running the supreme courts and the FDA. get this country back to where it needs to be!

  • Obama should have been impeached long ago for Treason.

    Benghazi. Extortion 17. U.N. Firearm Treaty. Cyber spying. Countless Executive Orders moving power from the people to himself. Fast & Furious. Bailout & fiscal irresponsibility. TPP which will annihilate the U.S. Constitution & sovereignty of this nation. Gov’t shutdown – There are three branches of the gov’t & Obama is controlling all three. Congress voted on budget & passed everything but ACA. Obama still won’t negotiate & has overstepped his authority.

    Impeach the imposture.

    • Linda Lee Skapik

      that is more than enough reasons right there!


      You forgot


      • Roberta Bebko

        How about aiding and abetting the enemy and telling us that the President has a right to target American citizens for death by drones and using drones to kill in any country he chooses?

  • Keith Houston

    he isn’t the first to say it, look at the overpass people! It should
    have been news then, not when some politician is looking to make
    “brownie points” for a governor bid. This is nothing more then political
    posturing! We The People have been demanding his impeachment for quite a

  • kem63

    well thats one now all we need is one more and then it goes to house for a vote then it goes to senate for trial. but majority of senate is democrat’s so he will be found innocent= Waist of time

    • WTF Are You Thinking

      And tax payers money

    • MaeBelle Barger


  • Joseph Morgan


  • Gayle Walls Hellums

    Sorry guys in the end the ones that can legally impeach Obama is the Senate.
    Harry Reid would never in a trillion years bring it up for a vote.

    • Theresa Lorenc

      Then arrest him for treason, better yet!

      • William Lanteigne

        Treason is a charge made only during wartime, having to do with providing aid and comfort to the enemy. The word you’re looking for is “sedition,” but that only applies to people outside the government who are attempting to overthrow the government. Technically, an office-holder could be charged with sedition, but they first have to be impeached, then removed from office, then charged. It’s kind of the way the Constitution works. Pull out the copy you TeaBaggers always allegedly carry around with you, and read it. It’s in there. Get a grownup to explain the big words for you.

        • Theresa Lorenc

          Typical, you have to use name calling to prove your point!

          Here is the definition of treason: Treason is a crime that covers a variety of extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation. Which Obama has done plenty! If you don’t know by now, maybe you should get your head out of his azzz! I am not the stupid looking one sticking up for this traitor! He has ruined this country to no end. He is down to 37% approval rating and falling. My future grandchildren will still be paying for what he has done! Yep, typical you think me, me, me and thats why our Country in in such bad shape!

          • William Lanteigne

            Treason is NOT “a crime that covers a variety of extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.” It is a very specific, limited, precise charge of giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war- ONLY!!!

            A 15-second Google search produces:

            “To avoid the abuses of the English law (including executions by Henry VIII of those who criticized his repeated marriages), treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined.

            Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

            Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
            The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”

            As I said, it’s IN THE CONSTITUTION, which you idiot Teabaggers claim to be so fond of, yet HAVE NO CLUE.

            READ IT.

            Really, this is basic information that any naturalized immigrant must know to attain citizenship. Ignorance is apparently only a luxury reserved for the natural-born Tea Party zombies.

          • Octoplog

            I’m British and don’t know your constitution. So these are genuine questions to aid my understanding, rather than statements. Isn’t there supposed to be an ongoing war on terror? Isn’t that supposed to be the argument for holding POWs at Guantanamo Bay? If that is the situation, then wouldn’t the funneling of aid to Al Qaeda in Syria count as giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Wouldn’t this fit your definition of treason and allow Obama to be impeached?

          • William Lanteigne

            It’s an undeclared war; an abstraction, if you will, a “virtual” war, a war of philosophies, an undeclared war; a contrived reason to justify the capture and torture and indefinite detainment of suspected terrorists. Some aspects could be considered ilegal under international law, but that “war on terror” declaration muddies things up enough to keep George W Bush out of prison for war crimes, and Guantanamo Bay in business as a “detention center.”

            George W Bush declared the “war on terror.” It might actually have been done as an “Executive Order.” By the Constitution, only Congress has the legal capacity to declare war.

            It still requires 67 votes in the Senate to impeach. It’s not going to happen, and would be just another embarrassment for the Republican Party. They just had their heads handed to them over the “shutdown,” they’re going to need some time to recover.

            The transcript of the US Constitution can be seen here:

          • Octoplog

            Thanks for the analysis. The link is excellent.

    • Mary Smyly

      Wait, I thought it had to have a congressional investigation, then congress tells the hholder to press charges ect oh yeah, holder would never do that to his buddy.

    • William Lanteigne

      It’s actually a trial held in the Senate, presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. For those who’ve apparently been asleep since the late ’90s, they tried this with Bill Clinton. It was also nothing but shallow grandstanding, but it kept the talk radio guys employed, and some have made a career out of it.

  • tony_stewart_motorsports

    Impeach him now before it’s to late!!!!!!

  • Linda Lee Skapik

    IMPEACH, you all have enough on him to do it!

  • Merry Citoli

    Come on people………can’t you see this is yet another distraction to divide and conquer with this country. The whole lot of them need to go………There as many Republicans that are no angels as democrats. Until we get these big companies out of politics it will be business as usual no matter who we have for President. They are all bought and paid for my Corporate America. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RJay Preciado

    Yes, IMPEACH that Anti- Christ Muslim.. he needs to be Assassinated and put in the Federal Pen, and be treated like he does all of the American Citizens…Enough is Enough…along with his Anti-Christ Muslim Family!

    • Guest

      The knock on your door will be the Secret Service.

      • redeemedwench

        I was thinking the same thing! Good grief how naive does one have to be to know that if you post something about POTUS in any way that appears threatening, it is flagged? I hope she takes this down before they find it. smh

    • Peter Fleming

      Anti-christ muslim? Where is your evidence?

      Just another puppet. Go after the money, it’s the key to all of this. The fed should be your focus.

    • Philosophical G

      Good lord please look into some edjumakation classes

    • AlMust

      Do you even know anything about being Muslim? Muslims are not Anti-Christ by any means. If you agree he needs to be impeached, that’s totally fine. But please educate yourself before you start throwing religion into it. I am not a Christian nor Muslim..however I have read both holy books cover to cover. There is a passage in the Koran that states, “All the Jewish, Christian and Muslims shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” Stick to the subject at hand. Impeach him for his choices, not his alleged religion that is by no means Anti-Christ.

      • Karen

        there is absolutely no doubt that he is against the Christians..or have you had your head hid completely in the sand? he needs to be impeached for numerous reasons..treason and acts against the Constitution etc etc..but she is right about him being Muslim and against the Christians..just look at everything that he has said and done..

        • AlMust

          Who cares if hes against Christians. Your religion is your own. When Obama starts having churches burnt down, then start griping hes against Christians. I think there are bigger things to worry about.

          • Julie Crory Telgenhoff

            The Zionist money masters control everyone. It’s what you don’t see where the truth lies. The MUSLIMS did 9/11 and it is getting old my fellow Americans. Zionism is your enemy. Rothschild Zionism. The FED and Goldman sacs et al. Please wake up. AIPAC lobbies our US congress for THEIR Zionist wars. This has nothing to do with religion. Those money master Zions have infiltrated our country.

          • William Lanteigne

            Right, the Zionist Muslims are behind it all.


    Wake me up when some ballsy Congressman finally announces it on C-SPAN.

  • travellinda

    So say it on the floor and let’s get it going!

  • moresky

    The last time that the the GOP poll results were this bad were when they tried to impeach Clinton… Go ahead and try…maybe you can take your ratings well below 25%

  • Merry Citoli

    Never mind the my………typo (-;

  • Alice Otto

    what are they waiting for, him to destory the rest of the Nation . he has done enough damage start the impeachment

  • dizymeup

    Then what the hell are they waiting for?

  • Donald Parkins

    All Talk and no ACTION…..get the SOB out of office…..N O W !!!

  • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

    unfortunately, unless there’s a miracle, it’ll never happen. And even if it did, his laws and EOs would stand until someone came in and repealed them. They need to catch him on the illegal birth certificate thing and remove him that way. Then everything he signed would be null & void.

    • Mary Smyly

      not if they prove he took office fraudently, then everything he has done can be annulled.

      • William Lanteigne

        That would open a can of worms, they would then have to look at the fraudulent 2000 and 2004 elections.

  • Jordan S. Krenzke

    Impeach him!!

  • Theresa Lorenc

    write your senators and demand impeachment, only way it is going to happen and you can say you helped!

    • saholt

      The House impeaches (brings charges against) the Senate conducts the trial on the charges.

      • William Lanteigne

        And it requires a 2/3 majority vote to impeach.

  • Gordy Myers

    Ill donate money to help with the cost !!!!

    • William Lanteigne

      Right. Send money to the same people who have spent your tax dollars trying to repeal a law 40 times, when they knew for certain they would fail the last 39 attempts. What a brilliant idea!!! Then you can send more money to Ted Cruz, so he can run his mouth another 21 hours for no purpose whatsoever.

  • Rob

    YES! This time it will work! We are so smart! And once he’s gone, let’s elect another bought-and-sold politician to replace him! That will make EVERYTHING BETTER! YAY!

    • William Lanteigne

      Let’s amend any spending bill with the requirement that no State shall receive more in Federal spending dollars than they pay in Federal tax revenue.

      This would help reduce the deficit in a fair and equal manner. Where necessary to reach parity, military facilities, defense contractor factories, and any other Federal government facilities can be moved to states that provide more in Federal tax revenue than they receive in Federal spending. Lets stop feeding those deadbeat States.

  • Mike

    DO it.

  • joeschmo8675309

    Nothing will happen.

  • F Plang

    Balance the budget now and throw out anybody whos a traitor http://politicalplangetis.blogspot.com/2013/10/what-about-now.html?m=1

  • El Boricua

    Everyone talks to much crap!!! No one will Impeach him… There to scare of purple lip.

  • Rhys Trappett

    “If Congress wanted to impeach the president, they’d have the votes.”

    Then what is the hold up???

    If congress doesn’t want to impeach him they are complicit in his crimes…

    • Natural Law

      You just said it – “If congress doesn’t want to impeach him they are complicit in his crimes”……. they are

    • William Lanteigne

      It takes 67 Senate votes to impeach. At most, the Republicans can count on 42, and that’s if they get all the moderates to go along, which is unlikely. But go ahead, this presents another opportunity for drama, and another opportunity for The tea Party to extract your donations.

      • LocalHero

        So what. Nobody said that success was guaranteed but justice demands it.

        • William Lanteigne

          Right. That’s why House Republicans tried to repeal ACA more than 40 times, knowing the last 39 times were a complete and utter waste of time and taxpayer money; so let’s waste more time and money on a baseless and ridiculous impeachment effort that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of accomplishing anything whatsoever. After, of course, the House Republican strategy of the deliberate shutdown (announced in 2010, before the elections) and debt default has crashed the economy, increased interest rates to levels not seen since 1980, and kicked the dollar off its pedestal as “the world’s currency,” having had the US credit rating reduced to less than that of a banana republic.

          Because “Justice demands it.” Brilliant.

  • ebooksdog

    i got an idea if yall want to get obama impeached then go to your state governors website and call for his impeachment lets try this ok

  • Chris Balmer

    Impeach and public hanging. Please? Pretty Please?

  • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

    HANG HIM AND EVERYONE IN HIS ADMISTRATION. Constitution calls for Hang by treason! DO IT!

  • Ray Puckett

    Hussein the Kenyan makes billy Clinton and president Richard M. Nixion look like angels, yet Hussein gets a free pass. Amazing…

  • pirateanny

    just get rid of the asshat already

  • Shirley Evans Cooley Jr.

    Americans, take back your rights the government has taken, do not sign up for Obama care. United we stand, divided we fail, like our government has failed in upholding the constitution. We have in Obama care, unfair taxation without representation. Stand up for our rights, do not sign up for Obama care! Let the people vote for what they want. Electoral college votes do not speak for the popular vote. Has been proven by last election.

    • Roberta Bebko

      I doubt many American will be able to sign up for Obamacare with all of it’s computer glitches. They held a seminar on Obamacare in South Carolina and only one person showed up for it.

  • V Garc

    You will have my vote

  • Chris Beasley

    come on lets do this now

  • Carolyn Colline

    Put him out and save the U.S.A.

  • Guest

    Got my support!!!

  • Shiloh White

    Actions speak louder than words! NO MORE TALK…..

  • Karen Martin

    Then get it done and stop talking about already IMPEACH OBAMA and his corrupt party.

  • Lisa Hughes

    Is this real? When? How soon? OMG! THANK YOU LT. GOVERNOR!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • William Mobus

    Impeach, tar and feather and kick him out!!!!

  • Zoopz

    stop talking and DO IT!

  • Donna

    Impeach him and stop just talking about it. Enough is enough.

  • Linda Lee Wentworth


  • dcsmitty76

    WE need to take the Senate and keep the House in 2014 in order to do this….we need to have a super majority and that means that all of US on the right have to do our part in order for this to happen….talk to all your friends, take to the phones and knock on doors, get out the vote like never before or this country will be for shit by the time Odumbo is done with his term. thats if he doesnt declare martial law first because i dont see him leaving the WH on his own…we have got to do this for ourselves and our children.

  • jack graff

    That sounds great but it’s wishful thinking. The headlines make you believe the Lt Gov. is calling for Obama’s impeachment, but all he is doing is saying what everyone else is saying, and that is, “Congress should improve him.” I’d like to see Obama and everything he believes in run out of the country, but I’m not holding my breath. No one in congress has the gonads to do it.

  • Emmy

    sorry but i disagree he is not budging because he wants all the people to have the same insurance equally. if he decides to let them win then the WOMAN!!!! would not have the same kind of insurance they have now all the necessary things they need is gone, while all them men will be fine im sorry but i don’t think woman should be treated differently. also when bush was in office he did worse than Obama did and no one said anything about him maybe cause he is white and Obama is black. if you don’t like him being in office try to find a better reason than to say he is a traitor or he needs to be assassinated! he is trying to keep us out of war and trying to fix this messed up world we live in its not anyone’s fault that you were raised to hate a certain color and love the other. he is doing the best he can and he should stay in office as long as he can due to him helping the woman and opening more jobs than bush ever did im sorry but if bush never sent the jobs across the sea then Obama would not be trying to make jobs here and if Bush did not send us to war we would not be as broke as we are now. it is a white mans fault we are in this mess not the black man so screw everyone who thinks Obama is ruining the USA cause he is not i would love to meet him and help him with his campaign to show people like you guys what it is to be someone who cares about the economy and not some one who just wants to talk trash about a man who is making sure you (if your a female) and your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, female cousins, and sisters have coverage to make sure they are healthy so if you do not care about the woman in your lives then i guess you can keep you comment and agree to it cause there is many people out here that do not agree with all the crap the media says about Obama. when did Bush get publicized for doing what every president did? Obama gets called out on the dumbest things like putting his foot on the desk hey kenedy did it and so did BUSH!!!! im not changing my opinion and thats that so i hope you guys read it and then go about your day cause i am not reading anything you immature, racist, sons of a gun have to say… have a great and blessed day 🙂

    • LocalHero

      Although deciphering your post is nearly impossible, I did notice your criticism that Bush was worse. Sorry, not even close and I was consistent in calling for Bush to be impeached and tried for war crimes as well but Obomber has taken terrorism to the level of a deranged psychopath. As far as I’m concerned, he should be delivered to the Hague, tried and hanged.

  • Philosophical G

    By “ObamaCare”, he really mean’s the Affordable Care Act, right?

    • William Lanteigne

      It was actually “Romneycare for Everyone” before it was “Obamacare,” mostly based on Republican suggestions that were advanced to replace the even less popular notion of the “single payer” system that didn’t have the “individual mandate,” everyone having health insurance automatically, premiums paid via income taxes, just like Social Security: essentially, “Medicare for Everyone.”

      The oh-so-unpopular “individual mandate” was a REPUBLICAN IDEA, taken directly from “Romneycare.” Republicans didn’t despise it, until Democrats accepted the idea.

      • Philosophical G

        Very interesting, thanks for the feedback

  • tim rodoski

    well they are all complaing about spending to much money way i would cut back it cut congree and senete below half we dont need that many people in there anyways

  • DeathForTyrants

    Impeached and executed for TREASON!

  • DenialGeek

    Two things, first keep in mind impeaching a president does not remove him from office. We impeached Clinton. What matters is what happens after the impeachment – that could cause a president to be removed from office. If we impeach Obama and then cannot show he did something illegal he won’t be removed from office. So we need to identify what he did that is actually illegal (as opposed to something we just don’t like) and ensure we have enough evidence.

    Once we find something illegal with good evidence that he personally did it we should impeach Obama.

    • LocalHero

      How about war crimes and crimes against humanity?

    • William Lanteigne

      It still requires 67 votes in the Senate. Not going to happen.

  • How about signing the NDAA and NSA spy program????? There are lots of reasons for impeachment. Problem is, the same people that had enough to impeach Bush for Patriot Act can also be impeached and are also still in power. Nanci Pelosi to start with! So, when is the House & Senate going to Impeach??? not a chance. FYI… There is already an Impeachment letter written by a Constitutional Attorney. Get it passed!

  • StuCozza

    Dewhurst will soon be the next person to be publicly and frequently labeled a racist.

  • jade_stone

    O needs to still prove his citizenship 1st. I’d rather see he is a Usurper & goes to prison, myself. 😉

  • jade_stone

    Not only that. He stays IN office while the Impeachment process rolls & would be replaced by the VEEP (just as bad as he is)

  • Gwen E. Lewis

    Impeach him then arrest him for treason and put him in Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists.

  • Karen

    get r done already

  • John

    He needs to be Impeached ASAP along with all his cronies! Make sure and send Nancy walking rite along with him, she is just as slimy as he is

  • Hannon

    Even though I like hearing the words “impeach Obama” let’s not forget who this guy is, he’s one of the bad guys and is just trying to rev up the rightwing for some votes

  • Kim Pridgen

    Stop talking about it and DO IT !!!! Sick and tired of this do nothing , capitulating Congress !!! DO IT !!!! Better yet, try him for treason NOW !!! And the rest of the socialist, muslim brotherhood scum !!! JUST DO IT ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theresa Redden


  • Mauricio Carvallan

    We are sick of this Illegal Alien Invasion, we are sick of these Traitors from both Parties pandering to them, we are sick of Treason…if no one will impeach Obama, we the People WILL Assault that Mexican Border, Mexican Consulates, and the Invaders reside here. We are Not Joking!!!!!!!!!!! We will Create a World War 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Moser

    Don’t stop with Obama. Get them all!

  • bud821

    Too much talk, and not enough action. paint or put down the brush!

  • Mike Terri


  • Tstevens

    Has anyone read Revelations??????? Its all lining up Better get right with God Because its only going to get worse we are in the final times

  • William Lanteigne

    Another mindless twit who shouldn’t be allowed to play politics. IT TAKES 67 SENATE VOTES TO IMPEACH, IDIOT. Tea Party/Repubs have maybe 42, but sure, go ahead, give us proof you can’t do simple arithmetic.

  • Wendy Di Bene

    Yes he should be impeached, for all his crimes. The congress will vote to Impeach, then send it to the senate. The problem is that democrats hold the senate, and will not vote to Impeach there Presadent. So remember this people. When it comes time to vote. When you think your vote doesn’t mater, Know it dose!

  • redeemedwench

    The real people running this show are who control Barry. He is heir little puppet to make the U.S. look weak in the eyes of the world, to make the world hate us. And it’s working. They Central Banking Cartel plls his strings. All of this comes down to the petro dollar and the Fed, which is controlled by the Banksters. Once they have their new currency in place, they’ll hit the reset button. It’s coming soon. Impeaching Obama is a formality, and they will not undo all his laws of control.They will never stand for that. Please look deeper than the POTUS! He has handlers and is NOT anything but a front. Either way, the reset button is about to be hit. I hope folks have prepared for it.

  • واثق qau

    Is the Arab Spring arrived in U.S.?

  • desiree

    if they dont get this resloved then my daughter doesnt go to school

  • Rebecca Larios

    it would be nice, if they would stop discussing it and start DOING IT!!!

  • Ronda

    They will probably end up impeaching him but not removing him from office…just like Clinton.

  • nanainut

    Impeaching him will accomplish nothing! Bill Clinton was impeached and remained in office….. Obama should be arrested and tried for TREASON!!!!! As well as his cronies, ALL OF THEM!!!!!

  • thestormy

    Impeachment is unacceptable at this point.Warren’s for Treason , Cremes against America ,Illegal support of enemy(Muslim Brotherhood)Taken out in cuffs. The Congress can do it if they want to.

  • LindaPate

    My Uncle Gavin got a nearly new black Mercedes E-Class Sedan only from working part time off a macbook… i was reading this b­ℴ­w­6­.­ℂ­o­m

  • exboyracer

    Impeach for what exactly??