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Derkach Interview: New Documents Connect Biden Corruption and Burisma Scandal in Ukraine

“Everything we said about the Biden family’s corruption in Ukraine has been confirmed by Congressional investigations and facts from other sources”
– former Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach

IMAGE: Andriy Derkach during a recent interview with US media.

21st Century Wire 

In a recent interview conducted by American journalist Simona Mangiante, speaking with former Ukrainian MP and anti-corruption whistleblower, Andrey Derkach, more shocking details have come to light which expose the shocking scope of Joe Biden’s role in corrupting Ukrainian politics, but also Washington’s systematic intervention into Kiev’s government and judicial affairs, and their attempt to bury any evidence that leads back the Biden family’s dissolute financial activities in the country. The interview also shows how pressure was applied from Washington and its envoys to silence all key witnesses connected to this scandal.

Beyond this, it reaffirms all the facts previously presented mentioned by Derkach and others about the corruption of the Bidens in Ukraine, as well as that which has been presented in U.S. Congressional investigations. The Ukrainian politician said this in his first detailed interview with American journalists, which came out after a long media pause due to the need to ensure personal safety. According to Derkach:

“Everything we talked about in terms of corruption on the part of the Biden family in Ukraine has been confirmed by congressional investigations and other sources. We showed documents, financial entries, where there was corruption by Burisma, where there was money laundering by Burisma. We provided Morgan Stanley bank statements, we showed the connection between Burisma and the money laundering front companies like Wirelogic Technologies and Digitex. Moreover, (Kostyantyn) Kulyk [a former prosecutor who was suspended because of conducting the Burisma case] and I provided two witnesses. These are two European citizens who, at the instructions of Zlochevsky [the owner of Burisma, where Hunter Biden served on the Board of Directors for 5 years], were directly involved in money laundering and were nominal directors of these two companies.”

Derkach went on to explain how one of the witnesses provided the Ukrainian investigation with his laptop from which financial transfers were made and which had all the financial documentation on such operations.

Despite the witness filed an application to the State Bureau of Investigation (which led to the opening of case number No. 62020000000000802 on 30.09.2020), Derkach noted that the fate of both the laptop and the case as a whole remains unknown, but he believes it’s highly probability that the case may already be closed, as well as other similar cases relating to the corruption of Biden and Burisma.

First and last page of the witness statement in the Burisma money laundering case (based on this statement, case No.62020000000000802)

Other high-profile findings from Derkach’s investigations have also been confirmed; the infamous tapes containing conversations between Biden and then President Petro Poroshenko were indeed authentic:

“No one has any doubts about the authenticity of these recordings. Moreover, there is a criminal case, opened at my request, and there was an investigation into Poroshenko. I can hand over the documents from this case – testimonies of witnesses. All employees of Poroshenko’s office were questioned, including his guards and liaison officers. All of them confirmed that Poroshenko always had two dictaphones on his desk. Recordings were made.”

Derkach’s conclusions were also validated by the increased pressure placed on those politicians and journalists who helped him in his investigative work:

“Pressure on those who investigate corruption is not only in Ukraine. The story with Dubinsky and Kulyk is a vivid confirmation of all this. There were two reasons for the intensification of their cases. The first reason is that on October 10-11, some of the lawyers who work with the U.S. Congress interviewed Mr. Shokin, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine. They were Jake Greenberg and Clark Abourisk. Former Prosecutor General Shokin is a key witness and a key figure in the issues of the first impeachment that took place within the United States and the next impeachment that is beginning now… The second reason is that in August, Mr. Dubinsky testified in a criminal case where he said that President Zelensky’s Office was behind the Biden and Poroshenko tapes and their distribution. Moreover, he gave this testimony to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, which is fully under the control of the American Embassy.”

Other information contained in this interview seem to lend some additional support to the reasons given by Derkach’s as to why he had to leave the territory of Ukraine:

“On January 19, 2022, the U.S. Secretary of State Mr. Blinken arrived in Ukraine to meet with Zelensky. This meeting was attended by quite a lot of people – at least 14 people. Mr. Blinken told Zelensky the following: “You need to solve the Derkach issue urgently”. Zelensky started talking about some opposition persons. Blinken objected: “If you don’t solve the Derkach issue, we will solve it ourselves with our partners”. Those who were at the meeting were impressed by the rather harsh position of the United States Secretary of State… Naturally, some people came to me and told me about it. They said, “You will not be treated according to the law, urgently solve the issue of your safety.”

The consequence of Derkach’s active investigative activities was that his own life became under threat. “In the time since 2021, we have received confirmation of my words included in Congressional investigations into the Biden family’s corruption in Ukraine. Naturally, when we started doing this, we realized that we would face various attacks, including threats related to our physical security. We became aware of the latter in 2021 from employees at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. We identified the persons who were to make an attempt on my life, as well as the head of the group of prosecutors in the Burisma case, Kostyantyn Kulyk. Reconnaissance officers were identified, and in the case, which was initiated by the police, I was recognized as a [potential] victim along with Kulyk. Those who were to carry out the assassination attempt were found, at a base in Zakarpattya, where the killers were stationed – they were natives of Eastern Europe… was also found. The direct executor was supposed to be an Albanian. Unfortunately, there was a leak of information, and these people were able to leave the territory of Ukraine with impunity. All documents and photos are in the criminal case, which, I hope, is not destroyed,” explained Derkach.

In conclusion, Derkach recalled an episode that demonstrated exactly how representatives of the U.S. Democratic administration’s top brass reacted to the Biden family’s revelations of international corruption:

“I have a good friend, an American journalist Simon Shuster… When in 2021, Shuster came to the State Department and asked questions about the table “Demo-corruption” and me personally [“Demo-corruption” – was Derkach’s project to fix cases of international corruption involving representatives of U.S. Democratic Party], quite funny stories happened. There is such a character in American politics – George Kent. He worked as a messenger counselor in Ukraine, then in the State Department, and now he is the U.S. ambassador to Estonia. So, when Shuster came to him and asked him a question about Democorruption, Kent started pulling out a spreadsheet, almost hysterical, and spilled a cup of coffee. What outraged the “deep state” and the State Department the most? “I mean, they show documents, they verify documents, they show wiring – how do you fight them? They are quoted by various conspirators within the United States.” Why, in fact, was Kent outraged? Because we repeatedly caught him in Ukraine harboring corruption. He was involved in covering up corruption during the reform of the Prosecutor’s Office, when Shokin opened a criminal case and Kent demanded in writing that it be closed. I will show you a letter signed directly by Kent, where he demanded to stop the case of stealing American taxpayers’ money”.

Watch this explosive interview here: 



Simona Mangiante: Hello, this is Simona Mangiante, an Italian -American journalist, former legal advisor at European Parliament and wife of George Papadopoulos. I recently had the privilege to catch for an interview Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach. The world media became aware of Derkach after a series of high-profile corruption revelations concerning Joe Biden’s activity as U.S. vice president from 2014 to 2017. The Derkach tapes were the first audio recordings of phone conversations between Biden and Poroshenko. Derkach also proved Hillary Clinton’s interference in 2016 presidential election through the Democratic-created National Anti -Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, NABU. He investigated so-called “Demo -corruption” which caught Rudy Giuliani’s attention, with whom he planned to consolidate intergovernmental investigations.

Derkach’s fate remained unknown for a long time after the U.S. and Ukrainian authorities tightened up his persecution. For almost two years, their cash was not involved in public activities and was focused instead on researching and analyzing new evidence of international corruption, including those related to the Biden-Families involvement in Ukraine. Our team managed to contact Derkach and record this interview.

According to Andriy Derkach, the sensational facts presented in this interview with American Media, may lead to Biden’s impeachment.

The last time we met was in 2021 in Kiev, but today I would like to start to talk about you before even talking about Ukraine.

Why are we not meeting in Kiev? Why are we here?

When a patriot stands against the Biden regime

Andriy Derkach: We are very grateful for your attention to the problems related to Ukraine which you are doing. And to the story related

to corruption in Ukraine which receives quite a lot of attention in public life today in the United States.

And, as you noticed, over a period of time, since 2021, we received confirmation of our statements in Congressional investigations on the Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

Naturally, when we were engaged in the fight against corruption, we understood that we would be subjected to all kinds of attacks, including the threat of physical violence, but we didn’t discuss it with you then. But in 2021, with the help of employees at the Ministry of Internal Affairs we have identified the persons who were supposed to make an attempt on my life and on the life of the group lead prosecutor in the case against Burisma, Konstantin Kulik.

Reconnaissance agents were installed in the case which was initiated by the police. I was recognized as a victim along with Kulik. They found the people who were to carry out the assassination attempt. The base is in Transcarpathia where these killers were stationed. These were immigrants from Eastern Europe, and the direct assassin was an Albanian. Unfortunately, the information was leaked, and these people were able to escape the territory of Ukraine without being punished. Not all of them. They were recognized as victims. But the photos are all there. All documents and photographs are in the criminal case, which I hope have not been destroyed.

Your question of why we didn’t meet in Kiev. On January 19, 2022, the US Secretary of State, Mr. Blinken, arrived in Ukraine to meet with Zelensky. Quite a lot of people attended this meeting, at least 14 people. At this meeting, Blinken told Zelensky the following: You urgently need to resolve the issue with Derkach. Zelensky began to talk about some people from the opposition. Blinken said if you don’t resolve this issue with Derkach, then we will resolve the issue with our partners. Those who attended the meeting were taken aback because the position of the US Secretary of State was quite harsh. The task for the President of Ukraine is to resolve the issue with Derkach. Naturally, someone came to me and told me this story. They said they won’t treat you according to the law. Immediately take care of the issue of your security.

If the US Secretary of State makes a threat to ‘resolve’ an issue with you in an extrajudicial way, of course you’re going take action.

There are witnesses to this conversation and a sufficient number of them, referring to Blinken’s statements. Let Blinken place his hand on the Torah or the Bible and swear that he didn’t say that.

Simona Mangiante: To most of the Western audience you are portrayed as an agent of the Kremlin. And mostly because of your studies at the FSB.

But also, it is coming clear right now to most of the audience as well, that everyone who exposes the corruption of the Biden family in Ukraine is somehow targeted as a Russian agent and every piece of sensitive evidence or information against the Biden family is Russian propaganda.

So, this narrative is slowly changing. There is a counter war…a disinformation war. Our main objective is to give you a voice to explain as well who are you and what’s your role into exposing corruption and how you’ve been targeted and persecuted not only in the United States but in your own country.

You’ve been betrayed by Ukraine, and this is something that I think is very interesting to hear the story from your side.

Andriy Derkach: Here is what I want to tell you. There are so many sub-questions in your question, that I’m at a loss of even where to start.

I can give you a humorous answer, a serious answer, an analytical response.

Which one will we start with?

Simona Mangiante: I would love you to be serious and provide us with more analytical material.

Andriy Derkach: Let’s start with a joke then. Biden called Trump Putin’s puppy.

Simona Mangiante: Yes.

Andriy Derkach: But if they include me in such company, then why not? In fact, everything we said in terms of corruption in Ukraine from the Biden family side is confirmed by Congressional materials by an investigation of the United States Congress and reports from other sources.

Evidence of Biden corruption, money laundering disclosed

We released documents revealing the transactions, revealing the corruption of Burisma, revealing money laundering on the part of the Burisma company.

We provided financial statements from Morgan Stanley Bank. We showed a connection between Burisma and two companies involved in the money laundering, Veologik Technologies and Digitex. Money laundering companies.

Moreover, we provided two witnesses along with Kulik. They are two European citizens who were directly involved at the direction of Zlochevsky with the money laundering, and they were nominal directors of these two companies.

Simona Mangiante: That’s very interesting, and I would really like to go deeper into that a little later. But let’s go back one second to the reason why we are meeting in Minsk.

I would like to know if you left Ukraine right after you heard about this conversation between Zelensky and Blinken even before the military operation started and how did you manage to leave Ukraine at all?

Andriy Derkach: First of all, I remained in Ukraine for a long period of time after that. You studied my biography. When a critical situation emerges, according to how I was trained, according to my life experience, not only my training from the FSB Academy.

I created the security services in Ukraine, I entered politics in 1994. I was the President’s adviser on foreign economic relations. I was the first assistant to the prime minister and headed the prime minister’s staff. First Assistant to the Prime Minister, Head of the Prime Minister’s Office. This was in 1997. After that, I was elected seven times to be a Ukrainian Parliamentarian. No one in Ukraine has been elected more times than myself to parliament.

I was the head of the largest energy company, Energoatom. I was the head of the group of advisors to Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov.

From my 30 years in politics, I have made enough connections with the people who helped me. I will tell you even more, I was moving around the territory of Ukraine for no less than six months. They were looking for me in the wrong places. I heard they were running around my electoral district. They were breaking into pigsties with machine guns. Not only into pigsties, they were breaking into chicken coops.

I can show you these videos. They exist. Of course, first of all, for the security of the people who helped me and are helping me, I can’t tell you how it all happened. But I knew for sure what I was doing, and why I was doing it.

Simona Mangiante: I understand.

Andriy Derkach: In support of my statement, is a fact that in the criminal case on my behalf in Ukraine which was registered on June 4th but information to the press was released on June 26th.

So, almost a half a year after they started searching. If they really wanted to do this by law, they would have initiated the case in February or in March and make further investigations.

Prosecution of Derkach and Shokin illegal- Directed by US State Department

Simona Mangiante: So, you were still in Ukraine when the case against you was initiated? It was initiated because they could not find you?

Andriy Derkach: Yes.

Simona Mangiante: What does this case mean to you in general? It was simply because they couldn’t find you?

Andriy Derkach: So, the reason was the decision by Blinken to resolve the issue in an unlawful way. It’s just that Yermak and Zelensky had make some kind of report since they didn’t find me, they initiated a criminal case against me to show some progress.

Simona Mangiante: And according to the media, not only against you but also against all the people who spoke outin a press conference along with you. Or other people that exposed the fact of corruption. I’m talking particularly about Dubinsky and Kulik. Can you articulate about that?

What’s your opinion about this extensive investigation toward all the people associated, too?

Andriy Derkach: Putting pressure on people who investigate corruption takes place only in Ukraine. The story with Dubinsky and Kulik is just a very good confirmation of all of this.

Intensifying the case against Dubinsky and Kulik had two reasons. The first reason is very important, and I want you to really hear me out.

So, on the 10th and 11th of October one of the lawyers working with the United States Congress had a conversation with the ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Mr. Shokin. It was Jake Greenberg and Clark Abourisk. And as I understand, the interview consisted of two parts. The first part took place on the 10th, and the second part on the 11th.

So, the former Prosecutor General, Shokin, is the main witness and the key figure in the question of the first impeachment, which took place in the territory of the United States, and the ongoing current impeachment in the United States.

I think the name Shokin was mentioned more times in the Ukrainian investigation than any other Ukrainian.

Simona Mangiante: Do you think Shokin could be prosecuted?

Andriy Derkach: Look, Shokin is now a hostage on Ukrainian territory. As far as I know, he is not allowed to leave Ukraine. He is under the total control of the Security Service of Ukraine. And he is the subject of bargaining between Biden and Blinken on the one hand, and Zelensky and Yermak on the other.

The SBU recorded these conversations where Shokin told Congress about the real criminal acts of Blinken and Biden, and it concerns the corruption of the Biden family.

The SBU reported to Zelensky and Yermak that Shokin is getting out of control. And as the SBU officers told me, the honest ones did not want to participate in the process of criminal activity.

Currently, the question of liquidating Mr. Shokin on the territory of Ukraine is under consideration. It is a very important statement that I am making to you because we must protect the life of the former Prosecutor General.

In my opinion, it is the task of Congress today to ensure his security and remove Shokin from the territory of Ukraine.

As for the case of Dubinsky and Kulik, it intensified after Congress began trying to get witnesses to testify from Ukraine. By the way, I will give you the transcripts in English of Shokin’s conversations with the representatives of Congress so that you have them.

Simona Mangiante: Thank you.

Andriy Derkach: Once again, regarding the Dubinsky and Kulik case. The second reason why the investigation into them suddenly intensified.

In August, Mr. Dubinsky testified in one of the criminal cases, where he said that behind the tapes, their recording, and distribution of Poroshenko and Biden’s conversation stood the office of President Zelensky. Moreover, he gave this testimony to the national anti-corruption bureau, which is completely controlled by the American Embassy.

Of course, the situation when Zelensky, together with Yermak begging for money from Biden and Blinken, the story that at a certain point in time they believed they created problems for the election campaign as they believed Biden was critical to them.

Moreover, I can confirm that President Zelensky’s office participated in the distribution and assistance in highlighting the Poroshenko-Biden recordings. They had their motives.

President Zelensky behind Derkach tape release

Simona Mangiante: I actually have a question about it. Why did you agree to use these tapes?

What was your interest, your motivation? And what did President Zelensky’s office want to accomplish?

Andriy Derkach: Look, we all had our own goals. The deputy head of the office of President Zelensky, Mr. Smirnov, invited me to his place for tea. We had a conversation about how it would be great to prosecute former President Poroshenko for corruption. I agreed, I said, “Of course, you should take part in it, too.”

Talks began about some tapes. I offered to them, I said, “If I receive from some journalist or a law enforcement officer, some supporting evidence, of course, I’ll publish them.” I explained to them that I am not interested in their political games. I was interested exclusively in the fight against corruption, that’s the first thing.

The second thing is the sovereignty of my country and the fight against external control. The office naturally helped out with more than the distribution of the tapes. You probably remember that the day after the tapes were released, Zelensky held a press conference. He simply resonated as a genuine, handsome, intelligent actor on the topic of tapes.

Regarding Smirnov, he was recruited to our activities and gave instructions to Prosecutor General Venediktova who worked with me on the topic corruption of Poroshenko and the Neftigaz company. Neftegaz, Poroshenko’s corruption, Neftigaz.

In addition, for operational support, the head of the SBU was involved, Ivan Bakanov. There are questions related to the investigative and operational activities. We held a meeting in Bakanov’s office which was attended by his deputies, the current chairman of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk.

Additionally, the questions regarding the investigation were handled by Shvets and Gorbenko, they are the deputy directors of the SBU’s investigation.

Biden’s victory destroyed Ukrainian civil rights

Once again, to make it clear, Bakanov, Malyuk, Shvets, Gorbenko, Naumov, all of them, on the instructions of the Office of the President, worked together with me on the investigation into President Poroshenko’s corruption, international corruption, they actively participated in this process until the moment Biden was elected President of the United States.

Simona Mangiante: How did Biden’s victory change your situational relation with the Zelensky administration?

Andriy Derkach: They were very afraid of Biden’s victory in the election. They were all coming to my office including SBU employees, prosecutors, for consultations. Deputy chairmen of the SBU showed up.

And then all at once, they all disappeared. But to me it was not surprising. I came to them several times and explained, stop selling criminal cases. I still said, I won’t let them be closed.

But, back then, we had the opportunity, for a period of time, through the courts to reopen the investigations. And we still continued to work on collecting, accumulating supporting facts, information and somehow these investigations moved forward.

Well, I’ll tell you, during this period of time, the middle level of the prosecutor’s office helped a lot, the SBU, DBR. They knew for sure we were right.

Simona Mangiante: But that’s the entire point. I mean, Zelensky came into power with this promise to fight corruption. So, your anti-corruption activities should fit very well in this agenda.

But in the end, you have been betrayed by your own country, Ukraine, and you became, in my view, sort of sort of a bargaining chip to normalize the relationship with the new Biden administration.

What is your current position right now? If you knew that this would be the outcome, would you still publish these tapes?

Andriy Derkach: I would still publish these tapes. I would still fight corruption. As a matter of fact, this is what I’m doing now.

Ukrainian Christians are persecuted and imprisoned

What do you mean by country? Do you mean a country as an organized criminal group who seized power in the country? Do you mean the people who are the population and my compatriots? What do you mean by the concept of country?

Look, last time we discussed the organized criminal group, Biden-Poroshenko. Zelensky came, and they just raided as an  organized crime group and took them over. Well, they sort of brought their own specific innovations and elements to this activity. They became even more cynical and tough. They destroyed and continue to destroy their physical opponents.

They are crucifying the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Thousands of people are being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Even the US State Department drew attention to this. Have you ever heard a statement by the United States Ambassador to Ukraine about the situation of the Orthodox Church about bishops and priests thrown into prison for false accusations? About seized property, criminal matters?

And this is an example for me that, that in my opinion, one united criminal group exists. And this group is Biden, Blinken and Nuland. The deep state represented by the State Department. They further their continuation either in the form of Poroshenko, or in the form of Zelensky and Yermak. As for my fellow citizens, they are held hostage today.

The Ukrainian people are being held hostage

Well, everyone likes it. Everyone keeps bringing up the FSB Academy. Let’s remember it again.

Simona Mangiante: It’s very cinematic to think about the KGB Russian spies. That’s the way, how they put it most of the time.

Andriy Derkach: Let’s remember in a good way.

Simona Mangiante: But it’s more like fake narratives.

Andriy Derkach: In continuation, I would like to tell you, that one of my tasks at the FSB Academy was the work “psychological assessment of a group of terrorists during the hijacking of planes with hostages.”

Now, today the population of Ukraine, my fellow citizens, are being held hostage. You’ve probably heard of Stockholm Syndrome.

Simona Mangiante: Yes.

Andriy Derkach: It is such an emotional shock that after an hour the motivation of the terrorist and the hostage coincide, and they do everything to survive.

That’s why we saw at the beginning of hostilities, the skyrocketing ratings of Zelensky, Zaluzhny and other representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.

But it is impossible to conduct a poll with hostages. Even today, although the population is held hostage, the government’s ratings are still falling.

Which way out? Everyone is asking what will happen to Ukraine? I can’t help but agree with the assessments which Elon Musk and other famous American political figures give that Ukraine is at a complete dead end.

In any case, the way out this is not good. It is important that the hostages be released first. We need to figure out what to do with the terrorists, preferably the lawful way.

Rehabilitate the hostages, and then they decided how further events would be arranged.

Ukraine is a concentration camp

Simona Mangiante: We discussed this in 2021, and the situation collapsed ever since.

So today how do you see the situation, the evolution of the situation in Ukraine?

Remember we concluded our interview with your statement about the independence of Ukraine. How do you see Ukraine today?

What has been left of this country in terms of population, culture, and territory, as well?

Andriy Derkach: We have already discussed, I said, that for me Ukraine is, first of all, not a territory, but people.

The value of Ukraine is people who are creative, smart, strong, those willing to work. They are also educated. They are gladly hired to work in Europe, Russia, in Belarus. Therefore, for me the issue is primarily the preservation of people. And what do we see in practice today? Trampled human rights in Ukraine, Constitution. They put the population in a concentration camp. Men are not allowed to leave the country. The question is that women will no longer be released.

I have a question for all European leaders, which talk about the European future and the prospects for Ukraine. Don’t they see how men are dragged by their legs to the military registration and enlistment office and packed into buses? Yesterday the American press drew attention to this in The New York Times. This. To this sadistic mobilization.

Simona Mangiante: Yes.

Andrei Derkach Almost today, Ukraine is a concentration camp that is moving towards Europe without freedom of speech, without human rights, without freedom of religion. A large part of the male population is also destroyed.

Then what is the future of the country?

We discussed with you back then, we talked about the loss of territory, the loss of population. Today these are simply catastrophic processes that are taking place.

It is a pain which goes through millions of families.

Destroying Ukraine- Who’s to blame? Documented Bribery, Extortion, Corruption

Who is to blame for this? Biden, Nuland, Blinken, Demo-corruption, Zelensky, Poroshenko and the rest of this organized crime group.

Simona Mangiante: Now, there has been lots of information out there about this corruption. I would like to know your opinion, which of the published material is of most interested to the public and most affected to the individuals involved?

Andriy Derkach: I will show you two decisions of Ukrainian courts. One of the decisions – this is the court decision on Burisma employee, the lawyer Kitcha. This is the English version.

Let us remind you what we are talking about. The largest cash bribe in Europe – 2020, 6 million dollars in bags, transferred for closing the Burisma case. And now I’ll give you the documents, there are Kulik’s reports on this topic.

What is the court decision about? April 21, 2022- the Ukrainian court transferred 6 million in cash, in agreement with representatives of Burisma, at the disposal of the military unit of the Main intelligence agency of Ukraine. Here is the part number for this part. This is a secret ruling, no one has seen it yet.

After a period of time, Nord Stream was blown up. Nord Stream exploded. Assassinations were made on Dugina, Prilepin, and Tatarsky. The heads of the Ukrainian special services do not hide that they are carrying out a political assassination, terrorist acts for off-budget cash.

There, once again, Biden’s partners.

According to the corrupt business in Ukraine, terrorist actions are financed, thus, avoiding responsibility for corruption in Ukraine.

Prosecuting Biden’s partners for financing terrorism in Ukraine

Simona Mangiante: Are we talking about Zlochevsky?

Andriy Derkach: Yes. There is a second decision. The court decision is directly based on Zlochevsky.

Simona Mangiante: So how did the investigation establish why this bribe money was given? How far in Europe did this partners and accomplices get punished?

Andriy Derkach: Well, look at how the bribe was transferred, you practically saw everything live on the air. It was given for closing the Burisma case.

The information and photographs were available in all European agencies. The only thing that was noticed was that the bribe amount was different. 50 million dollars for example, not six.

Regarding the issues of the court decision on Zlochevsky, it took place in 2023. His removal from responsibility for this bribe took place in 2023. Only for a bribe, not for previous corruption. This decision was also secret. But representatives of one of Soros’s publications, Ukrainian Pravda, accidentally published itI will give this decision to you and the article from Ukrainian Pravda. According to this decision, for the amount of 6 million itself, Zlochevsky received a big bribe in cash in Europe and a 68,000 or 64,000 hryvnia fine.

Just to make its clear for you, for six million, an $1800 fine. With that being said, he transferred 800 million again to finance terrorism, to the drone army and the armed forces 800 million hryvnia.

You ask what we are doing? Right now, specifically, my task is how to hold these people accountable for financing terrorism in various jurisdictions. We know the procedures, and we will do this. We will prosecute Biden’s partners for financing terrorism.

Simona Mangiante: Your teams well known for fighting against corruption. And are you still working on exposing corruption and external governments while you’re here in Belarus? Will we hear about new recordings or new tapes materials?

Andriy Derkach: I’ll tell you one interesting story that is also connected to some extent with Belarus. I have a good acquaintance with American journalist Simon Schuster. Shuster, you know, he wrote a lot of articles about Ukraine, one of the most scandalous was just recently in Time magazine.

One of the latest articles was confirmation of what I’m talking about Zelenskys inner circle said that he was stealing like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s when in 2020 or 2021, he came to the State Department Shuster and asked questions about the table of demo-corruption and me personally, some funny things happened.

George Kent accused of covering theft- millions of US tax dollars

There is a character in American politics, George Kent. He worked as an advisor to the ambassador to Ukraine. After, he worked in the State Department and now he’s the ambassador of the US to Estonia. That’s when Shuster came to him and asked a question about demo-corruption.

Kent began to top the charts hysterical and almost spilled a cup of coffee. The biggest thing that outraged the deep state and State Department; he shouted that they were showing documents, they were verifying the document and they show the schemes and how to combat them. They are quoted by various conspirators on the territory of the United States.

And why was Kent upset?

Because we caught him repeatedly in Ukraine for covering up corruption. He participated in covering up corruption in reforming the prosecutor’s office.

Kent demands Shokin stop investigation into the theft of US tax dollars

And prosecutor Shokin initiated a criminal case, which Kent demanded to close in writing. I’ll show you the document directly signed by Kent, how he demanded to stop the investigation into the theft of American taxpayers’ money.

After that, other events were happening in the prosecutor general’s office. When through the shady company that was registered in the Obukhovsky district in Kiev, Psymetrics. Through this company money was coming from the United States Embassy.

Transparency, according to Kent is the embassy of the United States signing an agreement with Georgian people who are the heads of the company in Italy, in Rome in order to test the prosecutor’s office through Psymetrics in Obukhovsky district and they were spending millions of dollars. Moreover, the stinking company, IDLO, which is involved in scandals involving the theft of American money in Afghanistan.

After such creative work in Ukraine, he left to work for the State Department. In 2020, he was one of the creators of the coup attempt in Belarus. Today he is shepherding this talking head, Tikhanovskaya. Well,in November, there are two parties together with the Tikhanovskaya. American taxpayer money is being spent again. Again, this money is stolen, misappropriated, spent on drinks, buffets, and an entourage. Ultimately, let the FBI handle this. But they’re busy working with prosecutors to prosecute Trump and his advisers.

But, I’m more interested in another part of this story. I won’t even choose my words here. He’s a vile person, this Kent. Vile, cunning person. Which destroyed almost all human rights and democracy in my country. Destroyed my country. Tied up in fraud, corruption, political scandals, in political lies, including in Congress. He is just across the road here in Estonia. And talks about human rights and he tries to hold the government of Belarus accountable. Well, there must be a limit on this cynic at some point.

I understand that he is there committing this demo-corruption. Or he thinks that everyone has forgotten his adventures. Or the results of his activities in the US State Department in Ukraine.

Why Andriy Derkach and Rudy Giuliani met

Simona Mangiante: Actually, it’s very interesting you mentioned the persecution of the entire Trump campaign and Trump administration and Trump was a former president and president at the time.

You met with Rudy Giuliani, and you met in the context of exposing Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. Now, as result of this investigation and the information you presented to Rudy, Rudy’s been accused to be a Kremlin agent. Well, you have been accused to be a Kremlin agent, and as such, you’ve been sanctioned by both the United States and Ukraine.

Could you talk a little bit about this interaction with Rudy Giuliani? How did you meet, and who brought you into this investigation? Was it Artemenko?

Andriy Derkach: Let’s talk about this topic. After several press conferences, which we carried out, including the one from Dubinsky, Artemenko suggested that I talk to Giuliani. I always considered Giuliani a hero of the United States, an outstanding prosecutor who brought order to New York, outstanding mayor of New York, who acted like a hero during 9-11. Therefore, my position was quite clear and public. Let’s create a joint, public group to investigate. Let’s make it between the Congress and the Supreme Council Corruption Investigation Group transparently open in the interests of Ukrainian and American people between the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the Congress. A public transparent group that will investigate in the interests of the Ukrainian and American people. I told Giuliani that I am the head the working group of the Budget Committee of Ukraine to investigate facts of theft of international technical financial assistance. We are talking about 5.2 billion dollars.

Simona Mangiante: Billion?

Andriy Derkach: These are documents from the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, the official Constitutional Department. Giuliani was interested in corruption investigations. He was quite interested.

He and I had many long discussions about the fight against corruption. He has extensive experience in fighting corruption. I really liked that he is a very meticulous prosecutor. He writes everything down, analyzes it, after this, he draws his conclusions.

Andrew Artemenko (Kuchma)

To understand the collaboration with Artemenko since I am a law-abiding citizen, and Giuliani is a law-abiding citizen, it was decided that I should sign a lobbying contract (FARA). I signed a lobbying agreement with Artemenko.

Moreover, I will give you this agreement. There was a clause inserted there, which is registered on the website of the US Department of Justice, concerning the fight against corruption in the fuel and energy sector, as well as logistical financial assistance.

Then it turned out that Mr. Artemenko had been an FBI agent for 10 years. So, it turns out that the FBI sent its agent to me.

Simona Mangiante: I would like to get you to articulate about that because Artemenko, some speculate to be the one who

set of Giuliani up to be discredited because he was in possession of this sensitive information, and so, instead then of having a prosecution or investigation over this fact, it was useful or useful to discredit the messenger as they do now in the corrupted Department of Justice of United States. That often happens.

When did you meet Artemenko? What was your first impression of him?

Because you’re very experienced in that, you can profile terrorist, and I’m sure you could profile Artemenko.

Andriy Derkach: I will answer. Almost all worthy intelligence agencies in the whole world were interested in our work, especially after the publication of the Poroshenko-Biden tapes.

Concerning Artemenko, when you speak about outstanding FBI agents, you speak well about them or not at all. Regarding his words about Giuliani, he has to live with it. My work with him was exclusively in the legislative field of Ukraine and the USA. Because, well, it’s absurd for the FBI to send an agent, enter an agreement with me, and after that impose sanctions on me.

Is there any proof that I did not act according to the laws of the United States? There are three legal judgements including an international one that I acted according to the law of Ukraine and the United States.

There is a case that was brought in the United States, against me by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. I didn’t really delve into this process. I was just reading and I was amazed at the fantasies of these prosecutors. But this was a complete fake, a complete fake about nothing.

They are linked neither by time, not by events, not by people. This will probably need to be addressed at some point.

But, I don’t think that in today’s reality of the United States that you can reach some kind of logical reasonable resolution to this issue with the prosecutor’s office of the Eastern District of New York.

Everyone who is tied to demo-corruption, to the Democratic party, FBI, prosecutors, they are speaking nonsense with eyes glazed over. You know, this is based on the example of Giuliani and Trump, all Trumps advisors, the Trump administration, almost everybody.

Simona Mangiante: I’m aware of that as well.

Andriy Derkach: Well, I hope that this is not your last work. Let’s hope you will make it through this.

Simona Mangiante: Yes, and as I said, a witness on the personal level, of how the double standard of justice operates, and how they target everyone who is exposing by corruption on Biden’s side and you have devoted all your life in fighting corruption in Ukraine.

You served your country since the nineties, 1994 as you said. I believe that you trusted the United States would receive your information, would welcome this information and the purpose of investigation as Rudy Giuliani was looking into that.

But I feel a betrayal in the implementation of the sanctions, and I believe American audience, as well, is slowly waking up,to this abuse now to this type of Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria because it came as Trump said, Russia, Russia, Russia hysteria. Do you, I would like to make a personal question because of this chance to sit here with you.

American justice with Biden

Simona Mangiante: Do you feel betrayed? On a personal level, how this sanction affected you on the personal side? How did it affect your family? How did it affect your career?

Andriy Derkach: Well, I can tell you that I was slightly naive in my expectation that I could achieve justice working with the United States. I have a lot of good friends in the legal field in the United States. I myself have repeatedly visited courts and watched that the judges seem to care what they hear and what they judge. In practice it turned out that justice and America’s judicial system are not fair for everyone.

Democracy is not the power of the people, but the power of the Democratic Party.

But we see how the Biden family’s accomplices are being removed from criminal prosecution in Ukraine. Have Poroshenko or Zlachevsky been interrogated?

Has anyone invited them to the FBI or the United States Attorney’s Office to testify. The documents are everywhere, all over the Internet. They’re posted all over the internet. The evidence is all over the internet.

What is the New York City Attorney’s Office doing?

Simona Mangiante: That’s a question of many people right now, and we question why we are more busy persecuting more than prosecuting whoever exposed specs rather than looking into the specs and into the documents.

Origin of Poroshenko-Biden tapes

But where do you think, just your opinion, that these leaks of the recordings of the Poroshenko and Biden conversation were originated? Because some are challenging authenticity because as you know even Hunters laptop became Russia propaganda. Everything is discredited with the same mantra.

Andriy Derkach: Well, no one doubts the authenticity of the recording. Moreover, there is a criminal case, that was initiated at my request, which looked into the criminal actions of Poroshenko. I can hand over the documents that are inside the case, the testimony of witnesses. All employees of Poroshenko’s Office were interrogated, including his security. Liaison officers. They all confirmed that Poroshenko always had two voice recording devices on his desk.

So, everything was recorded.

Simona Mangiante: The truth is that with all of these documents, if you had the possibility to testify to Congress today, you would’ve the power to take down the sitting president in the United States. And that’s probably the reason why your life is in danger.

Do you fear for your life daily? How is the weight of the stress playing a role? Just getting to personal stuff if you want to because this to me sounds unbelievable.

Andriy Derkach: I know exactly what I have to do for my motherland, for my electorate, for those people who trust me. And the threats on my life wouldn’t be any greater or lesser due my actions.

The most important thing for me in this investigation in Congress is not convicting Biden for trading influence.

It is important to me that in the final documents of this Congressional investigation would be written that the money stolen from my fellow Ukrainian citizens was removed from the territory of Ukraine by Zlachevsky, laundered and handed over to the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden. That is, this is very important for me. The issue is not impeaching Biden. If there is impunity, impunity gives rise to such permissiveness.

And now let’s return to Kulik. Kulik is the only prosecutor in world history who returned one and a half billion dollars to the country’s budget. Can you give at least one example in world history where the prosecutor, he was a former military prosecutor of Ukraine, who returned one and a half billion to the budget? He was also accused and called an agent of the Kremlin.

Then, again, is all them, Kent, Karen Greenway, a representative of the FBI, Kristina Quinn, former US Ambassador to Ukraine. They all got in his way. Maria Yovanovich – ambassador.

Simona Mangiante: It’s definitely about exposing corruption and being pro justice, and not against anybody. But as result of all this of course we challenge also the use of American taxpayers, and that’s what is really drawing attention to describe these tapes you shared and leaked make clear that Biden was withholding $1 billion from Ukraine if Shokin wouldn’t be fired.

Andriy Derkach: It is important to invite Poroshenko to Congress and ask a question. How did he spend this $2 billion in loan guarantees?

This money was spent on his companies, laundered through Poroshenko’s businesses. A lot of criminal cases, Leninskaya Steel Mill, Bogdan Enterprises, Ukroboronprom, and his partner, Gladkovsky, he’s on the run in Europe. That concerns the tapes. Is it bad that the citizens of Ukraine heard how President Poroshenko reports to Biden on raising tariffs for the population by 100%, instead of as Biden demanded 75%?

We immediately created an inter-party association among the parliamentarians called “Minus 25 Percent of Tariffs – Stop Corruption.” By the way, we fought against corruption in the Naftogaz company against the advisor, Biden’s favorite advisor, Amos Hochstein.

Together with Kobolev, they are the authors of gas reverse scheme, the corrupt reverse gas scheme. They had another ally, Favorov, Hochstein, Kobolev. We showed in the paper trail how they stole 500 million per year illegally produced from Ukrainian taxpayers’ money. This tax, it is not a tax. It is a corruption scheme. This is a tragic joke. That’s how I would call it. This is when a gang organized criminals impose a fake tax on the population for each Ukrainian citizen and cubic meter of gas.

And here we go again, look at Naftogaz. How is terrorism and Ukrainian intelligence related to this company? There seems to be no connection, right?

Political Assassinations, Nordstream Sabotage

In November, the chief of the Main Directorate of Ukrainian Intelligence, Budanov, wrote a letter to the court and asks to allow Kobolev, who is under investigation, to be able to leave Ukraine. He is on trial and under investigation in Ukraine. It says for clandestine operations in Europe. What haven’t they blown up here yet? What other pipelines haven’t exploded? We all understand that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine carried out only a cover operation in the Nord Stream sabotage. Strictly speaking, a false flag object.

There was an article about Roman Chervinsky, who was one of the authors of this operation, and is now in a Ukrainian prison.

The masters from the United States awarded him for their valiant work. Apparently, he knows a lot.

Simona Mangiante: I’m shocked by the amount of information that is not public yet. How much that you know and is exposing about corruption linked corruption between Ukraine and the United States is not known yet to the public?

Do you plan on publishing or leaking information? Are you working on new exposures?

Andriy Derkach: We have a lot of work to do, actually. We monitor a lot of cases, corruption, war crimes, acts of terror. We evaluate the legal procedures for usurping power in Ukraine.

Here is one of the interesting cases. This was decided by the Supreme Court of Ukraine in November regarding the illegitimate decree by Zelensky on the dismissal of the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. It seems unclear. It seems irrelevant to the life of ordinary citizens.

When Zelensky destroyed the Constitutional Court two years ago by adopting a decree on the removal of a number of judges, he actually allowed himself to issue illegal decrees. And all these decrees of his, they infringed on the constitutional rights of the people. By destroying the free press, illegal sanctions on the National Defense Council of Ukraine. There are so many different aspects.

Now about judges, in two years the Supreme Court. This decision is final. They made a decision, it’s quite long and complex, in which it accused the current President of Ukraine with two crimes. I think that Zelensky was not even informed about this decision. He doesn’t worry. He’s not even worried. He’s touring around Europe like a circus bear, begging for money at the circus. But there is an important point in this decision. This is the first time in the history of Ukraine that the Supreme Court made a decision where two elements of crime are written into the court decision against the president Ukraine and his accomplice.

Look, just to make it clear, you and I, God willing, we’ll talk after some time. You will see, that this will be the first brick or one of the first bricks in the wall of Zelensky’s conviction as a military and state criminal.

I think this will be the first time, I understand that these are somewhat complex legal terms. They are quite difficult to explain in simple language to people.

To put it simply, having destroyed the Supreme Court, he took away the rights of all citizens. All rights, including the right to judicial protection, the right to freedom of life. All this agitation for sadistic behavior, this is all a consequence, from the destruction of the judicial system.

Ukraine fascism – a model for Europe

Once, this concentration camp, concentration camp, which was built on behalf of democratic values in Ukraine, Britain, the United States, Britain fled the European Union, and this concentration camp is the future of the European Union.

It’s a model for the future of the entire European Union.

Simona Mangiante: There really is a lot to cover about it. How would you describe this transition from the Zelensky government where it first got the power to a Zelensky regime?

Andriy Derkach: Right now, it’s a regime if I understood correctly. We cannot characterize it as a regime, but as a fascist dictatorship. Because it is destroying its own population. And this transformation took place very quickly because they learned from Poroshenko. Poroshenko was simply stealing the power and trading the country under external control.

All these hucksters, producers and veterinarians, they seem not to worry about human rights.

Who is this Danilov? He is the Secretary of the National Security Defense Council of Ukraine. He is a former criminal. A member of an organized crime group, with a degree as a veterinarian.

Who is Yermak? The head of flea markets in Kiev.

Well, Poroshenko at least has some kind of good education. And he was probably somehow worried about his image. But these people don’t worry at all. Why should they worry?

In general, they live one day at a time. And as Simon Schuster said, they steal like there is no tomorrow.

Simona Mangiante: You know Zelensky personally. You worked with him. Could you predict to this evolution? What was your first impression about him?

Andriy Derkach: I know quite a lot of politicians in Ukraine. I have never worked personally with Zelensky. The question is that my relationships are always business. I always have the tasks that I see in front of me.

As a statesman, as a Parliamentarian, as a person who simply loves his homeland, if their principles align with the interests of the people, I work with them. If they don’t align, I don’t work with them.

The same thing happened with Rudy Giuliani. If I see that the person’s values are traditional, Christian, that he’s is sincere and honest, that he’s a true patriot to his country, I always respect that.

Who is Andrei Derkach?

Simona Mangiante: It’s… your name is circulating more and more in the news, but people know little about you.

They just associated you to KGB Academy and to the sanctions. You have been actually of big service, the public service during your political career in Ukraine.

Could you share with our audience a little bit more about yourself? Where did you grow up? What brought you to politics and how this call for anti-corruption started?

Andriy Derkach: So much has been written about my biography and my activities have been studied so thoroughly there are so many articles on this topic that I can hardly add anything new. You know, my approach is that everything is always judged by the final deeds, by the results.

I can demonstrate my results as a Parliamentarian, as a statesman, as a developer in my electoral district. As one of the founders of the Security Services for the President of Ukraine, as one of the heads of Minister Pustovoitenko’s office during the most crucial and critical moments in the history of Ukraine.

I am not ashamed of the decisions we made when I was the head of the advisors’ team for Nikolai Azarov.

When I travel around my country, I can visually demonstrate what has been accomplished. You can physically touch it with your hands. It’s not a myth or the show Servant to the People.

By the way, in the criminal case against me, they are trying to accuse me of having a negative attitude toward the government. It’s one of the accusations.

75% of Ukrainian citizens voted against Poroshenko for Zelensky. So, let’s accuse 75% of the population of Ukraine with negative attitude toward the government. And I’m not wiser than any political advisors or politician.

They can express the points of view very concisely and accurately from the position of logic and meaning. And it gives you energy for your work. Even if it’s hard, you keep pushing on.

When I was a young parliamentarian, once there were a lot of false information about one topic and I was thinking about how I was supposed  to explain this to the people. It was all lies.

And there was a huge meeting with people. There were a lot of people gathered. And I entered and they explained everything to me themselves. I was very surprised by their precise and honest explanation.

They told me, “You are always fighting corruption. You always put pressure on those who are stealing.”

You’re sometimes agitating for the brotherly relationship with Ukrainians, Russians and Belorussians, so here is your punishment. We all understand that this is a lie. I told you already that my district has 200, no, 209 kilometers of border with Russia. Sometimes the borderline runs through the middle of the village. So, we have part of the family on one side and part of the family on the other, so we are truly one nation.

So, for me it’s truly very critical with what’s going on with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church nowadays, the oppression of the priests and their parishioners.

Nothing like this took place during the time of fascist Germany, when one of the confessions was under such a destruction, the Orthodox or Christian confession.

It’s not even about Orthodoxy. They’re not only destroying Orthodoxy, the world in general has never seen destruction like this ever, taking away from people the freedom, including religion.

How do we save Ukraine?

Simona Mangiante: As a politician and as a patriot, what do you think can be done now to save Ukraine? And what is the future you see today for your country?

We discussed it in 2021, but the situation is very different today.

What do you think can be done? What would you do?

Andriy Derkach: So, today, as we have done since 2016, one of the new human rights monitors will be ready, including those related to crimes, and violations against the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. We bring this to the world community, to G20 representatives.

We collect documents for future legal processes of holding Ukrainian leaders accountable. I’m sure they will be held accountable.

Zelensky, in fact, this month realized that for him the road no longer leads uphill, but downhill. Well, I say, Zelensky is an avatar, because Zelensky is a group of comrades lead by Yermak.

Well, actually, I hope this road has already gone downhill for Biden, as well.

Maybe the future of Ukraine is only after the construction of new security contours. All participants in global geopolitics will come to agreement.

Some kind of boring, incomprehensible answer, right? Well, actually without this new security architecture, nothing can be done. Any intermediate solutions they will still lead to further escalation.

Will this be done with the administration of Biden and Blinken?

It’s impossible, because Biden depends on Ukraine. She is like a Balaam donkey to him, thanks to his greed, corruption, connections, now the problems of war.

Simona Mangiante: How much of the funding of this war, because I call it funding of the war, has to do with information that Ukraine held, the leverage on Biden?

Andriy Derkach: Well, they all use each other there. They all use each other in this organized crime group. They all deceive each other, cheat each other, use each other, blackmail.

But most importantly, they are afraid of responsibility. All of them.

And while they were talking about the topic of who the criminal is, it is already clear to everyone in the United States that Biden is the criminal. According to sociology, almost 70% consider him a criminal.





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