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Ukrainian Whistleblower Reveals More Details of Biden Family Corruption

“Democracy in the USA is not the power of the people, but the power of the Democratic Party. That is why step by step Biden is taking his associates out of criminal prosecution for corruption in Ukraine.” – Andriy Derkach

IMAGE: Ukrainian politician Andriy Derkach and American journalist Simona Mangiante.

21st Century Wire

Few will argue that justice in the United States today operates under a double standard – where politics and power often prevail over principle. Nothing demonstrates this institutional affection more that the Biden family corruption scandal. At nearly every turn in this investigation, the same pattern emerges, where both U.S. and Ukrainian authorities seek to persecute, and prosecute, anyone who dares expose Joe Biden and his son’s illicit activities in Ukraine.

The extent of this corrupt racket was revealed in a recent sit-down interview with well-known Ukrainian politician, Andriy Derkach, in his first media appearance after a two-year hiatus, where he was sanctioned by the U.S., while also charged with treason and had his citizenship revoked in his native country Ukraine.

During this in-depth discussion with American journalist Simona Mangiante, former MP Derkach cited the examples former Ukrainian prosecutor Kostyantyn Kulyk, journalist and politician Oleksandr Dubinsky, and the former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin – all of whom have been clearly punished by the Ukrainian state for publicly exposing the corrupt activities of politicians, oligarchs, as well as U.S. officials embedded in Ukraine, and the simultaneous rescue of key partners of the Democratic establishment in Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko, Andriy Kobolev, Mykola Zlochevsky, all conveniently moved far away from from the legal spotlight:

“I had a certain naiveté about the idea that it was possible to achieve justice in the modern United States. I have many good friends in the U.S. legal community. I have been to the courts myself on many occasions and have seen that judges care about what they hear and what they judge. In practice, it has turned out that America’s judicial system is not fair for everyone. Democracy is not the ‘power of the people,’ but the power of the Democratic Party. We see how the Biden family associates are being removed from prosecution in Ukraine. Were Poroshenko, Zlochevsky interrogated? Did someone invite them to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to testify? The documents are everywhere – all over the Internet. The recordings are all over the Internet. Evidence is all over the Internet. What does the New York City prosecutor’s office do?”

Responding to a question from American journalists about why, in Derkach’s case, instead of conducting an honest investigation, Incredibly, the US Department of Justice used the information which Derkach brought forward to discredit him the source, and then imposed sanctions on Derkach himself. He explains:

“Is there even one piece of evidence that I did not act in accordance to the law of the United States? There are three experts, including one foreign legal expert, that have said I acted exclusively within the framework of the laws of Ukraine and the United States. There is a case brought against me by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. I didn’t really get into this process, I just read and wondered at the fantasies of the prosecutors. It’s a complete fabrication about nothing, not coherent in terms of in time, events, or people. I guess it will have to be dealt with at some point. But in reality, I don’t think in today’s United States that you can come up with any reasonable logic for resolving your issues with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. Everyone who is tied to the ‘demo-corruption,’ the Democratic Party, the DA’s office, and the FBI is talking glassy-eyed nonsense. You know this from the examples of Giuliani, Trump, all of Trump’s advisers – pretty much the entire Trump administration.”

Derkach also noted the dire situation of prosecutor Kostyantyn Kulyk, by all accounts a civil servant of integrity, and who led the investigation into Zlochevsky and his firm Burimsa, as another prime example of a political execution of someone who helped expose Biden’s corruption in Ukraine:

“Kulyk is the only prosecutor in the world history who returned one and a half billion dollars to the budget of the country. Can you give at least one example from the world history, when a prosecutor (and he is also a former military prosecutor) returned one and a half billion dollars to the budget? And he was also accused, called an agent of the Kremlin. And all these people – (George) Kent, FBI official Karen Greenaway, ambassadors Christine Quinn, and Marie Yovanovitch – they all interfered with him.”

Against the background of these persecutions, Derkach also recalls how former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, as well as the management of Naftogaz of Ukraine including Kobolev and Biden’s personal advisor Amos Hochstein, and Burisma (Zlochevsky, Kicha etc.) – all escaped justice in Ukraine. This was a classic example of how Democrat proxies have been able to operate with total impunity. Derkach states:

“It is important to invite Poroshenko to Congress and ask the question: where was the money from these two billion guarantees [with which Biden blackmailed Poroshenko to fire Shokin as Prosecutor General] spent? This money was spent on his enterprises, laundered at Poroshenko’s enterprises. A bunch of criminal cases. Leninska Kuznya, Bogdan enterprise, Ukroboronprom, his partner Gladkovsky, who is on the run in Europe.”

“We fought corruption in Naftogaz against Biden’s favorite advisor, Amos Hochstein. They, together with Kobolev, were the authors of the idea of a corrupt gas reverse. They had another ally – Favorov…. Hochstein, Kobolev, Favorov. We showed in documents how $500 million per year of “corruption tax” from Ukrainian citizens goes away. I called it a “tax” – it’s such a tragic joke. This is when a bandit group “taxes” the population. A tax on each citizen of Ukraine for each cubic meter of gas.” 

Derkach goes on to reveal a series of never seen before court documents which clearly show Burisma bribes were then parlayed to fund clandestine operations, assassinations, and sabotage: 

“I will also show you two decisions of Ukrainian courts. One of them is the court decision on the employee of Burisma, the lawyer Mr. Kicha”. The biggest cash bribe in Europe in the year 2020, which amounted to $6 million in packages handed over for closing the Burisma case. What is this court decision about? On April 21, 2022, the Ukrainian court transfers this 6 million in cash, with the consent of Burisma’s representative, to a military unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine. The number of that unit is here. This is a secret decision, no one has seen it yet. After a certain period of time, the likes of Nord Stream begin to explode, assassination attempts are made. The leaders of Ukraine’s intelligence services make no secret of the fact that they carry out terrorist acts and political assassinations for extra-budgetary cash. Once again: Biden’s partners in the corruption business in Ukraine finance terrorist acts, thus avoiding responsibility for corruption in Ukraine.”

“There is a second court decision – directly on Zlochevsky. The decision to remove Zlochevskyy from liability for this bribe occurred in 2023, in March. That decision, too, was secret. But representatives of one of Soros’ publications – Ukrainska Pravda – accidentally published it. According to this, for the amount of $6 million – the biggest cash bribe in Europe – Zlochevskyy received a 64-68 thousand hryvnia fine. To make it clear to you: for a $6 million dollars bribe – an $1,800 fine. At the same time, he transferred 800 million hryvnia ($21 million), again, to finance terrorism in the ‘drone army’ and the armed forces,” added Derkach. 

Moreover, according to Derkach, the convenient release of the main defendants in the Burisma case (with little or no penalties) takes place against the background of another stunning revelation exposed by Kostyantyn Kulyk back in June 2020, which showed internal documents from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (a report to the senior officials of the PGO) recording that Kicha offered bribes in the amount of not just $6 million, but a total $50 million dollars. It was not all in cash, but rather through several newly created front companies. The purpose of this massive bribe was to close any and all cases involving Burisma, where Hunter Biden had worked for 5 years.

This bombshell revelation was first revealed at a press conference held in Kiev on June 22, 2020, where Kulyk, alongside Derkach, presented a report from one of the prosecutors to the senior officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, which recorded the offer of a bribe worth $50 million dollars by the lawyer of Burisma, Mr. Andriy Kicha. Watch: 

Responding to the journalists’ comment that with all the documents currently available to Derkach, if he were to testify to the U.S. Congress, it could lead to the impeachment of President Joe Biden, Derkach said:

“I know what I have to do for my homeland, for my constituents, for the people who trust me. And the threat to my activities is not going to get bigger or smaller. What’s important to me in the Congressional investigation is not really prosecuting Biden for influence peddling. What is important for me is that the final document of the Congress says that the money stolen from my fellow Ukrainians was withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine by Zlochevsky, laundered, and then given to the Vice President of the United States, Biden. This is very important to me, and so the issue is not the impeachment of Biden. Impunity breeds permissiveness.”

Watch the explosive 57 minute interview by Simona Mangiante with Ukrainian whistleblower Andriy Derkach:




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