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Delving deeper into the world of America's unexpected chief executive who, for better or worse, is actively reshaping US and international political conventions...


Henningsen on CrossTalk: American Foreign Policy ‘Dumbed Down’

CrossTalk | Realistically, just how important is foreign policy in the minds of American voters come November?

Trump: Iraq War a ‘Disaster’, Tony Blair Did ‘Terrible Job’ by Following US Invasion

21WIRE | The globalists are not going to be happy about this.

Hillary Clinton is ‘Most Corrupt, Militaristic Candidate We Have Seen in Decades’

21WIRE | Hillary Clinton has a long, hard road ahead to convince people she is trustworthy.

2016 Election: The Political Elite Establishment vs. Social Justice?

21WIRE | The American people are yearning for a change in the political system.

Saudi Prince Lectures America On Democracy, Calling For ‘NEVER TRUMP’

21WIRE + Mail Online | Hereditary monarch from a theocratic dictatorship is lecturing Americans on who they should vote for.

EPIC FAIL: Anti-Trump Movement Spent $75 MILLION on 64,000 Ads

21WIRE | The system is running out of options it can use to stop Trump.

‘To Stop Clinton’: The TOP Reason Americans Will Vote for Trump

21WIRE | A greater percentage of people are willing to vote to stop Hillary than Trump.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: Defensive Realist vs. War Hawk?

21WIRE | How will Trump and Hillary’s foreign policies differ?

Cruz & Kasich Quit: Trump Crushes Elite Establishment, #DropOutHillary Now Trending

21WIRE | The political establishment’s elites are in full retreat.

Shock to The System: New Poll Says Trump CAN Beat Hillary

21WIRE | The American people are rejecting the political establishment, one candidate at a time.

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Promote Stability NOT Change, Stop Helping Terrorists

21WIRE | The military industrial complex is not looking forward to diplomacy before bombing.

David Icke on The Hillary, Donald & Bernie Show

YouTube | The US electoral dog and pony show, brought to heel by David Icke.

(Don’t Hold The Press) Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz For President

21WIRE + Huff Post | America tries to hold back its excitement over this latest development in the US presidential race.

PILGER: ‘A World War Has Begun. Now Break the Silence.’

John Pilger | Having a ‘liberal’ president in the US was the trick needed to expand global militarism.

THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Do Our Votes Really Matter?

James Perloff | So, who have the “PTB” anointed to become President this time around?

Coke Zero: What Went Wrong With The Marco Rubio Brand?

Patrick Henningsen | One of the biggest-ever exercises in marketing hype came crashing down yesterday.

Chicago Community Organizers Mobilize Flash Mobs to Shut Down Trump Campaign Rally

21WIRE | Chants of “We stopped Trump!” and “Bernie!” could be heard as student protesters occupied the arena.

Trump, Sanders Win Big In Michigan – Trump, Clinton Take Mississippi

21WIRE | Trump was the big winner on Tuesday night.

Attack on Trump: Mitt Romney Just ‘Awoke a Sleeping Giant’

21WIRE | Mitt Romney’s efforts to derail the Trump campaign may have just backfired quite spectacularly.

Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’

21WIRE | A new tune in American foreign policy rhetoric that the elite establishment does not like at all.

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