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Hillary Clinton Jumps the Shark with ‘Trump’s Secret Russian Server’ Conspiracy Theory

21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday, WikiLeaks editor and founder Julian Assange confirmed what 21WIRE already knew – that Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House’s claim of the US election process being “hacked by the Russian government” was a desperate work of fiction. Not content with that fish tale, Hillary Clinton took the narrative to an embarrassing new low (if that was even possible) with another, wilder made-up conspiracy story about the Russians. 

The following statement made by Hillary Clinton yesterday epitomizes the term “jumping the shark“:

Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff fed her a planted online news story (by the Clinton campaign?) which ran on a questionable pro-Democratic Party online news outlet. On Monday, the Slate ran the story by one of its alleged “journalists” named Franklin Foer, complete with a clickbait blog-like headline, “Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?” 

Whatever legitimacy the Slate had before last night, just evaporated.

John Roberts from Forbes explains, “The bottom line is that Slate screwed up by publishing this in the first place, and by adding more kooky misinformation to an already addled election season. As for Foer, he says on Twitter a “follow up” piece is in the works.”

Roberts rightly points out that the only follow-up story for this lemon should start with the word “RETRACTION.”

CYBER FEUD: Assange believes Clinton has gone beyond the pale with her Russian conspiracy obsession.

During his exclusive interview with award-winning filmmaker John Pilger, when asked what he thought of Hillary Clinton’s shrill antics, Julian Assange said, ““I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person, because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions, tormented literally to the point where they become sick.”

The saddest thing about this and the other dishonest and destructive actions of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party – is that no one in the party seems to see anything wrong with this level of deceit and dishonesty. Like Hillary Clinton in her sociopathic path to power, the party rank and file are acting like a cult coven following their high priestess.

Still, Clinton surrogates in the media are trying to equate Clinton simultaneously scapegoating and baiting another nuclear superpower – with a decade-old misogynist hot mic audio excerpt of Donald Trump in a TMZ-style tabloid sting. That pretty much sums up Democratic Party strategy for this election season.

Assange was right. Clinton, the Democratic Party and their surrogate, are eating themselves. Such are the spoils of power in Washington that men and women will do and say anything to have it.

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