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The Demise of Progressive Democrats: ‘Resist and Submit, Retreat and Surrender’

James Petras | How the American Left helped to destroy America’s reputation internationally by caving in to a Neoconservative and globalist agenda.

Boiler Room EP #115 – Very Fake News & The Slaughter of Innocence

Alternate Current Radio | Boiler Room with Hesher, Spore, Daniel Spaulding & Andy Nowicki discussing the recent CNN exposé, creepy YouTube kids videos and Bernie under FBI investigation.

Virginia Shooter Hodgkinson Was ‘Never Trump’ Fanatic and Devotee of Bernie Sanders

21WIRE | Despite evidence that the event was politically motivated, Leftwing pundits are using the story to call for more gun control.

Trump Supporters Attacked By Liberal Protesters: Taking Political Violence to New Level

21WIRE | Violent neo-liberal progressives assault Trump supporter then taunt him as he lays unconscious on the ground.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Bernie Delegate Reveals Why He Fled Democratic Party for the Greens

Stuart J Hooper | Here’s what happened when Bernie Sanders hit the western college campuses on to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

DNC Roundup: Still No Sign of ISIS, Dems ‘Cry Wolf’ Again, Two-Party System Contempt and more…

21WIRE | Around the horn we go, gavel to gavel at the DNC.

MSNBC Admits Plan to Suppress Bernie Sanders Voters in California

21WIRE | A stunning example of dirty tricks used by the mainstream media.

‘Bernie Sanders is on a Mission’

21WIRE | But can he accomplish his objective?

Latest Poll: Bernie Sanders is The ONLY Candidate Who Beats Trump

21WIRE | Things are not looking good for Hillary Clinton.

2016 Election: The Political Elite Establishment vs. Social Justice?

21WIRE | The American people are yearning for a change in the political system.

Exposed: The US is an Oligarchy Ruled by Billionaires and Dictators

Eric Zuesse | The US oligarchy preaches democracy while rigging votes and electing billionaires and tyrants.

David Icke on The Hillary, Donald & Bernie Show

YouTube | The US electoral dog and pony show, brought to heel by David Icke.

ELECTION FRAUD: If It Happened in Michigan, Will It Happen in Ohio?

21WIRE | Will we see election fraud in the FL, OH, IL, MO and NC primaries?

‘Vote All You Want, The Secret Government Won’t Change.’

21WIRE | The military industrial complex is deeply embedded within the American political system.

Bernie Sanders Could End Up Winning Iowa

21WIRE | In the end, Bernie Sanders could eventually become Iowa’s delegate winner.