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Middle East News Archives

As Turkey’s Purge Continues, Erdogan is Looking More Like Uncle Joe

21WIRE | Along with its epic purge, Turkey’s own sponsorship of international terrorism should disqualify it from both NATO and the EU.

US-Backed ‘Rebels’ Appear to Have Fabricated UN Convoy Evidence

Monitor on Massacre Marketing | Claims by the US and its ‘rebels’ that Russia hit a UN Aid Convoy appear to fabricated.

Russian Military: US Coalition Predator Drone Spotted at Time & Place of Syria UN Aid Convoy Attack

21WIRE + RT | New evidence suggests that the US Coalition may be misleading the world about their true intentions.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US

Vanessa Beeley | CNN and the mainstream media’s ‘go-to’ news source in Syria – now unmasked as western-funded propaganda mill.

SYRIA: Negotiations and The Battlefield ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban | Putin has always called for a true international anti-terrorism coalition, an effort currently blocked by the US.

Episode #153 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Nuremberg Syndrome’ with guests Mother Agnes, Abdo Haddad, Ghoufran Derawan

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

Syria: No “Dusty Boy” Outrage for 7 yr old Haider, Sniped by NATO Terrorists in Idlib Village of Foua

Vanessa Beeley | Western-backed rebels are targeting Syrian children, attacking future generations.

BREAKING: Israeli Warplane and Drone Shot Down Over Golan Heights by Syrian Air Defences

Vanessa Beeley | Syrian air defence bring down Israeli warplane over the hotly contested Golan Heights.

ALEPPO: Tom Duggan Reports from Frontline – ‘No Child Should Have to Suffer Like This’

Tom Duggan | The killing fields of Aleppo. The terrorists target children and civilians.

Beeley: No Guarantee Syrian ‘Rebels’ Will Respect Russia-US Ceasefire Deal

Sputnik News | What guarantees are the US, GCC and Turkey giving that the terrorists that they control, equip, fund and arm – are not going to break the ceasefire?

PROJECT 1070, ALEPPO: Tom Duggan Under Terrorist Sniper Fire, LIVE from Syrian Army Frontlines

21WIRE & Tom Duggan | Live from Aleppo front-lines, with correspondent Tom Duggan under fire.

Patrick Henningsen on Syria Ceasefire: ‘US playing a clandestine, double game’

Sputnik Radio | This isn’t the first attempt at a ceasefire in Syria, and it won’t be the last.

On the Ground in Aleppo: 21WIRE Interviews Independent Correspondent in Aleppo, Syria

Patrick Henningsen | Our live correspondent on the ground paint a very different picture than the well-financed propagandists at CNN and the New York Times.

SYRIA CEASEFIRE? Lavrov, Kerry Agree to Fight Al-Nusra, No Strikes on ‘Rebels,’ Aleppo Relief

21WIRE + RT | Are the US merely buying time for their proxy forces who are desperate to hang on to East Aleppo?

INTERVIEW: Vanessa Beeley on Aleppo, ‘Chemical Attack’ Propaganda & The White Helmet Folly

21WIRE + UK Column | Mike Robinson talks to 21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley in a stunning interview exposing the reality on the ground in Syria, and how Netflix is promoting al Nusra-linked faux NGO the ‘White Helmets.’

WMD FRAUD: Sexed-up UN ‘Chemical Weapons’ Report on Syria Contrived to Trigger More Sanctions, Intervention

21WIRE + Robert Parry | A widely touted U.N. report accusing the Syrian government of two chlorine-gas attacks based on shaky evidence and brushed aside witness testimony that the incidents were staged.

Jordanian Court Defends ISIS ‘Sense of Humour Failure’ and Imprisons Cartoonist

Jamila Assi | Has the world has gone mad? ISIS are not amused, so “off with his head”, and a cartoonist in prison?

GUIDE: Top 10 Western Lies About the Syrian Conflict

Neil Clark | The truth is the West hasn’t been fighting ‘terror’ in Syria but aiding it.

SYRIA: The Children of Kafarya and Foua are Crying in the Dark

Eva Bartlett | The forgotten children of Kafarya and Foua and NATO crimes against these villages

SYRIA: UK Peace Delegation Meet with President Assad

21WIRE & SANA | UK Peace Delegation meets with President Assad and travels to Aleppo