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REVEALED: How Western Media Continue to Exploit Children in Syria

15 year-old Syrian boy Muhammed Najem is the latest under-aged propaganda cannon fodder to be used and abused by western media outlets.

For the western mainstream media, Syria has been a carnival of child exploitation, led by American cable news network CNN and others.

One of their initial marks was a 5 year-old boy named Omran Daqneesh, who CNN along with the entire western mainstream media used to advance a fraudulent narrative of the boy’s story in August 2016, in order to extract popular sympathy for increased US-led intervention in the country, and also to implicate the Syrian government and Russia. Then in October 2016, came the 7 year-old Bana of Aleppo, who has been ruthlessly exploited by CNN, The Guardian and many other outlets, all fraudulently claiming the young girl spoke English and was running her own Twitter account.

The latest case of western media child exploitation for propaganda purposes, is a 15 year-old boy named Muhammed Najem. Here is one of many in a blitzkrieg of western propaganda articles, written by Dan Brown from Business Insider, entitled,

“A 15-year-old Syrian boy is tweeting heartbreaking videos of Eastern Ghouta under attack from furious Russian and government airstrikes”

“Heartbreaking videos”. Indeed.

As the Syrian Army continues its anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ghouta, the western mainstream media is ramping-up its multi-billion disinformation campaign designed to invert reality – by making hardened criminals and murderous terrorists appear in western eyes as “freedom loving rebels.”

Watch this detailed report by RT America’s Dan Cohen:

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