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Israeli Missile Strike Hits T4 Airbase Near Homs, Syria

Early morning on April 9th, a missile attack took place which hit Syria’s ‘T4 airbase’ located in Homs province.

As is normal for police with illegal airstrikes in Syria, Israeli military declined to comment on reports of its involvement.

Initially, the Syrian state-run media SANA had indicated that this was a US attack, although it’s known that both US and France opted out of a strike.

Online video shows fighter jets over Lebanese airspace which was later confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry – stating that two Israeli F-15 fighters had launched 8 guided missiles towards Homs.

According to Fars News agency, at least 12 Iranian personnel were killed and 20 more injured after this morning’s Israeli missile strike on Syria’s T4 Airbase, according to Syrian government sources:

Iran’s Fars news agency claims that only “two defenders of the shrine, Seyed Ammar Mousavi and Akbar Zavar Jannati” were killed in the air strike “carried out by the Zionist regime’s fighter jets.”

South Front reports…

Following the attack, the Russian Defense Minsitry revealed in a statement that the strike had been conducted by two Israeli F-15 warplanes, which launched 8 missiles. Five missiles were shot down by Syrian forces, but three reached the western part of the airbase.

These three missiles allegedly targeted positions of Iranian forces deployed in these part of the base.

Another interesting issue is that some local sources reported an electromagnetic (EM) warfare attack on Syrian forces during the Israeli strike on the T4 airbase. The EM warfare attack named by them as one of the key reasons why three missiles were able to reach the airbase.

Here is footage of the T4 base before the attack:

The situation is developing.

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