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21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT – A New European Army?’

21st Century Wire says…

Here is the latest pilot release of our joint production with the UK Column – a new in-depth discussion and debate program called ‘INSIGHT.’ Previous pilot episodes have been released over this past summer including, The Battle for EurasiaSmart Power & the NGO Complex and INSIGHT VOX: Identity Politics. Our latest episode will continue along those lines, delivering extraordinary information in a truly unique format…

Before it airs publicly, we’d like to share this preview of the second full pilot episode with our members here at 21WIRE.TV first…

INSIGHT – ‘A New European Army?’ – Far from being a far-flung conspiracy theory, the policy of European military integration, or an ‘EU Army’ is quietly becoming a reality, and despite perceived political setbacks like BREXIT and NATO’s own problems – the process of inter-country operational interdependence and corporate consolidation has already been set into motion. Simply, this is the military industrial complex’s version of globalization. Co-hosts Patrick Henningsen (21WIRE) and Mike Robinson (UKC TV) are joined by guests David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives, and Brian Gerrish Editor of the UK Column. Watch:


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #202 - Jan-Feb Issue
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