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Fracking Buffoonery: Greg Clark ‘Balls It’ in Kirby Misperton, Rumours of Boris as Replacement

Greg Clark, British Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells and Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), has been sitting on the Barclays (trading as Third Energy) application to frack Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, England going on eight weeks now.

Ian R Crane, a prolific anti-fracking activist and ex-oilfield executive says Greg Clark is “not up to the job,” citing his continuous delays as a dishonest attempt to avoid making a decision.

“He had the opportunity to do the right thing, and effectively, just making it abundantly clear he’s not going to put his signature on this.”

Crane says the Barclays application to frack Kirby Misperton still sits on Clark’s desk because he’s desperate to avoid it.

“One way or another, this legacy is always going to remain with Greg Clark. He either signs it off, and he’s remembered as the man who signs-off on this abomination, or he balls it and basically hangs out waiting to be replaced. That demonstrates the man doesn’t have the mettle to be able to deal with these decisions.”

Boris Johnson: A Fracking Buffoon?

One replacement option rumoured, and pure speculation at this point, is current UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as part of a cabinet “re-shuffle” to give the bombastic political creature a more prominent business role in the so-called Brexit transition plans. According to Crane, a dangerous prospect indeed:

“Boris is an extremely egotistical buffoon. He is not going to take a domestic role without much protest. The Foreign Secretary is considered to be one of the most senior positions in the Cabinet. I don’t think the country would go for Boris. He’s a very dangerous buffoon, and he’s certainly not a statesman […] in the short time he has held the chair as Foreign Secretary.”

There’s no indication as of yet, other than Boris’ penchant for shale gas, that the arrangement would be tenable, but Crane adds:

“If he comes kicking and screaming into the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy […] he’ll be under instruction to sign-off this application by Barclays (trading as Third Energy) to frack here in Kirby Misperton.”


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