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Remembering Ian R. Crane

21WIRE | Reflecting on the life and work of researcher, anti-fracking activist, and creator of the Alternative View series.

Facebook Now Decides What Is Branded Fake News

21WIRE | Facebook knows best?

Truth Denial: Holohoaxes and “New Beginnings”

Branko Malić I Alternative media is like a breath of fresh air in poisonous atmosphere of the mainstream. Or is it really? Is it just another brand of poison?

10 Year Old Palestinian Girl Reporting on Anti-Israel Protests

21WIRE | This girl is taking the internet by storm.

Gerald Celente’s Trends in the News: ‘Philip Hammond: UK W*****’

21WIRE + Gerald Celente | Gerald breaks down the hypocrisy of Britain’s Foreign Minister Hammond, along with other important headlines and trends in the news.

INTERVIEW – Ben Fellows rips BBC abuse and cover-up culture

POWERFUL LIVE BROADCAST from the UK Column Live with Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins, then (at 30 min mark into show) an in-depth interview with Ben Fellows, who speaks about his experiences as a child actor working within the BBC and independent television during the late ’80s. Ben alleges inappropriate behavior by Kenneth Clarke MP, […]

‘Is Alex Jones for real?’

Mike Adams | Is Alex Jones putting on an act, or is he for real – opinions vary…

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