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(VIDEO) ‘Active Shooter’ and ‘Terror’ Drills: The Truth WILL Shock You

21st Century Wire

There’s something strange and disturbing going on in America. For those who are really paying attention, you might have noticed an unusually high number of seemingly random ‘mass shooting’ and ‘domestic terror’ events that have proliferated under this current US administration.

America’s new unhealthy institutional obsession with ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terror’ has blinded the public to the real theatrics going on behind the scenes.

When presented with overwhelming evidence of a clear correlation between both ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terror’ events – and corresponding  ‘active shooter drills’ and ‘anti-terror emergency response drills’ – the conversation goes quiet. No debate is offered, and no explanation is ever given by authorities and media. Instead, it’s the usual polemics and hysteria like, “Isn’t this terrible? So many mass shootings in America – we need the government to tighten up on security, and gun control!”

Meanwhile, American society is being intentionally militarized, right under our noses.

Waking Up To the Official Deception

Most mainstream media outlets and ‘journalists’ appear to be completely unaware and in total denial of any possibility that there may be blatant deception involved in the coverage of these dramatic events, while other media operatives are very much directly involved in some aspects of these theatrical productions.

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Who is responsible for this hyper-realistic ‘movie magic’ we see through our mainstream media coverage? Is it US government agencies, US-based private security firms, foreign governments, Hollywood studios – or all of the above? If you can manage to put aside all of the TV-generated emotions and security-obsessed political rhetoric, then you just may come to one horrifying conclusion: if it looks fake, then it’s very likely that it is fake.

The following video presentation by Hoaxbusters Call lays out the scale and scope the ‘active shooter’ paradox and the shows exactly how many of the ‘mass shooting’ and ‘terrorist’ events are staged for the media, and used to political ends. Evidence presented in this video from the Boston Bombing is particularly revealing.

Watch this incredible and highly revealing video:


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