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McKIllopAndrew McKillop
21st Century Wire

As ever, the Western World Order is working overtime to characterize Russia’s current president as their latest version of Blofeld, but for some reason it’s back-firing badly.

Unfortunately for them, no one is listening – because the voting public are no longer interested. The West’s naked political and corporate hubris over the Ukraine and Crimea is turning into another nail in the coffin of Western democracy.

Predictable American Moaning

Daniel Henninger,an op-ed writer for Rupert Murdoch’s new propaganda toy the Wall Street Journal on March 19th, called the US and European ‘non-reaction’ to Russia’s  Vladimir Putin “a Wonderland”. He packed so many vitriolic one-liners into his short article that we can admire his ability to cut-and-paste them from the works of great seminal thinkers of our age like Senator John McCain. He claimed that “The solitary but thrilling world of Vladimir Putin’s mind is the one inhabited by the Assads, Saddams, bin Ladens, Kims, Gaddafis and Khomeinis of the world, and when it really runs out of control, or is allowed to (it becomes)…. a Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.”

This is the level of conversation the establishment to attempting to lay down over western minds.

‘Putin is a Bad Man, because he is a mad man’

Henninger says this can push world affairs “off the grid”. Defenders of the ever-shrinking International Community (let’s just call it the ‘I.C.’), in their present new crusade to fight Putin – do not include India, China, Brazil and other tepid on-again, off-again members of the downsized I.C.

Devoid of any real depth and analysis of actual events in the Ukraine and Crimea, herd psychology seems to be pushing hardcore I.C. defenders to vigorously work the theme that Vladimir Putin is… just plain crazy. US Vice President Joe Biden told Poland’s leaders on Monday March 17th that Mr. Putin’s seizure of Crimea was “flawed logic”, while Prime Minister David Cameron has called it a ‘war crime’.

Other members of the fatigued and weakened I.C. are attempting to paint a Dorian Gray picture of Putin which illustrates the horror of a person totally divorced from the I.C.’s world of rational affairs, unable to face reality, and oblivious to what paid-in Community members might think. Elementary, as he probably doesn’t care what they think!

Defenders of the I.C. now ask: how long will it take before Putin’s horror picture mutates into a new Stalin, Hitler or Mao (or Bush)?

“Putin is a Bad Man”, and WSJ spin doctor Daniel Henninger actually uses that loaded phrase – which is coded language Edward Snowden could crack in milliseconds. It means dangerous for the life expectancy of the victim given that name. To be sure Assad is still alive, but that is only due to Putin. Kim is still alive, only because of the Chinese. Khomenei for some reason was allowed to die in his bed a long time ago, but the International Community’s hit squads took out and killed the rest, also including Gaddafi, and let’s not forget Slobodan Milosevic who is usually added to the Bad Man hit list, by the world’s Henningers.

Henninger spins, “Vladimir Putin re-proves that sometimes a bad person gains control of the instruments of national power. Their populations do nothing or can’t, because they are disarmed by thugs with overwhelming firepower”. This version of History in a nutshell and “Why the I.C. Must Invade” is made more lurid and urgent, Henninger tells us, when “even second-rate megalomaniacs gain access to high-tech weaponry, including missiles and nuclear bombs.”

We could ask George W. Bush and Tony Blair about that – noting that the G.W. Bush opinion of Putin, in an aside to Britain’s Tony Blair, was that Putin is “One cold dude”.

Do not underestimate this kind of propaganda deployed in the West, because it works. It’s still extremely effective in brainwashing the general public, along with many mainstream journalists and elected representatives, only it masks the cold reality that, at this precise moment in history, even Kim Jung-un appears more rational, intellectual and pragmatic – than those in Washington, London and Brussels who are driving their electorate towards a new corporate-led arms race and energy/resource war.

Ukraine’s Flash Mob Needs our Military Aid

John McCainThe neoconservatives are now dictating the agenda regarding Russia, leaving Obama stuck searching for balls on the back nine.

Often confused and much maligned senile senate arms salesman, John McCain (photo, left), after returning from a visit to Ukraine, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show that the US must make a “fundamental reassessment of our relationship with Vladimir Putin”. McCain somehow believes that economic sanctions against Russia are important, to be sure, but military assistance to Ukrainians “at least so they can defend themselves” is vital (military assistance = US arms sales). McCain was quick to say he did not propose putting any “American boots on the ground”, fearful of the US being hated when it invades a country because it has a Bad Man, but McCain hammers home his call for giving weapons and military support to the Kiev NeoNazi-leaning Flash Mob “government”.  No time, or need for elections – isn’t this fun!

McCain still couldn’t resist taking up extra slack in order to hang himself, “We need to give (them) long-term military assistance … because god knows what Vladimir Putin will do next”.

McCain described Putin’s energy-rich Russia as “a gas station masquerading as a country”, somewhat like manufacturing-rich China masquerading as the Workshop of the World – and running a huge trade surplus with couched potato USA on the back of it. Showing a simply incredible ignorance of anything to do with global energy, mental basket case McCain told US press and media that economic sanctions against Russia may provoke counter-sanctions by Putin, including natural gas or oil supply cut-offs for selected European target countries, “but the US can work to overcome this”.

When the US starts exporting very small amounts of LNG by the end of 2015, it will still, even if declining – be a big net importer of oil. At present, the EU countries get around 33% of their gas and 33% of their oil from Russia. But who cares about economic realities when the Bad Man hunting season has been declared open?

Meanwhile, more cutting-edge, armchair intelligence is still pouring out of Washington DC. According to Washington Wire, March 7th, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ignored US military psychologists’ studies of Vladimir Putin’s body language, and the Pentagon’s press secretary has been at pains to deflect reporters’ questions on the Putin body language study by the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment. The Pentagon however did reveal that this study has been ongoing since 2008, but was interrupted until 2012, before restarting again. Since 2009, its Director (Admiral Andrew Kirby) said, the Pentagon also has its own $300,000-a-year body language study program, as well as the Office of Net Assessment study program which restarted in 2012 and has a $12 million budget for 2014. Admiral Kirby made it clear the Pentagon has no intention of releasing either study.

American taxpayers should feel confident that the Pentagon have a solid handle on all that body language.

Unofficial and anonymous military-sector commentators in the US have suggested the at-least-two Pentagon study projects looking at Putin’s “body language” could be interpreted as revealing that Putin is ‘a sociopath, psychopath, megalomaniac or paranoiac’ – rather than simply dangerous. Putin can easily be put in the box labeled Bad Man, they say, because he is also motivated by simple jealousy, revealed by his “overwhelming and irrational reaction” to retro newsreel clips of the drunken buffoon, Boris Yeltsin, being openly laughed at by Bill Clinton as the USA “reeled back the Soviet Union”. Indeed, Yeltsin drank, while Clinton prepped his cigars with nubile White House interns.

According to the I.C., Putin should accept that the New Russia was a laughable, second-class filling-station nation like Saudi Arabia, and could have taken up drinking, golf, or both.

‘Yes We Can’

Obama fiscal summit

Saint Obama: a globalist servant.

Most interesting is how Obama is getting batted around over the Crimea crisis. ‘Yes we can’… play golf or drink, that is. Henninger and lookalike journalists who prowl and scour, before scouring in print, usually take a back-hander to Barack Obama, the USA’s “absent president” they often call the MIA President. Writing in ‘Politico Magazine’ on March 13th, with a long list of other analysts, authors and commentators, former Washington Post Moscow correspondent Susan Glasser, who said that Obama does not view Putin the way that Republican diehards, like McCain, and the Pentagon do. Obama’s top aides, she says, see Putin as “crazy, calculating and somehow capricious all at the same time. A playground bully who’ll wilt at the first sign of resistance”.

Alternatively, showing their own split personalities, the same people also say that Putin “perhaps just wants us to think he is really a master strategist, a latter-day Metternich moving countries and armies around the chessboard of Eastern Europe with a steely determination and an autocrat’s free hand.”

But a Bad Man all the same!

Not surprisingly, she says, aides to Obama in recent days have been adamant that their boss had no illusions whatsoever about Putin. “I hear people say we were naïve about Putin and that the president didn’t understand Putin,” she quotes a top Obama administration official, who added that: “No. We had a very sober, very steely-eyed realist assessment of Putin.”

Do political hacks in Washington and London really understand the game they are attempting to play? Sadly, they do not. Russia is (nuclear) armed and dangerous, for starters. No sane western politician (obviously excluding John McCain) would attempt open military confrontation with Russia, but like McCain they can hope to foment and organize “asymmetric and countervailing” military opposition to Putin. Simply put, this means the West will be aiming towards aiding terrorism inside, and against Russia, especially via Chechnya, Dagestan, Tatarstan and the Balkans.

Perhaps the most schizoid and idiotic part of this never-declared war strategy, Putin is imagined to be both unable to reply with his own sponsored terror attacks inside the US and Europe, and too stupid to know who is organizing the “asymmetric terror war”.

The single biggest handicap for Western leaders seems to be their permanent detachment from reality. As history shows, for governments and monarchs, this usually ends up being fatal.

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  • As I find myself respecting Mr. Putin more and more, day by day, while my derision for UK so-called leaders is complete, I wonder how many feel the same way.

    • Rogoraeck

      We are Legion!

    • Eileen Kuch

      And, you have lots of company, me included. President Putin is way more logical and intelligent than the clowns that lead the West.

      • liberman

        The Politicians are _not_ the ones leading anything, they are rather puppets being mastered from behind the central-banking’s scene.
        The banksters have already plundered Ukraine – this time round too.
        One key point to note is whether an official investigation in to the NATO mass murder of the protesters and unarmed policemen ever takes place. Putin is constrained by the investments the central bank operating in Russia (which is private like all the other central banks the world over) has made in the USA and which are now blocked.

    • Surfkay Aker Lacroix

      At least you dont have Obummer

    • Oompaul

      Yes, ‘derision’ is the word!

  • Spychiatrist

    I can say without reservation that he’s (Putin) an order of magnitude better leader than the woman we have in the White House.

  • Robert Doyle

    Putin teaching these Faggots a lesson every minute. So entertaining. Barry needs a Dick up his ass while he smokes a Cigarette. Sad but true while his Liberal followers think he is God. Fucking Sad ain’t it.

  • Allan Narci

    it’s amazing to watch one of the two witnesses in action slapping the you know what out of these devil worshipers.

  • John Doe

    I live in America, the country of my birth, and sadly, I find myself wishing that I had been born in another country, perhaps in South America. I feel that I can only describe the American form of government as CORRUPTION! I believe that on the federal level, that we are one of the most missruled countries on earth, capable of much evil destruction. I believe that the most corrupt centers of power is the money power. Who creates the money and who has the first, primary use our money. This money used to buy up our politicians, media, education and some “religious” institutions. For profiling purposes look towards the gentile or zionists satanists out of new york and london for who really historically has ruled the western world. Read Henry Fords excellent paper The Intermational Jew. For illumination on the 911 Holocaust google: 911 dancing Isralies and 911 israeli art students.

    • Truman Golden

      I am American too and I wish I was from another country. I remember when I was little and with all the brainwashing and jingoistic indoctrination, I used to be proud of my country. Now that I can see the reality of what we really are, I am totally embarrassed to be American. I too wish I was from a different country like south America or even Canada… honestly, Russia doesn’t look too bad either.

  • Oompaul

    Great article

  • Dan Mac Donald

    Putin is a rock star.He is a better leader than has been seen in the West for decades.

  • Truman Golden

    Americans are just puke… they are just slaves to their Jew Zionist masters.

    • musimann

      That’s the real truth of the matter. Lets look some of the Jew players in the current Ukraine neo nazis coup. It was funded in part by ebay founder Pierre Omidyar (Jew). Soros (Jew) was was involved in previous “color revolutions” that installed a series of kleptocrats who found ways to make lots of money. Prime movers in the current coup are the bitch Nuland (f’ the EU Jew), McCain (zionist married into the Jewish mob) who showed up for every coup recently (Egypt, Libya, Syria). We got Zbig (Khazar Jew) who thinks he’s the mastermind of the New World Order. He likes to call this spreading democracy – odd phrase for a totalitarian technocrat. He recently claimed ‘it’s easier to kill a million people that it is to control them” He openly admits their goal is to take over Ukraine so they can destabilize Russia – cause you can’t have a free independent strong country that threatens the New Jew World Order power structure. Pax Judaica. You’ve got old horse face wannabe Jew Kerry. And last but not least is the putz in the Whitehouse who was created by the Jew mob in Chicago. It appears Barry is half Jew as well. There are lots more Jew clowns in this latest chapter of “liberation” but any rational person will get the picture. Unless your afraid of being labeled an antisemite, but then as they say in the hood – “you they bitch.” I didn’t even mention Nuttyahoo or the former IDF soldiers that lead the street fighting in Kiev. What ever else you may say about Putin, he is not a bought and paid for bitch gofer for the Jews. They hate him with a passion for that reason alone.

      • Eileen Kuch

        Wow!! Extremely well put, Musimann. Take an A+ and move up to the head of the Geopolitics 101 class. You just outshone every “Neocon” Jew in the USG in the intelligence field, especially John “Lurch” Kerry, Victoria Nudelman Nuland, and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Great job, pal. I agree with every point you made 100%.

        Yup, poor Barry is half Jew; his mother and her predecessors are all Jewish; and, according to Jewish law, that makes him one as well.

      • Truman Golden

        Excellent post..thank you.

    • So are te Brits – and they keep voting for ’em!

  • ddearborn


    As Putin stands up for democracy in action (1 person 1 vote) and the freedom of self determination. What exactly are Obama and NutenYahoo doing?

    Obama signs executive order declaring national emergency and all the powers it and he bestows upon his office. And within that signing statement is a declaration that he can, if he so desires, seize all the assets of anyone who aids Crimea in its quest for self determination. Instituted a multitude of punitive financial actions in an effort to “punish” Putin. All of which are direct violations of international law.

    And what has Israel been doing as the “crisis” has unfolded?

    30+ bombing sorties flown against civilian targets inside Gaza

    Attacked/invaded Southern Jordon

    Attacked/invaded Syria from the Golan

    Begun expelling the remaining non Jews from the Jordon Valley

    Increased the rate of theft of land in rest of Palestine and Jerusalem

    Increased number of housing starts in Palestine and Jerusalem

    Increased the pace of construction in Palestine and Jerusalem

    Threatening to invade and wipe Gaza off the map (implied murdering all inside)

    Managed to get nearly every single major Western News organization to remove/back page the boycott story.

    It is terribly important to remember that the “crisis” and the violence that followed was instigated by groups that were financed by the CIA and lead by members of the Israeli military and intelligence communities. And lets not forget that with the help of the US, Israel has put a Zionist in charge of the Ukraine who answers to Tel Aviv. A Zionist I might add that is not a duly democratically elected representative of the people of the Ukraine. You see unlike Crimea, the people of the Ukraine were not allowed the basic human right of self -determination.

    Clearly the “western” media is making such a big deal about this in the hopes that the man in street won’t realize that it is the US and Israel that are the bad guys…..

  • mike d

    I believe the difference here is that Putin is a man who loves country and has made it stronger economically and militarily whereas most western leaders are talking heads who are ran by their banker puppet masters whose polices have weakened us economically and socially just for the sake of world government. None of this rabble would have ever been consider for a position of leadership 30 years ago but I guess if one wants a tolitarian world order then he must find useful idiots to help create it. It must be amatuer night.

  • Absolute Knowledge


  • One of the first things the new Jewish banker turned P.M. did was load 33 tons of Ukrainian gold and fly it to N.Y. Fed vault.

    • Truman Golden

      Not to ny FED, it’s a total lie. the gold is in Tel Aviv.