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L.A. Ontario Airport ‘October Drill’ Nearly Identical to LAX Shooting Scene

21st Century Wire says…

Almost exactly one month earlier…

Los Angeles Airport Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department took part in  an ‘active shooter drill‘ on Saturday, October the 2nd 2013 at L.A./Ontario International Airport.

According to a report by the San Bernardino Sun, written by Doug Saunders, one such shooting scenario had an “armed man” shooting “three people” before officers locked down the scene.

IMAGE: Identical LAPD shooting drill at Ontario one month before the LAX event (October 2nd, 2013)

LAPD spokesman in video (below): “Not more than 3 weeks ago… we practiced the exact scenario that played out today – we played out today.”

Shockingly this was nearly an identical scene to what unfolded on Friday, November 1st (All Saints Day) at LAX, a scene in which, one TSA officer was shot and killed, with three others wounded, leaving a total of 7 injured at the Los Angeles International Airport.


It was an overwhelming display of state security assets. The exercise involved some 3oo police officers to perform an active live drill, a massive fire department presence including dozens vehicles and even more support personnel – along with teams from federal agencies FBI, ATF and DHS.

This should come as no surprise to anyone following some of the recent mass casualty events in the Untied States, such as the Aurora theater, Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook, all of which were said to have had some type of drill prior to the “real-life” event.

One should also note that in 2002,  Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire in the same airport killing two Israeli’s at the El Al airlines ticket counter.

It was also initially reported that the 23year-old suspect, Paul Anthony Ciancia of New Jersey was a TSA agent by authorities, almost simultaneously someone posted a fake account on Facebook with the same name containing a photo of another man.

Was this an act of misdirection, clouding one’s ability to sift carefully through the information, giving authorities the chance to change the TSA agent narrative?

IMAGE: An apparent picture of Paul Ciancia the alleged shooter at LAX.

Law enforcement sources had earlier told The Times that the gunman was a TSA employee.” – The Times.

IMAGE: Paul Anthony Ciancia (differs dramatically from eye-witness accounts)

Watch the YouTube video below, the eye-witness below is clearly not talking about the same suspect at the LAX shooting…

He was dressed like that, like a security TSA agent.”

Amazingly the eyewitness reports that the alleged shooter was much bigger than him in addition to being dressed like a uniformed TSA agent. Clearly something is amiss?

Note the witness also states that the person shooting had a pump shotgun and a hand gun not an AR-15 style rifle. He also make mention to possible body armor.

An unprecedented response for just “one shooter” at LAX.

IMAGE: posted by Mike Repplier Associate Producer at ABC News on Twitter.

Air travelers in a ‘panic’ over LAX shooting, what do you really see? Is this Westgate all over again?

Will this open the door for armed TSA agents in the near future?

MSNBC and other liberal-leaning media outlets are already devoting most of their debate time to the presence of the much-feared “AR-15” Semiautomatic assault rifle at the scene of this event. The talk of assault rifle bans is back on, and will provide an easy distraction from the other more important – and critical national issues and scandals plaguing the Obama White House.

Thus far this appears to be another botched false flag operation, but that’s just our opinion…

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  • LocalHero

    These things are laughable.

    • weareallhuman

      except for the victims families..nothing funny about this stuff..its evil

  • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

    They seem so obvious anymore, maybe they always were to those that have been awake for sometime.

  • weareallhuman

    cbs news shot footage of the medics running with one of the “wounded” except that the wounded is clearly a crash test dummy in a wheelchair…the video is on youtube on mizter e and jeff kelly’s channels

    • weareallhuman

      look up LAX DUMMIE on youtube..this isn’t spam and I’m certainly not trolling..good day

  • joshuasweet

    Is the shooter one of the Obama corps?

    • weareallhuman

      no he’s a skinny nerdy adam lanza-esque looking mofo..

      • joshuasweet

        see the perfect member of the Obama Corps

  • FalconTypo

    In the last 15 years, the majority of these “people” are in their 20s, and apparently too stupid to handle their emotional issues or seek help. Instead, they get a gun and shoot others. Big babies, much?

    • Gamer Dad

      No they are all on medication

      • CoweringCoward

        Selective(not very) Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, every LAST ONE OF THEM. Drugs that have been proven ineffective when compared to placebo and to in fact cause an 8 fold increase in suicidal/homicidal events.
        Thank you FDA <-Another alphabet thing that needs a stake in its heart.

        • Gamer Dad

          Shhhhh. You aren’t supposed to talk about that!

      • FalconTypo

        Really? Show where anyone is “on medication”… they did not seek help. They bought guns, instead.

        • Gamer Dad

          Adam lanza was on medication. The aurora guy was on medication. The columbine kids were on medication. The navy shooting guy was on medication. The Boston kids were set up and with ciancia it hasn’t come out yet whether he was or wasn’t.

          • FradulentSam

            Oh snap, Falcon. You just got straight served, yo.

          • FalconTypo

            “Oh, snap” and “yo”? What are you, twelve?

            No “straight served”; while the rest of you m*rons consider being prescribed something like Zoloft is an excuse to premeditate a massacre (it takes time to order guns, plan, and strap yourself up), you’re missing the point: Generations bucked up their sadness for years; they did not mass murder people at schools, malls, movie theaters because they were “sad”.

            And none of you have a medical decree nor credible sources that they took anything other than typical antidepressants. These people are cowards, plain and simple.

            In fact, someone planned and is shooting up a mall in NJ at this second. Should we call the shrink and find out their meds, too?

          • FradulentSam

            You’re right, any common links between similar events taking place at different times and in different places should be disregarded if it does not fit into ones bias on how things should be.

            “The phony must die says the catcher in the rye”

          • Gamer Dad

            And for the record. There is absolutely zero proof that any of these people are guilty (except maybe columbine not familiar enough with it) There is zero video evidence of any of these people commuting the crimes, the official stories have changed multiple times. I’m not even convinced sandy hook actually happened. I know Boston didn’t.
            We are being lied to to push an agenda. Wake up.

          • FalconTypo

            Really? Cite some sources. And aren’t you missing my point? “Medication” is not an excuse: these people plotted, planned, and carried out mass murder.

          • Gamer Dad
    • weareallhuman


      • FalconTypo

        Facepalm yourself. We live in 2013, where we have the medicine and therapy available, but people are so self-absorbed, they don’t even reach out to their own families to get them help. Meanwhile, people are dying left and right due to these murderers.

        • weareallhuman

          the medication.IS the problem almost every one of these shooters Is on psychiatric drugs already and to be honest, people are hardly “dying left and right ” there are very few incidents of this nature the media just hypes the shit out of them to push gun control

          • FalconTypo

            So far, “on drugs” is speculation. Not a person in here has cited any sources. The only facts are that they had the wherewithal to purchase guns and pass background checks, which means no alarming medical history. AND if they had the state of mind to do that, many have had the state of mind to seek help.

            And yes, “left and right”… how many innocent victims have to die at the hands of these people before it’s “enough” for you? For any American? A man is shooting up a mall in NJ as I type this.

  • weareallhuman

    any bets on SSRI’s and a penchant for call of duty games? ….

    • CoweringCoward

      Absolutely NO DOUBT on the SSRI connection, they all share this similarity. MK ultra anyone? And why does every shooters weapon morph into an ar15? Why not break up the narrative a bit and have a Kalashnikov now and then?

  • ExFlintPat

    Another false flag. Paul CIAnCia? Coincidence perhaps?

    • FedUp

      they love to brag about their evil deeds just like all criminals.

  • Clare Kuehn

    Has anyone noted the name of this fellow who does not match descriptions, even if he was present and shot? Cia-n-cia.

    • weareallhuman

      nk might as well as named him illuminati jones

  • CI Anderson

    LAX police chief is a major double dipper, just retiring from the LAPD after 34 years, he gets a job as LAX police chief….easily making $500,000 in pay, pensions, benefits……$500,000 is the new norm for government high rollers…….and and as 35 years as a cop…he never paid a nickle of social security taxes…..all L.A. City and L.A. County government employees are exempt from social security taxes

    He has also successfully completed the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston and the West Point Leadership Program………but he couldn’t stop a guy from showing up at the air port with a shotgun…….with all his experience and training

    see the airport chief’s bio:


  • Dave

    This Ciancia guy is definitely their wind-up toy patsy. Probably had a CIA handler provide him with the gear and drug him up for his ‘mission’. Total false flag.

    • TeddyOrwell

      They don’t even need drugs. They could use hypnosis. Mentalist/illusionist Derren Brown proved this could be done on his show. Search on youtube for “Derren Brown Assassin”. Also, look up Project Monarch.

  • CoweringCoward

    The Oligarchs cannot stand armed slaves, as we can get a bit uppity.

  • CoweringCoward

    If anything this is an indictment of the unarmed citizenry ANYWHERE. Mass shooters read those “Gun free zone” signs for what they are “Undefended free slaughter zones”. Is there ever a mass shooter that goes anywhere else?

    If any of these of late, are not windup, MK ultra, false flag, patsies brought out of the stable just when needed, I will eat my hat, and yours too.

    • AlMart

      They cannot do one of these stunts in any other location but a disarmament zone because if they did someone might kill the real shooter and not the patsy.

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