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The Boston Bombing and Terror Drill – Taking Place on ‘Patriot’s Day’

UPDATE: Boston Bombing: Michael Savage Rips Obama, Federal Cover-up and release of ‘Saudi national’

21st Century Wire says…

If it looks staged, chances are it probably is.

BOSTON: Lots of wheelchairs on standby, but why no gurneys for the critically injured?

It looks like another tragedy of massive proportions has hit America again.

The damage is done. These photos are some of the most gruesome ever recorded from any event, wartime or otherwise. Now the big question is: who will be blamed?

Examine the evidence and then decide. Readers and people who are concerned about the FACTS surrounding this sensational incident in Boston, MA yesterday, should be able to make up their own minds as to what they believe really happened, or more importantly – what didn’t happen at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Smart readers already know what national talking points are set to follow this, what looks very much like a staged event. Hint: “Patriot’s Day’.

Patriot’s Day, historically on April 19th, also magically coincides with the Branch Davidian compound slaughter at Waco, Texas, and the Oklahoma City bombing (both are arguably federal government cover-ups), so it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Eric Holder and the Department of Justice will be running point on all the talking points related to this crime scene, perhaps claiming that this week was some sort of ‘rallying cry’ for a radical right-wing anti-government group, or more likely – a lone gunman.

Today is also ‘Tax Day’, when federal income tax returns are due to be filed.

Looks like a perfectly scripted slam dunk for the DOJ, no?

Expect to see more of this man on CNN, MSNBC and other networks as a result of the Boston Bombing.

The overseas terrorist narrative was hinted at initially, with Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston Division stating:”We will go to the ends of the Earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime — and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice,” but it does not appear obvious from the onset thatal Qaeda’ will be used as the principle actor for this terror event – as we would’ve already had reports of Korans, Arabs driving vans and Arab driving licenses found at the scene of the explosions, and an obscure Arabic website hosted from a proxy server out of India taking credit for the attack.

You can also probably rule out both North Korea, or Iran as Washington culprits. Nor will the DOJ be inquiring whether or not this event was in any way a ‘inside job’. They will most likely, in lock step with the White House, instead be focusing 100% on the new heightened threat of ‘domestic terrorists’ in the United States.

Also, look out for this talking point in the coming days: “the culprits may be domestic terrorists as Americans who have converted to Islam”.

Also expect that anyone questioning the official government story of this incident will be accused of being ‘insensitive’, ‘un-American’, and of course, a wild ‘conspiracy theorist’. This very debate on CNN, MSNBC and other major outlets will at some point be pushing the issue of shutting down internet or social media commentators who are calling this ‘an inside job’.

We strongly believe that in the aftermath of this event, only one explanation, and only one narrative will be accepted in public discourse regarding the Boston Bombing, and this will be the official one. Expect the corporate media and the federal government to come down hard on any objections this time – an assertion which is based on the build-up to discrediting the alternative media after the Sandy Hook event.

Watch to see if the complete cycle of this latest horror drama has actually been calculated from start to finish…

So… it’s time again to ramp-up US domestic security and surveillance, give up more of your rights, and don’t even think about touching the budgets of the DHS, TSA or the US military.

As the author rightly says below – it’s not a crime to ask questions… 

Greg Fernandez Jr
We R Change TV

Terror Drill layout

(…) NBC News counter-terrorism analyst Micheal Leiter believes authorities will respond as if this is a terror attack.

Time and Date.com describes the background behind Patriot’s Day:

Prior to 1775, the area that is now the eastern part of the United States mainly consisted of British colonies controlled by the United Kingdom. The American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, was a major step in the independence of the United States. The first battles in this war were fought in the areas of Lexington and Concord, near Boston, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775.

For this reason, the third Monday in April is symbolic for the emerging independence of the new country.

Paul Revere is among the patriots who are remembered on Patriot’s Day. The American silversmith is known for spreading the word of the Boston Tea Party to New York and Philadelphia, and for warning the Lexington Minutemen about the British invasion in 1775. The story of his “midnight” ride to Lexington to discuss action plans against the British has been poeticized.

An act to amend the Tennessee code regarding Patriot’s Day took effect in 2008. The state’s code now officially includes the holiday and mentions that its governor proclaims April 19 of each year as Patriot’s Day. This day is still not a public holiday in Tennessee. Patriots’ Day is also known as Patriot’s Day and Patriots Day.patriots day in Boston. There was also a Boston Red Sox game nearby. There were at least 3 explosives found near the Boston Marathon finish line.

At 4:48 pm (EDT) Police were looking for a yellow Penske truck, according to the Boston Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed.

I also heard reports of several suspicious packages, as well as a “suspicious person” who was denied entrance into the Boston Marathon five minutes before the event began. The man is described as a black male, dressed in black with a black backpack. After he was denied entrance he put on his black hood and walked off with an I-Pod or a similar device.

More reports came in about the Penske truck, and officers were advised to use caution if they found the truck. There is a report of a hit-and-run around 5:13 pm (EDT), but no connection is made to the bombing. Two more reports of suspicious packages are mentioned later on, and there are reports of a suspicious black backpack in a nearby CVS Pharmacy. Another camouflage backpack is left at an “ER”.
At 5:22 pm (EDT) someone asks if there’s an update on the Penske truck. “Be advised. We got a truck stopped in the middle of the common. We’re taking people out of it. We’re trying to check with them. Anything further on that Penske truck?”

“Negative,” dispatch replies. “Nothing further. Is this a Penske truck?”

Someone else comes on the line and asks about the location of the officer at the Boston Common. Another voice confirms the location, adding the officer is on the Charles Street side. We then hear that someone is in-route to the Boston Common on south Charles Street; presumably near Boylston Street.

Now I cannot be sure if the following truck mentioned is the same truck on the south-side of Charles Street, but here’s what is said. “That truck has been cleared by a bomb dog. Apparently it’s a delivery van or a pick-up van, uh, just mysteriously appeared. it has been secured. it is clean.” Watch the video and note the tone in the officer’s voice.


Soon after that, we hear a request for an ambulance needed at the Boston Common. “…can we have an ambulance… into the common. Possible heart attack.” Dispatch informs the officer an ambulance is already on its way.


There are many reports of suspicious packages throughout the day on the Boston Police, Fire, EMS live audio feed. Eventually it is believed that the suspect may be posing as a victim in a hospital. The young male suspect allegedly had a student-visa. I did catch one mention of a suspect detained on the live feed, but a lot of what’s being said is radio-lingo, so it would be nice to have some insight on the video below; I set my camera up to catch the live audio feed. Perhaps there’s something I missed. Check it out for yourself.


The Boston Globe tweeted police will have controlled explosion on the 600 block of Boylston Street.” This is after the first two explosions, when the police apparently detonated an explosive device they found nearby. There appear to be many explosive devices and suspicious packages found throughout the day in Boston.

DRILL DOGS: Police had multiple teams out at start and finish as part of a multiple agency “drill” on the day.

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Alastair Stevenson noticed something suspicious before the marathon that day. He told AL.com:

“At the starting line this morning, they had bomb sniffing dogs and the bomb squad out there,” he said. “They kept announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were running a training exercise.” He added, “I’ve run a lot of races like this one, but I never saw bomb dogs at the starting line of any running event. It led me to believe that something like (a bomb detonation) might have happened.”

Big P Zone has more on the alleged ‘training exercise’ issue.

BigPZone.com reported “Boston marathon runner Alastair Stevenson says that as the explosions erupted at the Boston Marathon this morning, he was told by police over the loud speaker that the events were ‘just a drill’”…

Read more at We Are Change TV

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