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TSA Officer Shot and Killed, 3 Wounded in ‘AR-15’ Shooting at LAX Airport

21st Century Wire says…

UPDATE: One TSA officer has been shot and killed, and three others wounded, with a total of 7 injured, this morning at Los Angeles International Airport.

LAX-ShooterAccording to reports from ABC local affiliate WGGB, it is believed that one 23 year old male shooter was involved at 9:30am this morning, and has been ‘neutralized’ already by law enforcement, apparently shot in the face during a confrontation with police.

ABC also stated already that the suspect used an ‘AR-15 rifle’, which they described as “a heavy weapon, a deadly weapon”.

Witnesses said that shots were fired at a security checkpoint in Terminal 3, but then spilled out into a car parking area outside.

ATF, FBI, Fire department are all on site, and the LAPD is still on full tactical alert.

Ground stop has been ordered nationwide and internationally for all inbound flights to LAX, and no planes are leaving until area secured.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue