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Lavrov: ‘Holocaust Doesn’t Give Israel Impunity’

RT International | Russian FM: Soviet people were also subject to Nazi genocide, but Russia doesn’t have carte blanche in the global arena.

Lavrov Holds Briefing on Ukraine and BRICS

21WIRE | Moscow lays out its positions on all major issue surrounding the Ukraine war, and developments concerning the BRICS alliance.

Lavrov: US Should Think Twice Before Contemplating ‘Decapitating Strike’ Against Moscow

RT International | Pentagon officials are now inferring that the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a bona fide option for US.

Serbia Blames Western ‘Hysteria’ for Failed Lavrov Visit

21WIRE | The US couldn’t do anything to Russia, so they are punishing Serbia instead.

Lavrov: ‘Ukraine Invasion Means the End of US Dominance’

Moscow Times | Has this geopolitical event signaled the end of the old world order? 

Donbass Fallout: Lavrov Responds to New Sanctions and West’s ‘Blame Game’

21WIRE | Lavrov answers his critics over Moscow’s dramatic Donbass move.

Lavrov: West Using Pandemic to Pressure Governments It Dislikes

21WIRE | Rather than work together, Western powers are pursuing illegitimate methods of blackmail and pressure.

New US Sec State Tillerson Describes First Meeting with Russia’s Lavrov as “Productive”

21WIRE + RT | Lavrov: “You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries.”

Lavrov on ‘Insignificant’ US Airstrikes: ‘Maybe their stated goal is not entirely sincere?’

21WIRE | Russia has a lot of questions, and even a warning, for the US after their actions in Syria.

Obama uses NLP to cloud minds and avoid diplomacy with Iran over its nonexistent nukes

Patrick Henningsen | US-led diplomacy on Iran is based on deception, and has little to do with nuclear weapons.

Lavrov: Russia finalizing weapons contracts to Syria, no new deals planned

21st Century Wire | Russia asserts its right under international law to conduct deals with Syria.

As Britain and France Beg EU to Ship Arms, Their Proxy Rebels Establish Sharia Law in Parts of Syria

Patrick Henningsen | US and British-backed jihadists already have established their “Sharia Committee for the Eastern Region” in Syria.

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