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Obama uses NLP to cloud minds and avoid diplomacy with Iran over its nonexistent nukes

Patrick-Henningsen-photoPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

It’s no surprise that this latest announcement hardly registered on the US media who were busy covering Obama’s latest flip-flop on Syria, and the US royal family’s visit to Ireland. It’s deception on a grand scale this time, and here’s how it’s done…

For the second time in as many years, Iran has once again made the right moves towards proving to the world that it is not, and will not be pursuing a nuclear weapons program. This time it announced it’s halting its 20% enriched uranium, and has a solid partner in Russia to help make this happen. As one would expect, the US-led axis bloc has completely ignored this important development, opting instead to soldier forward on a predictable war path which the bellicose Israeli lobby running the US Congress and Senate has been campaigning for all these years.

When lawyers become Presidents

You can see why Obama was the candidate of choice for the Democratic Neoliberal machine in the US. As a lawyer-cum-salesman, he is a master in NLP, and casting verbal smokescreens – very generous with words, but very stingy when it comes to conclusions. White House spin doctors and focus group pollsters have already established that Obama’s core supporters don’t actually listen to the content of his speeches, most will suspend critical thought in favour of the joy they receive by simply hearing the sound of his voice. This allows the President to deliver a style, featuring a well-rehearsed cadence, rather than any specific meaning.  By the time you finish listening to one of his long-winded conversations, it’s hard to actually recall what’s actually been said. Another aspect of this technique is to stretch out the answers to questions, before eventually contradicting one’s self, leaving the average TV viewer in an induced state of intellectual paralysis.

During the President’s recently staged interview with the CFR, Trialteral Commission and Bilderberg’s own embedded ‘journalist’, Charlie Rose, Obama was asked directly whether or not he thought that Iranian voters choice of moderate President-elect Hassan Rowhani, was significant and could this a be positive development in terms of US diplomacy with Iran. In typical Obama style, he gave a verbose, highly vague, nonspecific answer, followed by:

“Our bottom lines have been: show the international community that you are abiding by international treaties and obligations – that you are not developing a nuclear weapon, based on that, there are a whole range of measure that can be taken to normalise relations between Iran and the whole world, but we don’t know yet if they are going to take up that offer, they have not been during my entire my first term when we showed ourselves open to these discussions.”

“My general view is we are open to discussions, both through the P5+1, and through potential bilateral channels, and we recognise that you’re not going solve problems all up front as a pre-condition for talks, but  There has to be a serious recognition that the sanctions we put in place against Iran – the most power economic sanctions  that have ever been applied against Iran, that those will not be lifted in the absence of significant steps in showing the international community that Iran is not pursuing a  nuclear weapon. As long as there is an understanding about the basis of the conversation, then I think there is no reason why we should not proceed… ”

Incredible. The ambiguity in Obama’s answers and the classic NLP ‘anchoring’ techniques used throughout the interview are not accidental, they’re intentional. Constant fuzziness and communicative misdirection. This has become the hallmark of nearly every Obama public statement. Unfortunately for Americans, Iranians and the rest of the peace-loving world, this is what we are stuck with as a President in America for now.

Obama is a microphone for K Street

Not surprisingly, the White House has completely ignored the significant announcement that  Iran has confirmed it will halt its enrichment of 20-percent uranium, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov still urging the West to end their sanctions against Tehran. Still, no answer from the west. Maybe Obama’s speech writers need a few weeks to figure out ‘what it all means’. They should have a statement ready by the time the Obamas return from their $100 million African safari vacation.

General thinking in the neocortex of Washington, which takes place within the CFR,  neoconservative think tanks and on the kosher end of K Street, is that Iranian claims  are all lies, made up as part of Iran’s campaign of international propaganda designed to conceal its evil plans to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Sounds like a comic book plot, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

So we have lawyers making deals with lobbyists. This is how they don’t want you to see the Iranian narrative…

The brains of Washington might pretend to not fully understand the idiosyncracies underpinning the fact that Iran’s having nuclear reprocessing capabilities does not automatically imply a nuclear weapons program, but of course, you should know by now that the facts of this matter are of little concern to them. They are merely shilling for an international energy and financial cartel who seek total dominance in their sectors.

The International Nuclear Mafia

The other huge issue in all of this that might be too deep, and too complex for the brains of Washington and its media surrogates to get their heads around, is the international nuclear energy lobby, a powerful cartel, who is more or less dictating Anglo-Franco-American foreign policy regarding anything to do with the nuclear industry.

After being burnt in business trying to deal with countries like France
in the past, Iran is seeking total energy and technological independence.

The timing of Iran being declared as “Axis of Evil” amazing coincided with their movement forward in breaking the international nuclear monopoly stronghold currently being held between the US, Great Britain and France. The nuclear industry operates like a global cartel with three main players who divide the trade amongst themselves exclusively. Production material is handled by France. Production systems are handled by the United States. Reprocessing is done by the British. There are some minor exceptions to these, but overall, that’s how it has worked over the years.

PHOTO: For Tehran, a nuclear program is a matter of national pride.

On the oil and gas front, here another reason why Iran are persona non grata: the US agenda remains to somehow force Iran to accept a private central bank and sell all of their oil only for US dollars. Again, it’s an issues of operating outside of the monopoly.

Anglo-Franco-American dominance over the UN and the IAEA also mean that these agencies can be manipulated in order to frame the conversation only in terms of the threat of nuclear weapons in the future, and completely divorced from the real economic battles taking place. In addition, the UN has a built-in blind spot for Israel who is somehow exempt from any jurisdiction regarding nuclear weapons.

Of course, you have never heard the White House answer a question on any of that, nor will you ever hear Charlie Rose ask those questions, and you probably never will.

US ‘diplomacy’ based on public deception

President Obama and his advisers are well aware that Iran is not on track to produce any nuclear weapons, so Obama’s line that he understands that ‘you’re not going solve problems all up front as a pre-condition for talks’ is disingenuous at best, and a cynical lie targeting American voters at its worst. Washington is afraid of diplomatic talks with Iran because it would force the west to voice their true demands in public which appears to be something along the lines of, “Shut down your nuclear power program first, and then we can begin talking.”

The reality, of course, is that the Anglo-American foreign policy on Iran has never been and will never feature (under the current rulings powers anyway) any real political diplomacy, or “bilateral discussions” as Obama refers to them. Obama’s intentionally ambiguous comments should reiterate this obvious fact. Rather, the policy is, was, and will be that of its two client state powers in the region Israel and Saudi Arabia – which is a policy of war, designed to maintain hegemony by either eliminating or severely crippling their chief economic and political rival in the region.

The US, its allies and Israel have already declared war on Iran by imposing binding economic sanctions in the absence of any actual evidence of Iran having a nuclear weapons program. Yes, you heard that right  – the war has already begun. The timing of their game in Syria is design to cripple each of Iran’s remaining allies in the region, Syria, and then Hezbollah in Lebanon – all in advance of their final push towards Iran.

It’s also worth pointing out that the loud mouth on Iran’s still nonexistent nuclear threat is Israel – a country who have refused to allow nuclear inspectors into its country and who, unlike Iran, refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, making Israel’s leading role in all of this highly suspect to say the least.

Understand when you watch this tedious interview (below), that all of Charlie Rose’s questions were vetted in advance, and those that weren’t, were given to Rose by the White House. After nearly an hour, nothing conclusive could be determined from the President of the United States. That, is this administration in a nutshell.

In short, this was nothing more than a staged a corporate interview with CEO Obama…

(The first reader who you can correctly count how many times Barack says “Uhhhh….” during this interview, could win a T-shirt. Please leave your guess in the comment section below)


What now Barack? Iran ready to halt 20% uranium enrichment, West must reciprocate

A recent report from RT

Iran has confirmed it is prepared to halt its enrichment of 20-percent uranium, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, urging Western nations to end their sanctions against Tehran.

“For the first time in many years, there are encouraging signs in the process of settlement of the situation with the Iranian nuclear program,” he said in the interview to Kuwait’s KUNA news agency, that was published on  Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.

“Without going into details, the Iranians confirm the most important [point]: Their readiness to stop 20 percent uranium enrichment at its current levels,” Lavrov said.“This could become a breakthrough agreement, significantly alleviating existing problems, including concerns about the possibility of advanced uranium enrichment to a weapons-grade level.”

Such a move “implies significant reciprocal steps by the Six,” the minister added, referring to the group of world powers seeking to peacefully resolve the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

“The international community must adequately respond to the constructive progress made by Iran, including gradual suspension and lifting of sanctions, both unilateral and those introduced by the UN Security Council. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity,” Lavrov concluded.

News of Iran’s possible concessions over its nuclear program comports with promises made by Iranian President-elect Hassan Rowhani, who vowed to make the program more transparent.

Still, the moderate cleric stressed on Monday that Tehran would not consider halting the country’s uranium enrichment activities entirely. Rowhani insisted that Iran’s nuclear activities are“within the framework of law,” and dubbed the international sanctions “baseless.”

Despite numerous accusations by Israel and the US that it is secretly conducting military nuclear research, Iran has maintained that its nuclear program is only for civilian purposes.

At his first media conference since winning the presidential elections, Rowhani – who previously headed Iran’s delegation during  nuclear talks with the six world powers – said that Tehran’s nuclear activities “are already transparent,” but “the only way to end the sanctions is to increase the transparency and trust” between Iran and the international community.

Washington has been expecting changes in Iran’s hardline stance on the nuclear issue following the country’s presidential elections. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said Sunday on ‘Face the Nation’ that Washington is ready to work with the new administration in Tehran, “If he lives up to his obligations under the UN Security Council resolution to come clean on this illicit nuclear program.”

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained unconvinced: “The international community must not become caught up in wishes and be tempted to relax the pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear program,” he said.

President-elect Rowhani will assume office in August. He believes that he can heal the “old wound” of troubled US-Iran relations if Washington stops interfering in Tehran’s internal affairs and permanently ends its “bullying” practices towards Iran.

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