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Breaking: Dorner Mountain Gun Battle With Authorities, Two Deputies Wounded


Christopher Dorner was trying to steal a vehicle in the Big Bear area according to reports when he was engaged in a gun battle with federal officials and local deputies.  

Police have not confirmed which federal officials engaged the shooter or whether it is in fact Dorner.   The San Bernadino confirms they are chasing a 4 wheel drive truck in the area according to CNN.   The gun battle is on-going according to CNN at 1:49 p.m. Pacific time.   Two officers have been shot according to reports.  The suspect, believed to be Dorner,  is reportedly “pinned down in the area”  Schools in the area are in lock down.    A massive manhunt is underway.   The Big Bear Lake City Mayor Jay Obernolte confirms two deputies have been wounded and he believes the activity is now taking place in a rural area.   A San Bernadino SWAT bunker buster team is surrounding a cabin where Dorner is believed to be hiding,  they are uncertain  if there is a hostage at the cabin.   The situation is on-going as of 2:40 p.m.  Pacific time.   

The activity is taking place on Seven Oaks Road.  Shots are reportedly still being exchanged between the syspect and law officers.  News helicopters have been asked to withdraw from the area.  The FAA has implemented a temporary flight restriction in the area.    

See video reports here:



By Andrew Blankstein  

The rogue ex-cop was engaged in a shootout with federal authorities in the Big Bear area, a law enforcement source told The Times

According to KABC 7 Los Angeles, “the reward for information leading to an arrest is growing. Last weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department made history by announcing its biggest reward ever — $1 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the former LAPD officer and Navy serviceman.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a motion to add $100,000 to the reward. The County Board of Supervisors and the Riverside City Council are also considering an additional $100,000 each, and the Riverside County supervisors are also hoping to add another $100,000, which would bring the total to an unprecedented $1.4 million. That’s the largest bounty in Southern California’s history.” 

Big Bear Lake area of the gun battle

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