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Gerald Celente: Top 10 Trends for 2017

Gerald Celente | What to look out for going forward in the new year…

Celente: ‘Netanyahu Has Gone NUTS Over the Iran Deal’

21WIRE + Gerald Celente | It wouldn’t be the first time he’s gone nuts either.

The ‘Let’s Hate Russia’ Propaganda Campaign

21WIRE + Gerald Celente | This ‘propaganda campaign’ is getting completely out of control.

Gerald Celente: ‘America Is Turning Into a Fascist State’

Rense Radio Network | The nation is falling over the edge.

Gerald Celente’s Trends in the News: ‘Philip Hammond: UK W*****’

21WIRE + Gerald Celente | Gerald breaks down the hypocrisy of Britain’s Foreign Minister Hammond, along with other important headlines and trends in the news.

Celente Solution: The 21st Century ‘Global Game Changer’

Gerald Celente Infowars.com Aug 3, 2011 KINGSTON, NY -After reading the newly-released SummerTrends Journal, no responsible journalist will be able, in good conscience, to paint Gerald Celente again as a purveyor of “Pessimism Porn,” a “gloom and doomer,” or an “alarmist.” Celente will continue to make clear that “Happy Days” will not soon be here […]

MIDTERM WARNING: We Are Being Set-up for Another Fake War

21WIRE | Hillary Clinton: the USA’s new War Secretary.

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