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No Sweets, Just Drones: Happy Halloween from 21WIRE

Washington’s Crypt | This Halloween, we’re all out of candy, instead let’s dust-off some of the scariest bureaucratic monsters and psychopathic NWO operators…

Interview: Ralph Nader on Trump, Sanders and Clinton

We Are Change | In case you missed it, a very insightful interview by the former presidential candidate.

Bush & Blair’s Iraq War Dealings Exposed By Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Stuart J. Hooper | Hillary Clinton’s reputation with political elites behind the scenes just took a huge hit.

Despite CNN Propaganda, Post-Debate Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Crushing Hillary, 75% to 18%

21WIRE + ACR | If Big Media is allowed to continue operating like CNN is, then Democracy in America is in big trouble.

ACR BOILER ROOM’s Democratic Debate Extravaganza & Panel Analysis

Alternate Current Radio | BR special for tonight’s Democratic Debate in Sin City, Las Vegas!

White House Tries to Bring Iran Deal Down to Ghetto Level

21WIRE + RT | News levels of sophomoric idiocy on display from the White House.

Hillary Clinton Now Under Criminal Investigation by FBI and Department of Justice

McClatchy Newspapers | Clinton and her right-hand woman Huma Abedin are now under investigation.

Why President Hillary Clinton WOULD Go To War With Iran

21WIRE + The Guardian | How much different would America be under President Hillary Clinton?

Little St. James: Bill Clinton and Epstein’s Exotic Operation

21WIRE + RT | So what was Slick Willy up to on Epstein’s private pleasure island?

Top 5 Points From Hillary Clinton’s Email Speech Proving You CANNOT Trust Her

SPECIAL FEATURE | How can someone attempting to subvert accountability be allowed the powers of the presidency?

Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email Accounts Raises Issues of Transparency

The Switch | The big question: Was it done to avoid accountability?

Mile Sly Club: Clinton, Dershowitz and The Prince on Billionaire’s Pedophile Sex Jet

21WIRE + Gawker | The sex scandal itself is only the tip of a much larger iceberg.

Why Martin Scorsese Has Bailed On His Bill Clinton Documentary Film

21WIRE + PJ Media | Something has spooked Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese.

ARMS TO AL-QAEDA: U.S. Generals Admit Washington Has Backed Islamic Militants in Syria

21WIRE + Dr Jerome Corsi | In 2011, Obama and Hillary Clinton “changed sides in the war on terror” by delivering weapons to al-Qaeda terrorists.

Haiti’s Humanitarian Rape: Five Years After Earthquake – Reconstruction Fraud, Military Occupation

Global Research | For the Davos ‘Do-Gooders’, Haiti’s earthquake was an opportunity for “business”, fronted by the Clintons and Bushes.

SICK BAG PLEASE: “Stand with Hillary” Country Song Review

Truthstream Media | Out of sheer compassion for our readers we’re not posting the full video here.

Clinton Gravy Train: Hillary Holds America to Ransom on Paid Junket Tour

21WIRE + WP | What introspective lessons can Hillary teach us from her gilded pulpit?

Episode #59 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Endangered Leader’ with host Basil Valentine, guests Vanessa Beeley, Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY WIRE | Where are the great men and women, the visionaries, real statesmen and the philosopher kings?

CIRCUS CIRCUS: US Senate Flips to Elephants, Jackasses Yield in Midterms

Peter Sterry | 2014 Midterm Results: Both parties pretending to occupy the middle, yet still smoking the same brand of cigarettes.

The Syrian Lie: What Happens When Liberals Go to War

21WIRE + Counterpunch | Syrian President Bashar al-Assad being blanked by a failing US Coalition claiming to fight ISIS.