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Biden Running ‘Worse Than Hillary’ Campaign in Key Swing State of Michigan

Joe Biden and the Michigan Flag

Joe Biden’s run for the U.S. presidency in 2020 has largely been the story of a major party candidate essentially ‘campaigning from his basement’ with an almost ‘holographic’ type of existence. We know Joe’s there, we see him in the digital realm from time to time, but we just can’t seem to find him anywhere on the actual campaign trail for very long. And that goes especially for the key swing state of Michigan – where he’s running virtually invisible.

Now, just weeks before the election, Michiganders are deciding who to pick for president this time around. President Trump took the state by just 10,000 votes in 2016 in an upset victory over presumptive favorite Hillary Clinton.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has always been a vocal critic of Trump and issued a similar warning to Democrats in 2016.
Michael Moore issued a warning to Democrats in 2016 about then candidate Donald Trump.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, a longtime liberal activist and anti-Trump agitator, has sounded the alarm once again in an election year. By all indications, Democrats seem content on sticking to their old 2016 playbook in key swing states like Michigan. Moore says it’s even worse than you think, and he’s not having any of it.

Appearing on The Hill TV’s “Rising” news program, Moore warned that Biden and Democrat field operations are lacking in Michigan and that Trump has already closed the gap significantly in recent polling, adding:

“It’s actually worse than Hillary. At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up.”

Moore criticized the Biden campaign for only talking to “White Michigan” and ignoring black voters. He also slammed the campaign for ’embracing’ a recent endorsement by former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder – a key figure at the center of the Flint water crisis cover-up.

Watch as Moore gives his ‘dire warning’ to Democrats and the Biden campaign:

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