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Carlson: ‘Here’s Why the Democrats Are Taking Us to War With Russia’

Never before in the history of the United States, has the federal government given away so much cash in such a short space of time – to fight an overseas proxy war. This week, President Joe Biden asked the Democrat-controlled Congress for a further $33 billion handout to a faltering Zelensky regime, supposedly ‘to help bolster Ukraine’s fight against Russia.’ The only problem is: Kiev is losing the war, and losing badly. Most sane experts now agree that no amount of US taxpayer cash or weapons shipments is going to alter the outcome of this war.

Still, the virtue-signaling about how “America is in it for the long-haul” shows no signs of receding.

According to reports, the US aid package contains roughly $20 billion in defense spending for Ukraine and for ‘US allies in the region’, along with an estimated $8.5 billion payout to President Zelensky’s government – allegedly for ‘providing services and paying salaries.’ The reality is that there is no way to audit such vast amounts of cash in a country like Ukraine which is widely regarded as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Incredibly, this latest bloated aid package is estimated to run out in just five months, despite the fact it is more than twice the size of the initial $13.6 billion aid tranche given by Congress enacted early last month, which has already been drained by Zelensky and his inner circle.

Many are now asking why the Democrats, and their Neocon partners, so determined to fight Russia “down to the last Ukrainian”? Fox News host Tucker Carlson explains the real motivation behind the Biden administration’s determination to escalate the Russia-Ukraine conflict – a failing war with no end in sight. Watch: 

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