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Footage of Killer ‘Machete Terrorist’ Attack in Woolwich, East London

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21st Century Wire says…

Another day, another horrific public attack, this one made for TV…

Details are still speculative at this stage as to who was the victim and exactly who were the assailants reported to have been shot dead by the police, but the event has already been defined across the national/world media as two “muslim anti-government” attackers killing an “off duty British soldier”.

Oddly, media reports say that the men were shot dead, while Police statement says that the men are being treated for their injuries at separate hospitals. Which is it? If they are dead, then sadly, police will not be able to question the men believed to have killed the victim so as to learn more about what actually happened – and why.

Common sense should dictate that this should not be classed as a “national security” event, as it appears to be only a violent crime – but it’s one of the strangest ones ever, spun with an Islamic twist, and where the perps (breathtakingly) are demanding to be filmed and then hang around for police to arrive? Something does not add up.

Whether this is either a real or staged event, rather than be seen as an isolated incident, this incident will – without a doubt, be defined as a ‘disturbing trend’ with the interim details being filled in by the tabloid press, and will be used to bolster any existing domestic security provisions and strengthen police powers of pre-emptive detainment and arrest under national security clauses. The danger is that it will be used to introduce an entirely new set of state powers to be dropped on top of an already bloated security state in Britain.

Video #1 (ITN):

Video #2 – News footage…

Now bear in mind also that this could be viewed as the most staged media-friendly attack ever, it’s almost humorous that the attacker appears to have red paint on his hands – but amazingly no blood at all on his clothing, nor is there any blood around the victim – so skeptics will say that’s actually impossible. Decide for yourself…

Video #3:

And here’s the same man ranting, but with no blood on his hands, is this “take one”? Why has the video released by ITN, the Guardian and others have red hands? Very odd, it’s either a different take, or whoever handled the video for the UK media has later added the red hands for effect – NOTE: These two videos (#1 and #4) were shot from two different cameras, and it appears that one of these videos has been altered…

Video #4:

If the assailants had run over the man first with their vehicle before setting upon him it’s doubtful at best that they would have known he was an off duty soldier – which would make the event a coincidence according to the parameters laid out in the official story. So the premeditated political targeting of a soldier as a talking point does not add at all. No one has actually confirmed that the victim was actually “decapitated” as the corporate media suggest. And the ‘machetes’ look to be merely household kitchen knives in reality…

In fact, beyond the random spectacle narrative, very little about this event adds up at all.

Here’s a question to be answered: Was the assailant at any time working as an MI5 informant?

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  • websuspect

    They said Ala Hu HACK bar?

    Could this be a staged media event to generate sympathy for attacking islam or attacking islamic states like syria or Iran? Are we witnessing another syrian girl Al quida beheading video? What is it?

  • Belinda Cunnison

    picked this up on Twitter, same man ranting without the blood https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vc62gkSN8W0

    • websuspect

      Yes the ITN video Puppet Sock Watson reported on this after 21st century wire scooped the article. We are already suspicious about these videos and I will be doing a follow up report about what is really going on. 21st century wire is trying to be unbiased on this report and let the readers judge for themselves. My follow up article lets people think for themselves but also posts serious questions pointing to the “bloood on the hands” being photo shoped or not part of hermatical magic to divert attention away from other things going on in the video! Will 21st century wire report? They are invited!

  • jd

    “Sadly, police will not be able to question the men believed to have
    killed the victim so as to learn more about what actually happened – and why.”

    Sadly, your website is a joke because the two alleged assailants are alive.

    • Junis

      If they are alive, then why did the mainstream media initially report that they were dead? It is you and the mainstream media who are a joke.

  • sdefyg

    ph, you fucked up at infowars massively, now you continue to drag your name through the shit stream of consumer driven conspiratainment, stop feeding the crazies what they are craving, its like a parasite feeding the host what it unconsciously thinks it needs but its is actually the very thing that will destroy it, when you wake up to your riddiculousness, please slap lou collins

    • websuspect

      What did he do?! Post it. The carnival Shill Ajax Loans and the disinfo news network did HIm a favor. Now I will give you what you and ajax loans and puppet sock watson so desperately want!

      The Bottom line is you guys hate PH because he is not part of the Carnival Shill Circuis at the Ajax Loans Disinfo news carnival CULT. And that makes him friendly to real truthers. Get ready here it comes!

      • websuspect

        PS I am running a playbook by PH on your carnival shill circus activities. You will not like it.

  • Bernd

    Well, I certainly do not agree what happened, but you should see the complete interview with the man here

    And than ask yourself why mass media don’t show this!!!

    • websuspect

      This video here is spliced and reveals part of the footage assumed removed footage. Which by the last comments we already suspected. Which one is this 1, 2 or 3 with the sides spliced very bizarrely. WHY? And that he ads the message your governments dont care about you which we saw. “remove your governments?” Is this provacatuering or a controlled Psyop. HEY COME ON MI5 SHOW US THE WHOLE THING CONFESS PYSOP? SHOW US THE PREFOOTAGE AND EVERYTHING. AND GET RID OF THESE SHILLS DO YOUR JOB LEAVE US ALONE WITH YOUR RIDICULOUS OPS.