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Delving deeper into the world of America's unexpected chief executive who, for better or worse, is actively reshaping US and international political conventions...


Giuliani Revealed Evidence in Election Fraud Cases in Michigan and Pennsylvania

21WIRE | Evidence continues to grow regarding illegal election fraud in multiple states.

Iowa: Republican House Candidate Moves Ahead After Ballot Audit Uncovers ‘Error’

Townhall | Evidence of election fraud continues to mount all over the country.

Introducing The Biden-Harris Paid-For Online Troll Farm

Patrick Henningsen | Taking online trolling and bot farms to a whole new level this election cycle.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Presents Evidence of Election Fraud

21WIRE | White House vows to fight on with contesting the 2020 election result in states where fraud has been detected.

INTERVIEW: Mark Crispin Miller on US Election Theft

21WIRE | Can this controversy be resolved, or will it be consigned to the dustbin of political scandals?

Mike Pompeo Tells Reporters ‘President Trump Will Have a Second Term’

21WIRE | Reporters taken aback by Secretary of State’s comments on the ‘peaceful transition of power.’

Graham: FBI Knew Hillary Clinton Invented the ‘Russia Hacking’ Narrative in Sept 2016

21WIRE | More evidence that the entire Russiagate narrative was pure fiction invented by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration.

Tucker: ‘Let’s Repeal Our National Dishonesty Mandate’

21WIRE | DOJ now pursuing ‘substantial allegations’ of voter irregularities, while the MSM are declaring Biden as their new Commander ‘n Chief.

National Poll: Half of Americans Think Biden is Illegitimate, One Third Say Trump Won

21WIRE | These numbers should send shockwaves through the DNC and the Biden-Harris camp.

Trump’s Legal Battle: Constitutional vs the Political Arguments Explained

21WIRE | Can the mainstream media really ‘call’ the winner of US elections?

Victor Davis Hanson on US Election and Current State of the Union

John Anderson Show | In America, the ultimate winners and losers of the election are yet to be decided.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rejects Biden Call for ‘Unity’

21WIRE | The corporate mainstream media are clearly scorned.

Henningsen on Dr Scott Altas and the RT Controversy

Patrick Henningsen | Altas’s policy recommendations are gaining traction and may soon be in the ascendancy.

#ElectionEdge 6: America Heads to Polls, Last Minute Tips & Trends

Patrick Henningsen | So many different agendas in play now, how will this contest play out?

#ElectionEdge 5: ‘Why Trump is Defying the Pollsters’, guest Robert Barnes

Patrick Henningsen | Why the usual experts just can’t be trusted.

#ElectionEdge 4: SCOTUS Late Ballot Lawfare, guest George Szamuely

Patrick Henningsen | We’re now just fours days out from the big day, and it’s getting weirder still.

INTERVIEW: George Szamuely on This Most Unusual 2020 US Election

21WIRE | Where does this race rate among previous elections?

GOLD GOATS ‘N GUNS Podcast: Tom Luongo & guest Patrick Henningsen

GOLD, GOATS ‘N GUNS | US Election is certainly wild, but what about Brexit?

#ElectionEdge 3: The Plan for Post-Election Chaos, Trump vs Biden Optics

Patrick Henningsen | Learn how the Democrats, MSM and Silicon Valley plan to hold-up the 2020 election result.

#ElectionEdge 2: These Key Swings States Now Moving to Trump

Patrick Henningsen | We’re now one week out – and things are beginning to get interesting.