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US Police Dept Uses ‘Pokémon Go’ to Lure Fugitives to Police Station

21st Century Wire says…

Another harbinger of the end of civilization as we once knew it. If you are considering downloading this app and getting into this new apocalyptic pastime, we urge you to stop and check yourself.

Mindless lemmings chasing after digital illusions. This is the true dystopia…

The Guardian/ AP

Police in New Hampshire’s largest city are using Pokémon Go in an attempt to lure fugitives into their clutches.

A post on the Manchester police department Facebook page announced that officers recently detected one of the more rare Pokemon characters – a Charizard – in the booking area of police headquarters.

The post invited those whose names appeared on a list linked to the post to be “one of the lucky ones” to come and capture the creature. The list included the names of the more than 500 fugitives on the department’s wanted persons roundup.

Appearances of rare Pokémon characters have drawn huge crowds in cities around the globe. This week, the appearance of a super-rare Vaporeon in New York City caused players to swarm to Central Park.

The crazed scene was captured on video and posted to Twitter on Friday, causing one appalled used to write: “I honestly am wondering if we’re on the verge of a global breakdown.”

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