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Was This Man Murdered For Exposing a London Paedophile Ring?

Sky News | They used the basement of gov’t housing headquarters so that “assaults could be performed without fear of interruption by other staff.”

Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite Paedophile ‘Ring of Silence’

21WIRE + Telegraph | David Cameron’s child abuse adviser, says people with the ‘same out-of-touch sense of entitlement’ protected each other

COVER-UP: Female British MP Abused Boy in Care Home

21WIRE + Express Newspapers | “They had obviously been made aware of the high-profile names and the sensitive information I had given police.”

Racism and Zionism Rule the BBC’s Failing News Agenda

21st Century Wire | The BBC has only excelled in covering up crimes and pushing extremist views on the license paying public.

Shameless: Blair appointee Margaret Hodge Covered For Pedophiles in Her District

David Icke | A disgusting and reprehensible event, still sanctioned by the British establishment.

Facebook and Instagram’s New Ad Policy Change ‘Could Compromise Privacy for Teens’

21WIRE + WP | Facebook “sees teens as a digital goldmine.”

Gatekeepers Attempt to Erase Paedophilia: BBC and Gov’t Operatives Still Hoping To Stop Hemorrhaging of Public Confidence

Nick Myra | Pressure has been building against Britain’s elite establishment.

Pedo-politician: Newsnight claims former top Tory was child sex pervert

21WIRE | Key media establishment operators were pulled in to help create an elaborate McAlpine smokescreen.

No matter how Gov’t spins it, it’s a conspiracy to cover-up paedophilia and other crimes

Patrick Henningsen | MP drops a major bombshell during Question Time, and Westminster may never be the same.


“THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS…” Indeed. And there’s no people like show people… Stay tuned to 21st Century Wire, as the Jimmy Savile thread of filth and abuse continues to unravel… Who’s next? How deep will the rabbit hole go? More revelations (and new names?) will eventually be exposed over time. People in positions of […]

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