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No matter how Gov’t spins it, it’s a conspiracy to cover-up paedophilia and other crimes

Why isn’t the government taking the bull by the horns?

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Oct 25, 2012

Yesterday, an apparently very brave MP named Tom Watson stepped up and said what every other member of Parliament in that chamber knows, but could not muster the courage to speak up about.

Watson said, ““The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.”

It’s not outlandish to say anymore that some in power are sworn to secrecy on the matter, while others are simply too afraid, or not confident enough to state it in public. It’s this very fear that almost guarantees categorical silence on the issue, even in the government.

Clearly, Tom Watson MP (photo, above) is not acting as a political elite, but is he really acting as a man of the people? Time will tell.

But David Cameron’s response to the question was shaky to say the least.

What those in positions of power fear the most, is the thought of the nation’s Sun readers, black cab drivers and other hard-working plebs, realising they’ve been had, and then refusing to participate in an officially sanctioned system of lies and constant cover-ups.

Video: Black Cabbies are at boiling point over endless paedophile cover-ups

No matter how the current government and their opposition across the table – spin this, this child abuse and paedophile disease infects not only the whole of the BBC, but also every other public institution – from government, to education, to child services, the police and even members of the judiciary. Anyone who is involved, or knows about – is part of a shameful conspiracy.

It exists mainly in state and public institutions because in those bodies, crime and fraud can be concealed indefinitely, because it’s a cyclical culture where career survival depends on everyone looking after each other’s interests – for the greater good.

Many reports and cases over the years have been suppressed and shot down in order to protect the guilty, but the evidence on the aggregate is overwhelming and coming out by the day. To deny it doesn’t exist, is to be complicit in allowing it to continue.

If the BBC and Sir Jimmy Savile taught us one thing, it’s that the shame of covering up crimes can be far worse – than the revelations themselves. It becomes a conspiracy to willfully betray the public’s trust.

Just like Jimmy Savile, former Prime Minister Ed Heath’s escapades with young victims was known by many during, and after his reign at No. 10. Other names like Peter Righton and Sir Peter Morrison have recently been featured in reports involving paedophile images and actual sex with under aged boys. Just as the BBC are desperate to draw a line under the scandal with Savile, the government will attempt to throw Heath under the bus, so as to avoid any other inquiries into others who procured under aged boys and girls on the taxpayers time, and grossly betraying the public’s trust in the process.

If anyone covered for Heath (pictured above, next to Sir Jimmy Savile OBE), then there can be no excuse, and they will be expected to step down.

Both Conservative, and Labour governments are most certainly involved in covering up for paedophiles – at best, looking the other way, and at the worst, abusing the power of their office to cover-up known crimes.

Tony Blair has already done such a cover-up – and got away with it. In a fair world, he should stand trial today. In the wake of Operation Ore, his government employed massive redactions and D-Notices to keep a lid on a long list of names in government who appeared during a joint US-UK transatlantic paedophile sweep investigation.

Blair issued a D-Notice, resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing any details of the investigation. Blair played the national security card, citing an impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice.

Criminals work best in secret. If names were known, but kept secret, then those names could be blackmailed to comply with policy. This is a more authentic application to the so-called “national security” excuse that Tony Blair gave at the time.

Blair-War-CrimesBlair and those who knew of this should have resigned on the spot – along with all his gatekeepers in the Cabinet, but that is something which one could only expect in a world where politicians serve with honour – and completely in the public interest.

We were told that the political elite at the time had more important things to worry about – like wars, defense contracts and preparing for their careers after politics.

Revelations of paedophile scandals in government are simply inconvenient, and deemed to subservient to ‘national security’ and of course, the ‘greater good’.

Today, David Cameron’s government will try to distance itself from the BBC, but anyone who works in the BBC – or in government, might tell you that Savile is only the tip of the iceberg. Their strategy is to let the BBC ‘investigate itself’, instead of pulling its license to broadcast and taking it off the air until a full and independent investigation is completed.

You can’t have a ‘public’ broadcaster who the public don’t trust.

The public should demand that the government take the bull by the horns and own the BBC scandal, because the BBC is funded with public money. But it won’t, and for obvious reasons.

The government will not close the BBC because the BBC is its main propaganda outlet.

The scale of the problem is massive, and thus the solution will also have to big massive. There are many in power, however, who are actively seeking to underplay the scale of the problem in British society, and thus will try to offer a similarly small and ineffectual solution to remedy it.

Some victimisers will have to be convicted, others will have to lose their jobs, and others may end up on the sex offenders register. Considering the sheer scale of the problem, maybe this situation should require a South Africa-style ‘truth and reconciliation commission’, one where the abusers will have to tell their stories and in some cases, face their victims in a public forum. That would be a frightening prospect for some, but how else can you cure a social disease of this magnitude?

If you understand how power to seized and held, you will discover how a phenomenon like paedophilia, child abuse, having to hide one’s sexuality at work, and politically blackmailing closet homosexuals to comply – can all be used as the glue to hold together a corrupt system.

It’s a control mechanism.

What what kind of system is it, that depends on such things? Is that the system we want?

The state seems to be very good at arresting its ‘plebs’, but not very good at arresting its own, celebrities included.

We can do something about it, or just sweep it under the rug, again. Our choice.




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