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Has the World’s Response to COVID-19 Been All Wrong?

The Agenda | Should governments reconsider their initial emergency responses and move reopen the schools, businesses and relax social distancing?

If Governments Were Really ‘Guided by the Science’ – Then Lockdowns Should End

John Miltimore | It’s not too late to learn from this mistake. The first step is to admit that the skeptics were right.

New Study Show Wearing Face Masks May Not Prevent Spread of COVID-19

21WIRE | Are masks really that effective in stopping the spread of respiratory diseases?

Illinois Mayor Calls Governor’s Covid Restrictions ‘Weird Science’

21WIRE | It’s a web of confusing mandates, designed to control, and based on little to no science.

Results are Clear: Costs of UK Lockdown Are Too High

21WIRE | Will government repeat this same mistake again?

Lockdown Victim: 24 Hour Fitness Files for Bankruptcy, Closes 130 Branches Across US

21WIRE | Government’s one-size-fits-all Lockdown closures are really a two-pronged attack on immune health.

Pandemic Poetry by Basil Valentine: ‘When This is All Over’

Basil Valentine | An ode to normality which so many wish to experience once again.

Oxford’s ‘New Normal’: Towns Requiring ‘One Way Pavements’ as Condition to Reopen Economy

21WIRE | Governments will not allow the public at large to opt out of their new ‘post-war’ technocratic regime.

Silicon Valley Video Darling Zoom Caught Doing Chinese-Style Censorship

21WIRE | The video app company reinstated the blocked accounts but still plans to comply with local censorship laws.

Matt Stoller Explains COVID’s Billionaire and Big Government Power-play

Press and the Public Project | What are the real economic implications of the coronavirus lockdown?

Leading UK Doctor: ‘Coronavirus Could Be Gone Before Any Vaccine Arrives’

21WIRE | The coronavirus could easily ‘peter out’ – long before the much-awaited vaccine ever arrives.

Prof. Karl Friston: ‘80% Not Even Susceptible to COVID-19’

UnHerd | The case for lockdown and social distancing continues to collapse in the face of real science.

Statistician: ‘U.S. Officials Exaggerated Their COVID Death Toll’

21WIRE | American statistical consultant goes on to easily debunk the official government fiction on COVID-19.

Looting, Rioting Mobs Further Delay Post-Lockdown Economic Recovery

21WIRE | Retailers and restaurants across the country have been forced to close their doors in fear of unruly mobs.

Episode #328 – ‘America’s Lockdown Ends with a Bang’ with special guests

SUNDAY WIRE | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

Leading UK Epidemiologist: ‘Pubs, Nightclubs, Restaurants Could Reopen Without Serious Risk’

Press Association | Leading Oxford scientist urges government for faster exit from its lockdown measures.

Why You Should Believe Everything Media Tells You About Coronavirus

JP Sears | Here’s what it might look like to be completely brainwashed by the news.

Made in USA: The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Policy

Jeffrey Tucker | Few are aware that experimental policy of ‘lockdown’ and social distancing were ideas dreamt-up by the Bush Administration, which was never really road tested – until this year.

Mississippi Burning: Church That Challenged COVID Lockdown Set on Fire

21WIRE | Mississippi church fighting coronavirus restrictions appears to have been destroyed by fanatics.

COVID Crisis: Lionel Shriver on ‘The Cruelty of Social Distancing’

21WIRE + Spiked | Will western civilization be able to regain its collective sanity?