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CDC Data: Lockdowns May Kill as Many as COVID Itself

Few public health officials dare ask the question: has our reaction to the ‘pandemic’ turned into an unrivaled self-inflicted national disaster?

New data from America’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) seems to suggest that it has.

The story is the name across the Atlantic. In the UK, the government’s own Office for National Statistics has revealed how thousands of new excess deaths have likely occurred in nursing home settings, due to sick patients having been discharged there from hospitals – the very same policy which drove the COVID death tolls in severely mismanaged states like New York. However, these incidents are only the tip of a much larger iceberg. For obvious reasons, both government and mainstream media are hesitant to speak about the elephant in the room: lockdown deaths.

In fact, the mere mention of this is met with a wall of obfuscation and official denials.

And the numbers are not trivial either, which is why politicians, their lauded science advisors, public health gurus and their media mavens – all of whom were pushing hard for lockdowns – are collectively terrified whenever this subject arises.

Karl Dierenbach from The Federalist reports…

Three-hundred-fifty years ago, John Graunt attempted to give Londoners an accurate assessment of fatality rates of diseases in the community so people could understand their risk level. Until COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fulfilled the same role.

Then the CDC abandoned tradition and sensibility and treated COVID differently than every other disease. For a death to be considered a COVID death, COVID no longer needed to be the immediate or underlying cause of death. Now, a death is considered a COVID death even if COVID was only a contributing condition.

For example, a certificate that lists dementia as the cause of death but doesn’t list a respiratory ailment is likely to be a case of dying with COVID, not from COVID. Likewise for accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and any other non-respiratory condition.

Singapore, for example, only counts deaths as COVID deaths if they are accompanied by pneumonia. If the United States followed this criterion, COVID deaths would total about 90,000 and be comparable to a very bad flu season.

To disentangle respiratory COVID deaths from other types of COVID deaths requires examining individual death records, which are difficult to obtain. Fortunately, in May, Florida released data on 1,489 COVID deaths. About two-thirds of those deaths that listed more than just COVID as a cause also listed a respiratory condition.

Applying this two-thirds estimate to the current official tally of 240,000 U.S. COVID deaths yields a very rough estimate of 160,000 deaths from COVID. Remarkably, this number represents about half of the approximately 300,000 excess deaths the United States has experienced this year, according to the CDC’s latest estimate dated Oct. 3. The 300,000 number is determined by subtracting the 2,240,000 fatalities the CDC estimates we would expect to have seen from January to October if 2020 were a typical year from the 2,540,000 deaths we have actually suffered.

This begs the question: What is causing the remaining 140,000 excess deaths?

Although CDC records are far from comprehensive, they do provide some explanation: So far in 2020, the CDC data shows there have been about 32,000 excess Alzheimer’s deaths and 12,000 excess diabetes deaths.

The Alzheimer’s deaths are particularly heart-wrenching, as these represent people literally dying from loneliness and lack of human interaction. The excess diabetes deaths could be due to the interruption of normal health-care operations.

There are many other documented and postulated sources of excess deaths, including delayed emergency room visits due to fear of COVID resulting in postponed or skipped treatment for heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and other ailments. Deaths of despair, such as suicides and drug overdoses, have increased. Violence has also increased significantly. Additionally, the CDC recently reported an unprecedented 26.5 percent surge in deaths for adults aged 25–44, a group for which COVID is no worse than the flu.

In addition, as the 13,000 medical expert authors and signers of the Great Barrington Declaration point out, the deaths and diseases the lockdowns are creating will continue for years…

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