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US Send Decades-Old Arms to Kiev, Russia’s ‘De-militarization’ of Ukraine Continues

Update on the military and battlefield situation in Ukraine.

▪️ Russia completes withdrawal from Kherson city to east bank of the Dnieper River;

▪️ Ukraine has lost its last major opportunity to corner and destroy/capture large numbers of Russian forces/equipment;

▪️ Russia continues stated process of de-militarizing Ukraine;

▪️ US aid to Ukraine becomes increasingly unrealistic – Hawk missiles designed in the 1960s and unused for 2 decades are being “refurbished” for a lack of better options;

▪️ “Avenger” systems to be sent in small numbers (4) which are essentially Stinger missiles attached to a Hummer – after training for Ukrainian operators is completed;

▪️ Dwindling amounts of basic ammunition continue to be sent to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict, but not in quantities to even allow Ukraine to hold what it has;

▪️ As Russian forces withdrew from Kherson city, they advanced elsewhere in southern and northern Donbass.

Brian Berletic from The New Atlas discusses the bigger picture surrounding Russia’s latest withdrawal from Kherson city, and the reality behind the much celebrated US weapons transfers to Kiev. Watch: 

See more of Brian’s work at: https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com

READ MORE UKRAINE NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Ukraine Files



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