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International News Archive

Kim Iversen Talks to Patrick Henningsen About Russia, Ukraine, and the Problem with Israel

Kim Iversen Show | An in-depth and candid discussion on US foreign policy and what it will take to avoid WWIII.

INTERVIEW: Benjamin Rubinstein – ICJ: Nicaragua vs Germany (Guess Who Wins)

TNT Radio | Tragically, Germany hasn’t learned its lessons from history.

SPOTLIGHT: Biden’s Gaza Disaster & Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity

Patrick Henningsen | The real agenda behind Israel’s murder of western aid workers in Gaza.

Canada Votes to Halt Arms Sales to Israel

21WIRE | Ottawa vows to cease any further transfer of arms to the Zionist state.

Karim Khan’s Free Pass to Israel Proves ICC is Tool of Washington and London

21WIRE | It’s now crystal clear: according to ICC, the same principles of human rights and international law do not apply in Ukraine and Gaza.

REVEALED: Details of Failed Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal From April 2022

21WIRE | The West have finally admitted that there was a viable draft peace deal drawn up shortly after Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

“Games of The Future” Shatters Myth of Global Boycott of Russia

Arnaud Develay | Despite heavy sanctions, Russia’s new hybrid games competition is attracting athletes and audiences worldwide.

FLASHBACK: Why Did Russia REALLY Invade Ukraine?

Patrick Henningsen | On the two-year anniversary of the Ukraine Conflict – a brief summary of how it happened, and why.

NATO Boss Jens Stoltenberg: Taken to Court for ‘Crimes Against Peace’

Freddie Ponton | NATO’s head technocrat Stoltenberg is finally taken to task for his endless lying on the world stage.

Take Note: ‘Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad’

Julian Rose | Humanity has arrived at that inflection point now. What next?

Assange Final Appeal: ‘Your Man in the Public Gallery’

Craig Murray | Years later, the prosecution’s case hasn’t been able to overcome the fact that their case falls foul of the US-UK extradition treaty’s prohibition on extraditing political prisoners, only they don’t seem too concerned about it.

World War Grift – Who’s Driving the Global ‘Defense’ Racket

Blake Lovewell | The military industrial complex is very much alive and well, and thriving off of the suffering of the global south.

NO2NATO NO2WAR – ‘The Road to War’ with Patrick Henningsen, Rachel Blevins, Katie Halper, David Clews

No2Nato No2War | The situation is worrying: without de-escalation, we are facing a multi-front war. 

A Brutal Reality: Psychopaths Form Majority of Today’s World Leaders

Julian Rose | Like it or not, staring us in the face is a monster we have no way of hiding from.

A Multipolar Order: What the Non-Aligned Movement (Supported by Putin) Stands For

21WIRE | Highlights from the NAM Summit, January 15-20 in Uganda’s capital of Kampala.

Al Mayadeen: ‘IRGC Behind Attack on Israeli Ships in Indian Ocean

21WIRE | The reported Iranian attack is said to have been in response to the recent assassination of Hamas leader in Beirut.

Lavrov: ‘Holocaust Doesn’t Give Israel Impunity’

RT International | Russian FM: Soviet people were also subject to Nazi genocide, but Russia doesn’t have carte blanche in the global arena.

Ex-Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach Reveals New Details of Biden Corruption in Ukraine

SPECIAL REPORT | New testimony by Ukrainian whistleblower exposes U.S. and Biden Family corruption in Ukraine.

Who Was the US Journalist Who Died in Ukrainian Captivity?

21WIRE | A citizen journalist who died for his dissident opinions against the Zelensky regime and Washington’s disastrous proxy war in Ukraine.

US Confirms: ‘Ukraine Military Supplies Have Stopped’

21WIRE | White House still waiting for Congress to approve additional funds for America’s failing proxy war in Ukraine. 

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