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International News Archive

Alastair Crooke: ‘Israel’s Deterrence Paradigm Has Failed’

Judging Freedom | Why Israel’s current military police state will ultimately fail in the Middle East.

Scott Ritter on Israel, Palestine and US Policy in Middle East

DD Geopolitics | Why the current trajectory is doomed to fail for all parties involved.

The Delusional Climate Countdown – A Holistic Appraisal of Real Climate Change

Julian Rose | The ultimate green epiphany: that the earth’s climate is always changing.

Hamas, Gaza, Genocide and Gas – The Beginning of a Global Conflagration?

Dr Can Erimtan | Looking past the contentious religious themes, recent events have also provided Israel with a pretext to annex the land and energy they’ve long coveted.

Explained: The ‘Israel-Has-No-Alternative’ Myth

Sam Hussieni | Now more than ever, we must learn our lessons from history.

Incoming: Gaza Genocide – Israeli Attacks Wipe Out 44 Gaza Families

EA | Western states appear to have completely abandoned Palestinians in Northern Gaza – and are now endorsing the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and a genocide in Gaza.

The Gaggle: Round Table on Palestine-Israel – Peter Lavelle, George Szamuely, Patrick Henningsen

The Gaggle | Discussion on the current crisis in the Middle East and Israel’s siege on Gaza, Palestine.

Humza Yousaf: Israel’s Collective Punishment of Millions Not Justified

21WIRE | Scotland’s first minister calls for creation of humanitarian corridor to allow people to leave besieged enclave and aid to enter – but is that enough?

Israel Massacres Palestinian Families in Gaza in Reprisal Strikes

Electronic Intifada | Israel targets civilian homes as intense fighting rages with Hamas capturing more Israeli soldiers before moving them into Gaza.

Interview: Ali Abunimah Explains Palestinian Uprising Against Israel

21WIRE | An extended analysis of the true nature of the violent conflict in Palestine.

BRICS, Africa Set to Boom As Musk Announces Starlink Expansion to Continent

21WIRE | Get ready for an economic revolution in Africa.

Macgregor: ‘Zelensky Has Gone From Hero to Zero’

21WIRE | ‘The Amazing Zelensky’ roadshow may soon be slated for cancelation. 

Medvedev: ‘Western Morons’ Want World War III

21WIRE | Based former President: ‘Those idiots are actively pushing us towards World War III.’

UK to Escalate War: Pledges to Send Troops to Ukraine, Navy to Black Sea, Build Weapons Plants

21WIRE | Are there any adults left in the room in Washington or London? 

No2Nato No2War – The Truth About Ukraine and Nazism

No2Nato No2War | Ukraine has had a Nazi problem since the Second World War, which has spread to the West. 

Ukraine Weapons Official: ‘NATO Armour, Warfighting Techniques Are Outdated’

21WIRE | ‘The NATO manuals don’t apply to Ukraine.’

Ukraine’s ‘Baby Bust’ – On Track for World’s Lowest Fertility Rate

21WIRE | What the western ‘experts’ won’t admit: NATO’s proxy war against Russia has been catastrophic for Ukraine.

Niall McCrae: ‘Revenge of the Media Whores’

Niall McCrae | In an ideal world, a newspaper that presents itself as liberal and progressive would be screaming out at the abuse of government power.

Lukashenko: ‘The West is Preparing to Dump Zelensky’

21WIRE | The Belarusian president reveals US nudge of Poland over the grain deal dispute with Ukraine.

New York Times Admits Kiev’s Counteroffensive Has Failed

21WIRE | Fact: the longer this conflict lasts, the weaker Ukraine’s position will ultimately become. 

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