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Foo Fighters, Springsteen, Strokes Only Allowing ‘Fully Vaccinated’ to Attend NY Shows

A policy of medical and pharmaceutical apartheid appears to have been adopted by the mainstream music and entertainment industry, as an inner circle of top-selling artists are being used to compel their fans to accept the experimental gene-based COVID injection. 

This week, Bruce Springsteen confirmed his first ‘vaccine-only’ event will begin on Broadway from June 26th, while The Foo Fighters will stage their ‘fully vaccinated’ sell-out show at Madison Square Garden on June 20th, and rock band The Strokes play their first ‘vaccinated’ event at Irving Plaza on June 12th.

Concert officials have indicated that these events will fall under new New York state vaccine segregation rules, meaning only attendees who can show proof they have been ‘fully vaccinated’ for COVID-19 – will be allowed into the venue to watch these much-celebrated performers.

This past spring, despite protests from civil liberties and rights groups, New York’s governor Cuomo went ahead and launched its vaccine passport and medical apartheid system designed by IBM known as the Excelsior Pass.

To date, no high-profile artists have dared to speak out against the new pharmaceutical apartheid measures being forced through in parts of the United States.

NBC News reports….

The Foo Fighters show is the first full concert at the Garden but is just the latest to be announced by MSG Entertainment as it looks to return a semblance of normalcy to the city’s vibrant live entertainment scene. It will also host the closing night of the Tribeca Festival before a fully vaccinated, 100% capacity audience at Radio City Music Hall. That night will feature “Untitled: Dave Chappelle Documentary.”

Later this month, MSG Entertainment will also host “Two Evenings With Trey Anastasio” at the Beacon Theatre. Both events, on June 19 and June 22-23, respectively, are already sold out.

“The Garden is ready to rock,” James Dolan, executive chairman and CEO of MSG Entertainment, said in a statement. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for 15 months and are excited to finally welcome a packed house of roaring, fully-vaccinated Foo Fighters fans to Madison Square Garden.”

The wait has been equally long for the Foo Fighters, band founder Dave Grohl said, “and Madison Square Garden is going to feel that HARD. New York, get ready for a long ass night of screaming our heads off together to 26 years of Foos.”

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