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Bill Clinton Was Blackmailed by Netanyahu Over Monica Sex Tapes

21st Century Wire

At a time when the Oval Office was renamed the Oral Office, and cigars became a favourite past time of presidents and kinksters alike, the leader of the free world was at the mercy of Israel’s impressive blackmail machine.

A powerful new book released at the end of July has brought to light how racy phone sex conversations between Bill Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky were wiretapped circa 1997-98, and used as a blackmail against the White House by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Clinton Inc. : The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, states that Netanyahu was using intercepted phone sex conversations between the president and Lewinsky to force the release of American Jonathan Pollard, who had been caught spying on behalf of the Israelis. Clinton was keen to play ball with Netanyahu and soon followed with a desperate plea to release Pollard but was denied at the time by CIA director George Tenet.

The book written by Weekly Standard Editor Daniel Halper, who also claims that other sex calls with other women were intercepted by the British and Russians. “‘Foreign spies weren’t the only ones who knew about the couple’s phone sex,” the book states. One thing is certain here: the Clinton administration was one of the most compromised and vulnerable presidencies in American history.

These and other revelation should put a crimp in the Hillary 2016 campaign, as Americans begin to ask whether or not Hillary only stayed married to Bill to further her own aspirations of power – meaning the marriage – at least from 1995 (conservative estimate), has been one big public act.

CLINTON CONCUBINE: Bill and Monica Lewinsky had a ‘special’ relationship (Photo: IB Times)

Majority of the book was compiled by using paperwork named the “Monica Files” obtained by a team of lawyers and investigators hired by Lewinsky as a legal defense in case action was taken against the President, and obtained exclusively by Halper.

During a 1998 meeting in Maryland, Netanyahu revealed to Clinton that the Israelis had listened to his sex calls with Lewinsky but told the President he’d “threw away the tapes,” assuming Clinton would arrange for the release of Pollard. Of course, “threw away the tapes” is code for, ‘we still have them and if you want them to stay buried then play ball with us’.

According to the “Monica Files,” Clinton often used the White House theater just steps away from First Lady Hillary Clinton’s East Wing office, for many of his sexual escapades.  The President would then pleasure himself while describing what he was wearing which consisted of his “blue tighties” and a gray University of Arkansas sweatshirt.

All this comes on the heels of a recent lawsuit that identifies Bill Clinton and his good friend and fundraiser, Jeffrey Epstein, as part of a child sex ring run from billionaire Epstein’s private island, Little St James, in the Caribbean.

According to eyewitnesses and flight logs, Clinton took multiple trips to Epstein’s island of horrors where he kept under-aged girls as sex slaves. Considering Bill’s well documented sexual proclivities going all the way back to his rise to power in Arkansas, it’s near impossible that Bill would be on such an island and not partake.

Epstein’s ties to the Jewish elite and Israel are not hard to find. Epstein managed the money of ultra-elite US-Israeli power broker, billionaire Leslie Wexner. The two parted company after Epstein’s fall from grace in 2008.

BLACKMAIL BUDDIES: Bill gets caught with his Presidential pants down, Netanyahu capitalizes on Monicagate.

Other prominent passengers on his private jets include former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Prince Andrew, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Imagine the blackmail potential of keeping reports on Epstein’s VIP circle. Was Ehud Barak collating such reports, or was he just a punter?

The Israeli dirt gathering operation may have also extended into British elite circles. Clear back to the 1980’s, Britain’s premiere sex criminal and paedophile ring leader, Jimmy Savile, made regular trips to Israel and was ‘good friends’ with the Israeli PM and others. Imagine what information Savile could pass on to the Israelis. For some odd reason, Savile found many friends amongst Zionists and Israeli leaders. The UK Jewish Chronicle saw him as a ‘Dear Friend’ of the Jewish people and their State. Strange but true.

‘Billary 2016’

What does this mean for a potential Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential bid, and more importantly Israeli-US relations? There is an abundance of meanings to go around. The tainted legacy of the Clinton’s never seems to disappear. The stench of countless scandals, battered women and dead witnesses stretching from Mena, Arkansas to Washington DC – still lingers in the consciousness of the American public.

While families were still figuring out the Macarena, households were being introduced to the Starr Report and having to explain definitions of what sex is to their loved ones. The Lewinsky/Clinton Oval Office stained romance gave us quite the shameful ending to the 90’s, and cheapened the White House in the eyes of many Americans. No doubt that GOP rivals will be making Bill and their non-marriage a major feature during the campaign cycle.

Perhaps the bigger issue is the stranglehold over the US Presidency by Israel and the tricks they have still yet to unleash.

How valuable would these type of sex tapes be when Israel is carpet bombing Gaza in the face of Washington? When nothing seems to ever add up – as is the case with the US-Israel waltz, maybe that’s because of blackmail material kept in a safe place.

The reality that our elected officials are one Franklin Scandal away from complete political castration is an unsettling reality. The secret sex cabal and recordings that reside in Benjamin Netanyahu’s private collection may point to the very reasons many US Presidents are never forthcoming to the atrocities committed by the Netanyahu regime.

Are US leaders like the Clintons set-up to fail or are they picked from a batch of failures?

As we can see, history will not vindicate Bill Clinton. The deeper you look, the worse it gets.

It’s true: the White House was blackmailed by our ‘friend’ Israel, and we can only guess how often this goes on, and who else has been compromised.

The US Presidency seems to be nothing more than a puppetry post that only hires sexually compromised lap dogs who know to take orders from their foreign masters while wiping their feet with the American Constitution.

This report was filed by contributor Dean Ryan and edited by 21WIRE editorial team.

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