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AMERICAN BEAUTY: Petraeus Affair Used to Cloud Obama’s Benghazigate

Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire

HOT TO TROT: General Petraeus and operative Paula Broadwell.

The mistress of General Petraeus – one Paula Broadwell, was no ordinary fling, and is said to be pivotal in his resignation. But what’s all this really about? You may want to start here…

As a result, many believe that the former CIA head won’t be testifying in the upcoming Congressional hearings on Obama’s cock-up in Benghazi. Very convenient. The FBI raided Broadwell’s residence immediately following the disclosure.

Paula Broadwell, maiden name ‘Krantz’, is a top-line US intelligence operative, and has links to arms dealer Jan Henrik Jebsen, who set up her position at Tufts University where she ran the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at Tufts Fletcher School. Jebsen also has ties to arch-neocons Scooter LibbyDouglas Feith, and Michael Ledeen through his board position with the pro-Israeli Hudson Institute. The Hudson is directly tied to Likud in Israel, and works to cultivate the idea of radical Islam as the chief threat to the west. Paula Broadwell is in the middle of this matrix, and she herself has also worked extensively in Israel and Jordan, as one could imagine.

Broadwell’s father Paul Krantz seems to know something, telling the New York Daily News, ‘it’s about more than the affair’.

Paula Broadwell may well have been a kind of elite “honey trap”. It’s a complex web, and the American media would do itself a favour by looking into it properly. Enter the spoiler…

One can’t ignore the obvious overtones of possible foreign operatives (hmm…) working within the Washington circle, and we should also look into Mrs Jill Kelley, her maiden name is ‘Khawam’ and is apparently the daughter of a Lebanese immigrant. It’s Jill Kelley who kicked off with mistress Paula Broadwell sent her harassing emails telling her to ‘back off’ Petraeus.

‘Socialite’ Kelley’s complaint made to FBI, who then handed it House Leader Eric Cantor(R), and an investigation was launched. Cantor had recently promised Israel’s Netanyahu that the GOP House would act as a ‘check’ on the White House’s apparent de-prioritising  of Israel. What’s amazing is how they managed to sit on this until after the election – it would have crashed Obama’s run, so somehow it didn’t.

Why is Mrs Kelley is an ‘unpaid social liaison’ to U.S. CENTCOM working out of the military headquarters based at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, a base which overseas oversees operations in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan? ‘Unpaid’ is often a status used for spies working as informants. If that’s the case, then Jill Kelley’s cover is blown. The White House will want to bury this one as deep as possible.

Then there’s the problem of Broadwell out on the speaking circuit claiming the US CIA safe house in Benghazi run by Christopher Stevens was being used as a ‘secret prison’. There are also allegations that Stevens was organising the gun-running of ex-Gaddafi stockpiles into Syria for the American and British-backed FSA terrorists. Business Insider reports that Ambassador Stevens could’ve been linked with Syrian FSA and al Qaida terrorists – which stands to reason because Benghazi is an al Qaida hot-bed. Obama and Clinton kept the scandal quiet because it would’ve killed Obama’s thin margin of victory, but this latest blip could break it open again – too bad for Mitt.

Where there’s affairs and blackmail in Washington, you will find the term ‘national security’ very nearby. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. What foreign interest regularly traffics in blackmail and has been caught time and time again spying inside US shores? It’s got all the signs of you know who’s chutzpah being involved behind the scenes.

Notice how all this has unfolded after the election – proof at how the Obama Administration’s dark arts are as cunning and dirty as anything Nixon could have cobbled together.

James Corbett attempts to piece it together here…

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