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Road To Damascus: Sheriff Google and Deputy Facebook Skidaddle To Syria

By Cochise Johnson

21st Century Wire

March 3, 2011

Yes, it’s an order, the Facebook page telling people to meet peacefully across Syria for freedom and democracy, now go do that voodoo that youdoo best. Nevermind the central bank, that comes after you topple the government for them, more important things on the agenda now, gold-juggling in Tunisia, a pesky fly to swat in Tripoli, lock down in Cairo.

Banking cartels need it busted up, ready for them to dash in and save.

Social Network revolution rousing is a game of clinical commands, like ringing Pavlov’s bell to elicit the pre-conditioned response as he did with his luckless un-hungry dog who ate till it came out his nostrils. The youth of Damascus and every wired corner of the country are mostly resisting the urge to salivate, suppressing the suggested hunger to congregate with other ‘meat-bots’ face to face after spending inordinate amounts of time online. But their best friends- Google and Facebook, want help reorganising the world.

NEXT FACEBOOK TARGET: Syria and Iran brace themselves for the next digital onslaught.

Assad’s stalwart supporters who decry his removal say he brought dignity back to a place that was sorely lacking during all the time Syria has had to exist with a cleverly belligerent Israel as next door neighbour. For the first time in nearly seventy years and after the hard thumping the Israelis got stepping into Lebanon last time around, supporting Hezbollah has blossomed into a marvellous PR stunt, Iran’s friends are his too now.

And the mythical Iranian warships have passed safely through Suez to land at Latakia where they’ve agreed with Syria to inaugurate their new Mediterranean naval base. That’s quite a milestone actually, the last Persian war fleet fell into the hands of Alexander the Great twenty-three hundred and thirty years ago and there hadn’t been another one since. Note to self ; hot-foot it to Delphi, consult the Oracle on this one.

Historically, it feels like irresistible forces are colliding with immovable objects and down on the ground, on the Arab Street, there’s a knowing sense of foreboding. Assad is not only shoring up his support abroad with the Iran deal, he’s inviting a contingent of friendly foreign troops into Syria, which he may one day have to call upon. Israel is top of his threat list but enemies of every pedigree lurk in the Souk’s dark corners.

Whether foreigners will be enlisted to suppress dissent at home remains to be seen, remembering the Russians have been skulking around there a long while too and right about now Assad can use friends with muscle. His minority Alawi community is a particular target from their adversaries in the south, believing the Hebrew people to be God’s second “chosen people” based on their claim the world began less than six thousand years ago and Damascus being an inhabited city for nine thousand years, etc.


All Syrians distrust Israelis, the devious wresting of the Golan Heights from their grasp hurt their national pride, which they’ll not forgive and therefore refuse to hand over Eli Cohen‘s body till this day. The strangest part of that spy story is that Cohen was operating out of Damascus as a fake Muslim, morally and financially supporting the Baath Party and terror groups attacking Israel. A tit for tat series of false flags that made the Six Day War look like the right thing for Israel to do at their wit’s end.

All this… from Mossad’s man in Egypt that escaped the noose in 1955 for bombing in the Lavon Affair. Damascus can be forgiven for their mild paranoia about traitors in their midst, it was a cold slap- and still stings to this day. Spy chief Isser Harel‘s biography covers the subject quite thoroughly and the Syrian intelligence operatives who’ve read it can still not believe all it took was for Israel to operate in the dark, fund and egg on it’s supposed enemies so retaliative aggression dressed up as self-defense achieved Israel’s territorial ambitions. The outrage still boils over at the audacity of the theft.

1967 Spy Games: Israel gains its advantage under the cloak of regional conflict:


Damascus buzzes with two questions, does Israel think they can get away with an attack and is the commotion brewing online designed to lay the groundwork for a pseudo last resort IDF action? Meanwhile the international press drumbeats the ‘dictator’ and ‘years of repression’ theme to make Asaad look like an enemy of the freedom-loving masses. Whether he is or not doesn’t matter as much as the perception that it’s ok to kick and even kill him according to the drill, no flinching from the blood anywhere in mainstream media.

That’s bloody uncivilised from every angle. So who in digital Hell’s running that Posse?

Author Cochise Johnson is a guest writer for 21st Century Wire, Gonzo Town and is a featured writer for the Runnymede Institute.

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