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PART TWO: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – The Betrayal of America

James Hall | Most Americas are too busy, and perhaps too stupid to realize that for a few bags of sliver – their President just sold Americans to a transnational corporate cartel for an economic gang rape.

PART ONE: Trans-Pacific Partnership – A New Era of Economic Enslavement

James Hall | The globalist agenda has just secured a foothold for worldwide corporate fascism, thanks to America’s Dear Leader.

The Devil’s Motorcade: Will new footage of ‘second shooter’ reveal who killed JFK?

21WIRE + The Wrap | What will come of this new JFK shooting footage, as it is certain to be subject to the heavy hands of media giants before its sees the light of day?

Yes We Can? Chicago Inner City Residents Rejecting Obama’s Raw Deal

Rebel Pundit | Inner-city blacks abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal agenda.

JFK: ‘CIA were desperate to cover-up Nazi business connections with US’

Brasscheck TV | Covering up financial ties to Nazi Germany was a full-time job for wealthy Americans post-WWII.

RFK: CIA fingerprints all over his assassination

Brasscheck TV | “There’s no question in my mind that elements of the CIA were involved”.

In Plain Sight: The ‘non-investigation’ of the Robert Kennedy assassination

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Who really killed Robert Kennedy? Was it just another random, lone gunman?

JFK: Who Was There at the Party in Dallas the Night Before?

Brasscheck TV | Nixon and others involved claimed not to remember where he was that night.

Episode #9 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Trial and Error’ with guests Andre Power and Mike Robinson

SUNDAY WIRE | “Behind the Hack: The Trial of Jeremy Hammond”.

Killing King: Another CIA-LBJ-Hoover Production?

Brasscheck TV | All you need to do is track the movements of James Earl Ray to know he was not “lone.”

The New Islamic Cult: US and Israeli Divide and Rule Agenda For Syria

21WIRE + RT | The US and Israel have created a honey pot in Syria – attracting a generation of Islamic fanatics and fighters around the globe.

A ‘Tug of War’ Over 3D Printed Hearts

21Wire + RT | Imagine how the advent of 3D printing technology will affect every aspect of our lives.

On the Eve of JFK’s Death: Senate Leader Harry Reid’s ‘Hunger Games’ have put an end to all debate

21 WIRE + Washington Post | The public are left without a choice in America’s political future under a ‘majority rules’ banner.

One JFK Mystery: Has The Zapruder Film Been Altered?

21st Century Wire | All we are saying is, something’s just not quite right here…

JFK Erased: Hoover, The Mob, LBJ and The Texas Connection

Brasscheck TV | The CIA got to survive intact, and they and their friends in the Pentagon got their war.

Why the CIA cooperated in the killing of JFK

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Secret operations have come and gone, but one guy was around for all of these…

Fukushima and the End of Humanity

21WIRE + YouTube | Regarding this catastrophe, we have zero political leadership, so what then?

The Obamacare Time Bomb is Ticking…

21WIRE + FOX News | The Democrat Party’s political mantle piece is now a national liability.

Black Budgets and Blank Cheques: The Pentagon is Bankrupting America

21WIRE + The Verge | We know where all our money is disappearing to, but who has the balls do do anything about it?

Is new online ‘Political Assassination Market’ a Cassius Beli to hurt Bitcoin?

21WIRE + RT | Is this genuine, or is it an establishment ploy to demonize, and shut down Bitcoin?