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Dawn of Singularity: ‘Superheroes of Science’ Insane Plan to Rescue Humanity From Itself

Activist Post | Warning: the tipping point might already be upon us.

Bilderberg Ceremony: Soros Wedding Reveals Clinton Global Initiative Cabal

21Wire + Page Six | There is shadow marriage under way, merging cogent enterprises at the expense of everyday people.

Episode #3 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Montauk Project Revisited’ with Preston Nichols

SUNDAY WIRE | Sunday Wire radio show resumes this week.

Military Insanity Complex: US Air Force once dropped live hydrogen bomb on North Carolina

RT | Revelation offers conclusive evidence that the US military narrowly avoided a self-inflicted disaster.

Obama angry: ‘They’re trying to mess with me’, as Houses vote to defund Obamacare

21WIRE + Wash Post | Another low-point in White House history, perhaps a product of political narcissism in the extreme.

Chicago’s ‘Gun-Free Zone’: 13 Shot on Basketball Court Last Night

21WIRE | Despite efforts to make Barack Obama’s home town and Democrat stronghold a national beacon for gun control, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is have a tough time making ‘the change’.

OUTSIDE THE BOX – Episode 2 with special guest Patrick Henningsen

OUTSIDE THE BOX | Jason Liosatos launches his new weekly show, starting with special guest Patrick Henningsen

Dog Eat Dog: A New Level of Jihadist Chaos Unfolds in Syria’s Dirty War

Andrew McKillop | As the chaos increases in Syria, a messy outcome is waiting down the road for Europe itself.

US Sen. Lindsey Graham seeking authorization for ‘attack’ on Iran

21WIRE + WE | Another dark soul is pushing for more blood in the Middle East.

BREAKING: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was ‘denied travel’ over US airspace

21Wire + RT | Nicolas Maduro was denied travel over Puerto Rico’s airspace.

Jihadi Blitzkrieg in Syria: Islamist militants are wiping out the moderate rebels

21WIRE + RT | The myth of the moderate armed opposition in Syria is now falling to piece.

Beyond Syria: No Attack – No Imperiums – No Global Community

Andrew McKillop | Syria has exposed a disturbing picture of what they call the ‘international community’.

Staged filming of chemical attack in Syria: Children in video ‘moved between locations’

RT | Syrian opposition used same children at different locations to create ‘chemical attack’ media stories.

Navy Yard shooter Alexis used to demonize ‘truth seekers’, fueling false propaganda

Shawn Helton | We are expected to blindly accept the official narrative produced by government sponsored news organizations.

DC Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis: Narrative Crumbling

21WIRE + Jon Rappoport | The Aaron Alexis narrative provides the next banquet for Piers Morgan and Martin Bashir.

Edward Snowden in secret hide away in Russia

Metro News | Edward Snowden has been in Russia since the beginning of August, still looking over his shoulder.

Brazil president cancels American visit over NSA spying

Associated Press | Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced Tuesday that she was putting off a state visit to the U.S. next month to protest an American spy program.

Obama to continue proxy in Syria despite Russia’s ‘diplomatic solution’

21Wire + Reuters | The hypocrisy over domestic gun control, while simultaneously supplying heavy artillery to rebel-terror groups in Syria is staggering.

People Power: Court Rules Balcombe Fracking Protesters Have Right to Stay

Patrick Henningsen | The government’s effort to evict fracking protesters was defeated in West Sussex County yesterday.

Tipping Point: Obama’s Approaching Political Implosion

SATRE | The bipartisan cabal class of careerists operate as if they are permanently immune from public outrage.