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VICTORY: Aleppo’s Old City Now Fully Liberated by Syrian Army, Remaining Terrorists in Retreat

21st Century Wire

DAMASCUS – In a stunning development today, 21WIRE has received reports from on the ground in Syria that remaining ‘rebel’ militants have fled the Old City of Aleppo, even leaving behind a substantial amount of equipment and weapons – as the Syrian Arab Army advances into the remaining terrorist-held neighborhood in the eastern part of Syria’s largest city. 

The following video shows early celebrations in the narrow streets of the Old Citadel. Watch


SAA sources have confirmed that the ‘Old Citadel’ is now fully liberated, “with remaining pockets to be cleansed by tomorrow (Wednesday).”

21WIRE special contributor, Vanessa Beeley, is currently in Damascus, waiting to head to Aleppo.  She had this to say on the situation and the news coming in from Syrian TV channels and statements from the Syrian Arab Army:

“Since I arrived in Damascus on Monday 5th December, there has been a simmering excitement from all members of society, a sense of impending victory in Aleppo. That anticipation seems to have been satiated tonight as news is coming in that the Syrian Arab Army is pushing home its advantage and sweeping clean, the remaining pockets of terrorist resistance against the SAA advances, supported by their allies from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah.

I met with Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix today, in Damascus city centre to discuss her work supporting the Syrian State’s reconciliation projects which offer all manner of Amnesty and rehabilitation for armed mercenaries. During the meeting Mother Agnes made this statement:

“Between Syrians there are only solutions…no conflict. The conflict comes from outside Syria”


Never has this been more clearly demonstrated than in the SAA liberation of East Aleppo from the NATO + Gulf state funded, multiple gangs of armed insurgents, mercenaries and terrorist groups under the command of Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda. This victory is not only a military victory. It is a victory against all forms of NATO and Gulf state terrorism – the crippling economic sanctions, the hostile media campaigns, the weaponized humanitarianism of Western “state” funded NGOs have all received a fatal blow with this liberation of Aleppo.”

After nearly 3 weeks of heavy fighting in a special offensive launched by the Syrian Army, government forces were said to have controlled at least 75% of the contested areas by the end of Monday. The momentum appears to have shifted completely in the SAA’s favor after another hard push throughout Tuesday.

This weekend, ‘rebel’ militants had mounted a counter-offensive at the districts of Karm Al-Qaterjy and Karm Al-Maysar, but their forces were neutralized, as the Syrian Army continued its progress by capturing both the Turbet Lala and Sha’ar districts of East Aleppo.

It is also believed that a collective decision to retreat has been made by remaining members of the armed militant and terrorist coalition occupying eastern Aleppo. Many militants are hoping to negotiate a safe exit via Turkey, but this could be contingent on what is being reported as of a secret three-way negotiation held in Turkey between Russia, Syria and Turkey officials hoping to negotiate an orderly exit, and on what conditions exactly the Syrian Army will allow militants to leave north. It is also possible with some remaining Al Nusra, ISIS and other salafi militants had already begun making their own way over to terrorist enclaves in the east of the country, and also towards terrorist-occupied Idlib province.

It is not yet known whether violent terrorists groups like Al Nusra, Nour al-din al-Zenki, or Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham are included in the bilateral negotiations.

This report has just been updated by the Syrian Arab News Agency:

“Provinces, SANA- The army is advancing further in Aleppo, as its units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, have established control over several new areas after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organizations there.

Aleppo: Units of the Army and Armed Forces, in cooperation with the supporting forces, restored security and stability to the neighborhoods of Karm al-Dada, Karm al-Qatirji and al-Shaar in the city of Aleppo, SANA reporter announced.

In a relevant context, the reporter said members of the Internal Security Forces detonated a car bomb for the terrorist organizations before it managed to reach a military post in the surroundings of Jamiyet al-Zahra.

He noted that the car bomb attack was planned in an attempt to raise the deteriorating morale of the terrorists who had to flee under the army’s strikes in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city.

Later, a military source said that army units restored security and stability to al-Marjeh and al-Sheikh Lutfi neighborhoods in Aleppo, and are pursuing the remaining terrorists in the area.

The source also said that the army units established control over Tallet al-Shurta (hill) after conducting intensive operations against the terrorist organizations to the east of Aleppo city and eliminating their gatherings.”



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  • Space Ghost

    Well Obama? Go on… let’s hear this one. If possible, the more you talk, the more ridiculous you, Cuomo, Blitzer, Cooper, Amanpour, and company look.

    Go ahead and give a dumb explanation on it–don’t pass it off to Kerry The Minion or CNN… take this one yourself. Your legacy has no were to go but up, so give it a shot.

  • Mike

    They should NOT be allowed to live and fight another day. Why allow these people to crate misery elsewhere. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Oh!, and by the way, if any US consultants are captured, I say ransom them to the US, call it a repayment to help build the country they were complicit in destroying.

  • Angie

    Fantastic news! I’ve been sharing Vanessa and Eva’s posts like crazy, including the footage of joyful Aleppans. What will the ‘lamestream’ idiots try to tell us tomorrow? Can’t wait to find out and have a good laugh! XXX

    • Andrew_Nichols

      Absolute silence so far. Noone on the ground anymore if they ever were. It’d be telling now if they Whitecaps/Banana etc tweeted once more as it would almost certainly reveal that they are in Turkey. Dont worry – we havent heard the last of this agitprop. They’ll take up the BS in Idlib and Raqqa as soon as the Syrian Coalition turns up.

      • Vanessa Beeley

        Actually BBC are on the ground LOL. Just keeping very quiet. I was told in that they are here yesterday by Govt ministry of info in Damascus.

      • Alex Ocana

        I was able to locate from some of the footage of Bana Banana (nickname used affectionately, I can’t blame children for the shit their parents do) as being in the Al Sha’ar neighborhood near the central park and also an attempt to designate her block as a hospital (Alabed Hospital) on Wikimapia. Two other Google Map forensic jockies independently came up with the same place. I posted my data on Facebook and some on commentary here at 21st.

        The NY Times (may they rot in the used toilet paper receptacle aka MRUTP) has just published a confirmation (for what it is worth) of the satellite data leading them to the same place. I am not saying this because I support her mother’s (if its her mother) propaganda but because its where the data has led. All ways I hate bullshit from wherever it comes, but I will not ever blame little children.

        I would imagine the Whiterats are hiding under their sisters’ black burkhas and snorting nitrous oxide to make their voices squeaky.

  • Analyze_This_88

    Yes! I wish I could see the look on that cold creature Samantha Power’s face right now… Kerry’s face just fell off, Hillary is reaching for the pills, and OBAMA, the great Obama – your “legacy” just got flushed down the toilet. Epic fail. You are responsible for all the innocents who’ve been sacrificed for your narcissistic Dirty War and obsession with REGIME CHANGE.

    • christianblood

      Very well-said, indeed!

    • James Oneill

      from the clips shown on tv of the recent kerry/lavrov meeting, i noticed samantha power didn’t seem to be at the table. I don’t suppose she’ll be climbing out from under her rock anytime soon now either 😀

    • arnieus

      Powers, Obama, Kerry, Hillary and others are just lackeys. One more time. LACKEYS! What lackeys want is irrelevant. You have to go up several floors to the real culprits in all this shameful American policy.

    • Mike

      Yep, not much news coming out of the State Dept is there. Trying to hide the mess they are creating in Mosul no doubt.

  • Bjørn Sandnes

    Fantastic news! Now the shit-scared “journalists” of the mainstream media might take the chance to get in and report the truth – but I doubt it!

  • Alex Ocana

    Vanessa Beeley, I am very happy you are in Syria for the liberation of Aleppo. We need as many trusted journalists as possible to report the truth. There are some things I would like to see verified:

    1. They aren’t finding any civilians of the 250,000 (100,000 children) reported by the western press. We shall see tomorrow I am sure. A more realistic figure I posted a report some days ago was 60,000 civilians, many of whom are families of the terrorists. Now it may turn out to be more like 15,000, all families of jihadis.

    2. There are reports today that the hospitals liberated today (which were all reported to be bombed, bombed again, all destroyed numerous times over and over the past four months) have been found to be stocked with unused western donated supplies.

    3. Western donated ambulances found being used to transport Al Nusra et al weapons.

    4. Many of the weapons abandoned by the terrorists originated from NATO.

    5. Below the Bana article here on 21st, I commented with a Google Earth image, a reasonable hypothesis (thats more fully explained on my FB) that she was often being photographed or filmed from a location on the central park in the Al Sha’ar District. Two other map forensic types independently came to the same conclusion.

    I wanted to add: I am a Bolivian citizen and am most proud of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela having their ambassador speak up so strongly in the UN yesterday. I know how many lies MSM tries to pass off as truths in the case of my country and Venezuela.

    And finally, I am celebrating tonight knowing any children in the liberated areas will at this very moment, begin to rebuild their lives in their own country. In a few days and weeks, I want to see happy children in Aleppo going to school, eating full meals and playing on the streets without the sounds of gunfire and shelling.

    • Marina Libizova

      Alex, one hospital is not intact. It was bombed and destroyed yesterday by “moderate opposition”. It was Russian field hospital for people of Aleppo. Two Russian doctors were killed, one was terribly wounded

      • christianblood

        Shame the US and the West for backing barbaric jihadists! Glory to Russia! Long Live Assad!

      • Alex Ocana

        Yes, I have been following almost 24/7 from a number of trusted, verifiable reporters and people in Syria, and also heard the Venzuelan ambassador to the UN speak forcefully about it to the deaf ears of the nutcase lying UK and USA ambassadors.

        Being a Bolivian I am one of many unconnected neutral Internet observers and have a damn good bullshit meter. I am trying to document a verifiable Internet history of the liberation of Aleppo on my FB page (which unfortunately no one reads).

        What I have been seeing is that the criminal gangs in E. Aleppo commonly used schools and hospitals as weapons factories, military headquarters and torture chambers. A favored weapon manufactured by Al Qaedah et al gangs are the propane tank bombs shot from “Hell Cannons”. And western MSM has been reported that there was no fuel in E. Aleppo. HTF is anyone going to have fuel if their propane tanks donated by western “charities” are used for bombs by head-chopping criminal gangs?

        Anyone wants to see how these criminal gangs used Hell Canons against civilian targets in W. Aleppo, what their effect is and the configuration of the blast for forensic analysis, can search You Tube for “Syrian Rables Making Self Made Cannon”. I suspect that much of the footage showing blasts from E. Aleppo gangs’ Hell Cannon attacks was blamed the SAA by CNN, BBC et al.

      • James Oneill

        apart from France, has there been any condemnation of this from the West? according to the Guardian, one hour ago, Theresa May (UK) just condemned Russia for bombing Aleppo!! honestly, I’m not making it up :-/

  • whatwaysup


  • whatwaysup

    Wonderful .

  • Wonderful news Vanessa and Patrick! One thwarted NWO chess move is a HUGE win for humanity; and a harbinger of more to come. Kudos all.

  • Freespirit

    The BANKERS, House of Rothschilds just won another War-Look at the DESTRUCTION

  • Gary Scarrabelotti

    Bravo, Syrians! Keep up the fight, poor suffering people. Purge the demons.

  • Zaphod Braden


  • L Garou

    The remaining retreating rebel traitors should be killed to the last man, if at all possible. Putting a bounty on them is a good place to start.
    Any pipe dream ideas about reforming or rehabilitating these miscreants is simply another definition of insanity..
    (double for mercenaries)

  • Brad Isherwood
  • LeseMajeste

    I hope and pray that the Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalians, etc can one day forgive WE the People for letting a bunch of unhinged banker bitches run the country and spread their terror far and wide.

    Until the privately owned bank, the FED is shut down and the power to issue debt-free currency is returned to the people, nothing much will change.