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21WIRE.TV SPECIAL: ‘INSIGHT VOX – Smart Power & The NGO Complex’

21st Century Wire says…

Here is the latest pilot release of our joint production with the UK Column – a new in-depth discussion and debate program called ‘INSIGHT.’ The first pilot instalment released earlier this summer was entitled, The Battle for Eurasia, and we some received great feedback this. This latest ‘INSIGHT VOX’ version is a special in-studio, one-on-one interview format for the INSIGHT series.

Before it airs publicly, we’d like to share this preview of the second full pilot episode with our members here at 21WIRE.TV first…

INSIGHT VOX – EPISODE 2: ‘Smart Power & The NGO Complex’ – This is a subject which very few mainstream media journalists or editors will dare to tackle for fear of being attacked politically – for criticizing what was (until now) an ‘untouchable’ sector of international non-governmental ‘NGO’ and charity organizations. Are these NGOs being used for neocolonial subterfuge and in promoting warfare and violence internationally? We’ll find out on this special in-studio edition of INSIGHT VOX hosted by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and featuring special in-studio guest, writer and journalist, Vanessa Beeley.

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If you would like to learn more about this important subject, please visit this research paper posted at 21st Century Wire entitled, AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex.

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