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Belgium Redux? A History of European Bombings

21st Century Wire says…

In the wake of the recent Brussels Attacks this week, readers should be aware of Europe’s very real and sordid history of NATO intelligence carrying out terror attacks on European soil – against its own citizens.

This is historically referred to as Operation GLADIO.

It’s crucial that we understand what happened, in order to consider what might also be happening today…

Brasscheck TV

Before the complete lockdown of the Anglo-American news media, occasionally some good stuff made it to air. 

Then it was made to disappear. That’s the case with this video. But someone recorded it off the TV (thank you VCRs!) and uploaded it to YouTube. How long this important document will last is anyone’s guess, but this is the mother lode. It shows how the CIA organized an army of terrorists from among right wingers and organized crime (often the same people) to stage false flag terror events through Europe (and the world) to undermine regimes it didn’t like.

Note: “Staged” violence does not mean that people don’t die. It means that the source of the violence is deliberately obscured. Hundreds of entirely innocent people were killed in these operations.

Anyone who thinks modern America is immune from this kind of sick double-dealing is living in a dream world.

The last time there was a wave of bombings in Europe, they were conducted not by “terrorists” but by European governments
and fascist allies of the US.

Operation Gladio… Belgium figured significantly in these operations.

Note: The video starts with a little bit of French and Italian, but there are subtitles. Stick with it. This is a very important

Film: GLADIO (1992, BBC)
Director: Allan Francovich

READ MORE BRUSSELS ATTACKS NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Brussels Attacks



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  • Taste McGovern

    In the comments below the ‘Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary’ BBC video on youtube you will notice a comment by DTD110865 who includes a link in their post to http://web.archive.org/web/20080410031530/http://usinfo.state.gov/media/Archive/2006/Jan/20-127177.html. The info on this page is meant to debunk the Gladio theory. Two obvious issues with this info 1) it’s by the state department (nuff said), 2) it’s not a live document, only found on web.archive.org. Im not sure whether the state department purges old documents, but surely this one was important enough to keep. Obviously not. Just putting this out there,…

    • HENK-2

      Gladio was for real.

      In 1953/1954 I was a conscript in the Dutch Army.

      There were no external enemies.

      We were to protect the monarchy and government because the plutocrats were financing groups of civilians.

      The rich were scared that Western Europe would become communist which was reasonably popular and after all, the USSR broke the German Army.

  • QV3

    BELGIUM. Home to NATO. & the United Spawns of Satan america’s CIA GLADIO.


    NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe

  • L. A. McDonough

    Western Europe is trashed, Islamic invaders have taken over!!. The EU leaders are globalist puppets bent on trashing their countries for multiculturalism. The EU males are gelded sissified cowards unable to think critically and act to save their countries, heritage and families. Apathy and self indulgence is the norm Sorry useless losers, they get what they deserve. When the executions start, they will passively line up to be killed and/ or watch their women raped. EU citizens are mentally challenged.

    • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

      I suppose you live in the US…..

      • L. A. McDonough

        I live in Alabama. If you are in the EU or GB I would get the hell out before the killing starts en masse.

        • HENK-2

          I would the hell get out of the USA.

      • Mr Reynard

        I concur with the above & I don’t live in the US ??
        Judeo political correctness has gelded the European goyim ??

    • Halfevl333

      Great post…and totally true…

  • Mudhole

    Gladio was absolutely real, but these latest Gladio operations are virtual operations- the events are staged and both villains and victims are electronic constructs rather than real people.

  • Michael

    I was watching that documentary yesterday. I thought it was an important time to watch such a docu. All these incidents seem to follow a very tired pattern, which feeds scepticism about the official narrative.

    I just got up to the second part where the ‘terrorism’ starts. I need to continue watching. Important stuff.

  • Alleged Comment

    Who are letting in these sub-humans? That is the question you should be aksing. There you will find the REAL culprit.

    Nobody ask these questions because you will have the ANSWER and nobody wants the answer because the solution would shut down websites such as yours.

    Too many people making too much money and too much power off the “Moslem” problem.

    • Bruce Barry

      sub-humans? i bet you’re a big Trump supporter. 88

      • L. A. McDonough

        They are sub human, demonic (Muslims), and you are a Hillary the lying crooked witch supporter for sure.

    • HENK-2

      They can come in because the European political prostitutes did and do take money from the USA which wants the EU and created it on behalf of the City of London and the inbred, murdering paedophiles of the British monarchy.

      Go to tarpley.net and read the book: Against Oligarchy.