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Paris: Prelude to WW3? ‘HUMANITY vs INSANITY’ host Ian Crane talks with Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire says…

In the wake of the deadly Paris Attacks this week, fear and mass hysteria are now the order of the day, but is there much more going on here than the mainstream media are telling us?

HUMANITY vs INSANITY says, “Mass Casualty Exercises in the morning is the most significant clue to Paris being yet another STAGED event … Pure theatre for the gullible masses, who are sleepwalking their children into a Totalitarian maelstrom. Within a decade Guantanamo Bay will seem like a Holiday Camp.” Unless…

While the world remains obsessed with the west’s version of the “ISIS Conspiracy”, host Ian Crane talks with 21WIRE writer Patrick Henningsen about other alternative possibilities which not being analyzed by mainstream media and western political leaders right now. Watch:

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