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L’Exercice Pratique: Paris Terror Attack – The Road So Far


Another terrorist attack in France, and another opportunity for moral signaling on social media and more self-righteous bloviating for the media operatives at CNN. But before everyone gets ahead of themselves and dives head first into the pre-fabricated media narratives and the trendy, therapeutic social media #hashtags and Facebook profile picture filters, now is a good time to stop for a few moments and take a serious look at some of the news items surrounding the the Paris terrorist attacks that probably won’t get prime time on Anderson Cooper 360.

By now many of us will have already heard that the passport of one of the alleged attackers has been magically recovered [1], but what other chestnuts are waiting to be discovered behind the shifting, incoherent mainstream narrative?

L’ Exercice Pratique: Patrick Pelloux of Je Suis Charlie fame and misfortune.

The appearance of a certain Dr. Patrick Pelloux on the scene certainly should peak our curiosity. Pelloux is now an old hat when it comes to terrorist attacks in France, having previously been a “survivor” of the Charlie Hebdo shootings earlier this year. This time around Dr. Pelloux, already dubbed a hero by the media, was on the scene of the attacks to supposedly acting in his medical capacity as a ‘first responder’.

Now, his appearance may not be all that interesting in and of itself, but the comments he gave to the French media certainly are. Though a self-described leftist, Pelloux gave some vague statements that seemed to indicate his desire to see the French national security state expanded, with presumably more powers being granted to the police and the intelligence services to surveil and detain suspects.

SEE ALSO: France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Gov’t Decree

The fact that these ever more expansive state powers never seem to stop the threats they’re supposed to seems lost on Mr. Pelloux. But even more interesting are comments Pelloux made on France Info radio, admitting that a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) was already on going during the attacks.

This is the same scenario on display during the London 7/7 bombings which transpired on the same day and hit the exact same targets as those being ‘practiced’ in that government-sanctioned terrorism drill. Who knew?

Listen to Patrick Pelloux’s incredible slip here:

Sadly, we cannot expect the crack journalists at CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The Guardian, or France 24 to follow up on the claim made by Mr. Pelloux.

The continuous presence of drills along side terrorist attacks and mass shootings is as interesting to the mainstream media as the tuna sandwich you ate for lunch yesterday.

But moving on from that, the details surrounding the alleged suspects is something that can also shed some light on the nature of this event. If you guessed that those fingered for the attack (all now conveniently dead) were known to French and other European domestic intelligence agencies then you would be right. According to news reports, one of the identified suspects was a 30-year-old French national that was “known to police” for his links to radical Islamic circles. What exactly did police know and what steps did they take, or fail to take, based on their knowledge of the suspects’ radical activities? Answers are not likely to be forthcoming. But it’s important to note, that in all too many previous attacks or attempted attacks involving radical Muslims – from the staged spectacle at Garland, Texas last spring, to the Charlie Hebdo shootings last January, the suspects were well known to domestic intelligence agencies and police, a telltale sign of a false flag operation according to writer Jay Dyer.

Finally, it should be noted that approximately two weeks before last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, CIA director John Brennan met with France’s security chief Bernard Bajolet, alongside former ranking spooks from Britain and Israel, for a forum discussing cyber and “homeland” security. It may very well be a coincidence in timing, but it would certainly be interesting to know what conversation went on between the two men in private.

Now the significance of any one of the items mentioned here is certainly up for debate, and certainly as new details come out over the few days and weeks we may be able to get a better idea of what transpired last Friday. But a critical debate is exactly what we won’t get, at least not from the mainstream media and political establishment, which will be more interested in peddling cynical narratives that serve their particular agendas relating to domestic surveillance and their foreign policy shenanigans toward Syria.

[1] Greek authorities are reporting that the Syrian passport allegedly found at one of the attack sites was used by a Syrian refugee who passed through Greece on his way into Western Europe. If one of the Paris suspects is identified as having come with the recent and highly politicized ‘Migrant Crisis’ wave of Middle Eastern refugees and migrants into Europe this will have a serious political impact on countries like Germany and Sweden where leaders have enacted increasingly unpopular policies of resettling large numbers of migrants in their countries. Poland’s incoming president as already cited the Paris attacks as justification to refuse EU-quotas for refugee resettlement.

For more in-depth analysis on the Paris Attacks, listen to this special 5 hr omnibus episode of the Sunday Wire here:

READ MORE PARIS ATTACK NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Paris Attack Files

  • dmorista

    Nice succinct and and cogent exposition on this latest fishy event. And, of course, such events are always coordinated with some set of problems to be solved, psyops goals, and/or policy agendas of the various country’s individual and coordinated globalized “Deep State” apparatus. Right now in Europe there are grassroots movements resisting biometric ID cards, state and corporate intrusions into personal data and privacy, further military confrontations with Russia and involvement in Syria,there has been significant resistance in the British Parliament to further warlike activities, and there is a major investigation of Tony Blair that was starting to look like an indictment was forthcoming for his role in promoting the Iraq War. Also, interestingly, the French and Parisian authorities were bracing for expected massive Climate and anti-Austerity protests in Paris at the upcoming Climate Conference; All these are now likely to be pushed aside in the post-event hysteria.

    The passport, with the Greek Island entry stamp, so conveniently dropped by the the supposed killers (now obligingly dead of course, and as we all know “dead men tell no tales”) is a typical part of such an event. Remember, going back to the progenitor of the modern false flag terror / assassination operations the JFK murder, the official “investigators” actually found two wallets with the Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell ID cards, that very Hidell identity being key to tying the patsy in that event to the supposed murder weapon, see . As it turned out, when it became apparent that the fact that there were two wallets (one “found” at the J. D. Tippet murder site and the other on Oswald when he was arrested), and that this would be a sticking point, the issue was buried and the Tippet scene wallet was sent on to the FBI 4 days later never to be seen again.

    One hopeful sign is that it seems that the shelf life, for the patriotic and jingoist fervor whipped up these operations, seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Europeans, much longer subjected to these sorts of ruling class machinations, were always more skeptical, and had to be constantly assaulted with false flag terrorism during the Gladio period, to be manipulated into scapegoating the various parties and movements of the left. In the U.S. the JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X murders (and clearly the beginning of the not altogether positive suspicious attitude of Americans towards their governmental authorities), while immediately drawing work by investigators who questioned what had happened, worked the hoped for effect on the mass of the people for a couple of decades. The 9-11 attacks drew immediate large scale internet based skepticism and now, recent polls show that among self identified members of the Democratic Party, over 50% think it was an inside job. Still below many European levels (as we may safely assume such a belief is much lower among self-identified Republicans), but significant all the same.

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    • sammy gravano

      there is a major investigation of Tony Blair that was starting to look like an indictment was forthcoming



      • dmorista

        I don’t know where you formed you “erudite” opinion on this, Fox News perhaps or some other propaganda and disinformation outlet for the Deep State that is behind so much of the violence and mayhem in the world. An obvious troll you are there sammy boy. A couple of sources for my statement are found below. Be sure to pass them on to Cass Sunstein and the thought police.

        UK’s former Director of Public Prosecutions (2003-2008) Sir Ken Macdonald stated ““The degree of deceit involved in our decision to go to war on Iraq becomes steadily clearer. This was a foreign policy disgrace of epic
        proportions …” Referring to the CNN interview he witheringly dismissed Blair’s performance saying: “ … playing footsie on Sunday morning television does nothing to repair the damage.”

        In another example of informed comment on this issue, Ian Williams, Senior Analyst with Foreign Policy in Focus, New York, stated “… it’s increasingly serious enough to be worrying to him. And I think Tony Blair is rapidly joining Henry Kissinger and Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet and other people around the world.

        Now, he’s got to consult international lawyers as well as travel agents, before he travels anywhere, because there’s said, (may be) prima facie case for his prosecution either in British courts or foreign courts under universal jurisdiction or with the International Criminal Court, because there is clear evidence now that he is somebody who waged an illegal war of aggression, violating United Nations’ Charter and wasresponsible for all of those deaths.” .


        • sammy gravano

          There’s wishful thinking and there’s ‘an indictment coming’.

          I’m afraid all you’ve got is wishful thinking.

          • dmorista

            It is much harder to indict a well connected high level servant of the rich like Blair than it is to imprison a poor street criminal; there is a much longer build-up. And when people like a former Director of Public Prosecutions start to opine in the manner above the process has begun. But already arch war criminals like Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney have to be careful where they go, there are numerous countries in the world where they would be arrested. It took decades but eventually Augusto Pinochet (one of your heroes perhaps) ended up charged with war crimes in Spain by a brave jurist there. It took a couple of years for him to wriggle out the situation and he slithered back to Chile permanently afterwards. The generals of the Dirty War in Argentina were finally brought to justice, largely by the efforts of the Mothers of the Disappeared who walked silently around the central plaza in Buenos Aires one Sunday a month for years. The U.S. and U.K. have descended to banana republic status in their judicial and electoral systems, but one never knows how these things will turn out in the end. Jail em!

  • NA Br

    Brilliant article! I’m so sick of the ANTI-Islam/Muslims (including refugees) on the
    news, including in Europe; now blaming ALL Muslims as usual; and calling for morebarbaric NAZI-like racist/fascist warson Muslims in Europe/West and the Muslim World, especially on the TORTURED-enough-YOUNG Muslims!

    I wonder why when Christians and Jews attacked Muslims in the Muslim World including MILLIONS of Muslim babies/youths/women/oldpeople/men being savagely bombed to pieces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, no one is labelled as “Christian/Jewish” terrorists (although we know that the leaders are of Satanic Nazi-Zionist-mass murderers/rapists/organ traffickers/cannibals – who have overtaken N*TO and the Wes*ern world including by destroying Catholicism, and also created IS/ISIS)!

    Even RT surprisingly seems to be INFILTRATED by Zionist agents, who are screaming the same racist hysterical shrill of the Nazi/Zionist-led rightwing terrorists ! We know that the Left movement in Europe/West have been infiltratedsimilarly, so the suspicious self-professed-‘leftie’ Mr. pellox there is not surprising! After all, NAZI-ZIONISTHebdo claimed to
    be a ‘Leftist’ paper too – imagine that!

  • John C Carleton

    One gets where one can smell their work, and i am not talking about the whipping boy Muslims.

  • Shoestring911

    Here is more information about the training exercise that was held in Paris on Friday, just a few hours before the terrorist attacks began.

    Emergency doctor Patrick Pelloux told The Guardian: “That morning, the emergency services in Paris had actually done a training exercise for a major terrorist attack. We were well prepared.” (Source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/15/paris-attacks-medic-we-were-treating-war-wounds-made-by-war-weapons )

    The Sunday Times reports: “Pelloux was also on duty on Friday night, and said yesterday that the death toll could have been much higher if the hospitals had not been practising for a mass casualty event. Only a few hours earlier on Friday, emergency-response teams had held a drill for ‘multisite’ attacks involving the dispersal of casualties to five designated trauma centres. When the real thing erupted that evening, the emergency services were prepared, said Pelloux, but even so the scale and severity of many of the injuries was ‘terrifying’.” (Source: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/National/Terrorism/article1633523.ece or http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/paris-terror-attacks/paris-attacks-why-terrorists-may-have-chosen-rock-venue/story-fnyenpo3-1227609671731?sv=16d00d68f8008af524bdbd2c837abfb1 )

  • Shoestring911

    Its perhaps worth noting that there were a couple of bomb scares in Paris earlier on Friday, before the terrorist attacks occurred.

    According to the New York Times: “The day had begun with ominous warnings: bomb threats at the German soccer team’s hotel and at Gare de Lyon, one of the city’s train stations. Trains coming into the station were halted or rerouted as officers combed the building for explosives. The hotel was also searched. Time passed. Then the police reopened the station. It was a bomb scare. They happen fairly often in Paris. The city resumed its rhythms, unaware of what was to come.” (Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/14/world/europe/paris-terror-attack.html )

    Xinhua reported: “Gare de Lyon, one of Paris’ main train stations, was evacuated Friday afternoon following a bomb alert, according to local media. Hundreds of passengers were forced to leave the station after a bomb threat had been posted on social networks, news channel BFMTV said citing a police source. The alert was lifted at 1500 local time (1400 GMT), according to the report.” (Source: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-11/13/c_134814268.htm )

    The Guardian reported that the German football team was evacuated from its hotel “following a bomb threat on Friday morning. The Hotel Molitor said an anonymous caller phoned in the threat at 9.50am local time and that members of Germany’s squad, who face France later on Friday, and all other guests were immediately evacuated. Police with sniffer dogs went on site to check for potential explosives and a security perimeter was established around the hotel.” (Source: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/nov/13/germany-evacuated-paris-hotel-bomb-threat )

    • anna miller

      Drills and ramping up the public into fear, all part of the plan.

  • Shoestring911

    Another piece of evidence worth noting: Mark Colclough, who witnessed a gunman attacking a café during the attacks on Friday, gave a description of the shooter that suggests the man was someone with a military background. Colclough described: “If you think of what a combat soldier looks like, that is it – just without the webbing. Just a man in military uniform, black jumper, black trousers, black shoes or boots and a machine gun. Maybe a woolly hat. He was left handed and shooting in bursts of three or four shots. It was fully intentional, professional bursts of three or four shots.” (Source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/14/paris-attack-witness-he-was-dressed-in-black-professional-shooting-and-killing )

    • PancakeLover

      ‘Man who fired weapon may have had experience of firing weapons’. Shit, NOW I am convinced.

    • PancakeLover

      I mean, you have to have some pretty high level connections to get hold of those, you know, black trousers.

  • Shoestring911

    Here’s something else worth noting: One survivor told Sky News that he was in the Bataclan concert hall and saw the attackers. He said that one of the gunmen had **white skin and blonde hair**. (Source: http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/14/paris-attacks-details-emerge-of-the-three-teams-who-killed-129-people-5502342/ )

    • anna miller

      Info regarding the Bataclan Theatre in Paris:

      • NA Br

        Anna, interesting video about the Satanic band, which played in ISrael! Well, don’t forget, the pure racist and supremacist political ideology, Zioni*m, constructed by the ZionistRothschild Empire, has nothing to with Judaism (see http://www.truetorahjews.org/antisemitism , Zionism and Anti-Semitism, By True Torah Jews: against Zionism?!), but with Satanism, worshippingthe Cannibal ‘god’ BAAL/EL (i.e. Lucifer)!

  • FreeSatellite

    The West and its governments are occupied by occultism of Freemasonry, which have infiltrated the highest positions of governmental institutions.

    To understand the degree of occultism in security forces and governmental bodies,
    you have to read more about Freemasons, and their activities.

    But, as the last events in Paris take place, they have chosen to attack the Freemasonry Watch website, and put it down. The website was full of information on Freemasons all over the world, their activities and participation in governmental

    The massage from the website owner:
    Freemasonry Watch Attacked by the Masons:


    The URL for Freemasonry Watch which you
    have a link for on your website is now: http://www.freemasonwatch.freepress-freespeech.com/1index.html

    Freemasonry is basically occultism of Judaism, turning it to agnosticism. Or in other words, the diversion of Gods teaching from the bible – the opposite of Judaism, or in simple word “devil worship”.

    • NA Br

      We have to go back all the way to the Satanic Rothschild Empire-constructed Protestant-Catholic 30 Years’ War between 1618-1648, that led to the mass murder of Germany’s/Europe’s Catholic Kings and Queens of the Holy Roman Empire [starting by infiltrating the (informal) Illuminati and the Freemason movement in the 15th, century, and later on in modern history, constructed formally the Illuminati movement in Germany in 16th. c, and the complete control of the Freemason movement, also in the 16th. century, and the formation f the Zionist Empire in 17th. c., that ultimately founded the TERRORIST modern colonial regime of ISrael in 18th. c.!

      The anti-Catholic wars culminated in the French Revolution in 1789, that
      champions like wild Social Darwinist BEASTS, “equality, liberty and fraternity” – starting by chopping up the heads of the guardian of Catholicism in Europe, the French King/Queen and their whole generation, and the weakening of the Catholic Church in France until today, then followed in 1917, by raping/mass murdering/robbing the Catholic Russian Tzar/Empress and their whole children/generation! So, actually, the so-called ‘enlightened/secular’ revolution was to legitimize the Satanic philosophy of a borderless EVIL=GOOD (i.e. Satan/Lucifer supposedly ‘equals’ to God) ; by destroying any religion or societal moral values that stands in its way, in order to form “”Novus Ordo Seclorum” – a New World Order, or One World Government”, on earth.´, in the ultimate defiance of God.

      Because any religion or moral values, especially if ANTI -homosexuality/free sex-pornography/abortion/bestiality etc. are simply not acceptable to the Satanists, who are masquerading as “‘enlightened’ secularists, liberals or Christians/Jews”!

  • T-Rex

    Good article laying our the drill – I think they NEED the drills in order to stage these bogus terrorist events so that they can mobilze and coordinate with the mainstream media productions.

  • LocalHero

    I have seen nothing; not one photo, not one video, that makes me believe that this event was real and that people were actually killed or injured. Not one. It’s their claim that this occurred – it’s their duty to prove their claim.

    • sammy gravano

      You know they do medication now for … people like you.

      • dmorista


    • Gerry1211

      Valid point

  • T-Rex

    Glad that this 21st Century Wire website didn’t cower and blink on either Charlie Hebdo and Friday’s Paris jobs as false flags – unlike the sell-out pussies at Infowars and British operative Paul Joseph Watson who played gate keeper during Hebdo and folded last Jan. abandoning the false flag analysis and then blaming Charlie Hebdo on “liberals” and “political correctness”, claiming that the non-gunman were actually ISIS. Watson obviously didnt read the GLADIO files or he’s just a British plant (which seems to be the case). He quotes other UK establishment hacks like Charlie Skelton (birds of a feather shill together) and mainstream talking points in the video below. Watson and Infowars wants to convince the mentally challenged flock at Infowars that the Hebdo gunman were really “Islamic extremists” and not part of the GLADIO op. They try to play both sides to keep their kids coming back to Infowars, but then go for the “liberals are to blame” FOX line. Keep intel agency-GLADIO involvement swept under the rug and just regurgitate FOX News talking points. “Je Suis Charlie” from Infowars. That’s when I figured out who is managing that “alternative” media outfit. Sickening.

    Here is Watson’s tweet that gave away their game:

    And here’s his dirty little CIA/MI5 Mockingbird video:

  • Shoestring911

    Here’s another important piece of evidence. Mahoud Admo, a witness to the attack at Le Belle Equipe restaurant, described the gunman he saw as “white, clean shaven,” and with “dark hair neatly trimmed.” He looked “about 35 and had an extremely muscular build. … He looked like a weightlifter.” Admo said the gunman and his driver “looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation.” (Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/paris-attack-witness-says-black-6834503 )
    These don’t sound much like Muslim terrorists to me.

    • PancakeLover

      Yeah, those Muslim wimps wouldn’t know one end of a dumbbell from another. I mean, they certainly wouldn’t know anything about military operations right?

  • Gerry1211

    At the very first mention of THREE men walking into a full theater with AK-47s I smelled a rat. Especially in France, after numerous attacks no one walks around with AK-47s without being stopped UNLESS….this was a drill.
    Qui Bono?

    • PancakeLover

      I am guessing from your spelling that you are from the US. On a point of information, in most European countries walking around with an AK 47 is likely to attract attention at ANY time. Yeah, why didn’t the box office staff or cloakroom attendant stop them? Sure smells fishy to me.

      • sammy gravano

        Hmm, have you tried to stop anyone carrying an AK-47 recently?

        • PancakeLover

          My fault – among the wacko opinions here, I can see how my post might have been taken at face value. It was intended to be ironic.

        • dmorista

          Says sammy the secret police agent troll.

      • Gerry1211

        I as born, raised and educated in Europe(Continent) and still have a condo there. Does it make a different whether I spell theater or theatre? Electronic Security was entirely down in Paris during the attacks according to Paul Craig Roberts.(???)…another is John Bennan coming to Paris meeting with with his French counterpart. (???) two weeks ago.
        Conveniently finding a passport next to a blown-apart body is a red flag Remember the passport conveniently left in a car after the Charlie Hebdo killings?

        You like pancakes? Come to Holland. One pancake is a whole meal.

  • Shoestring911

    Here’s another witness description of a white gunman involved in the Paris attacks. This is from Newsweek: “[O]ne of the witnesses at the Bataclan theater attack described to BFMTV that one of the attackers he saw was ‘pretty small, white and looked like a European.'” (Source: http://europe.newsweek.com/paris-attackers-336547 )

  • sammy gravano

    Pssst, you’re all bonkers.

    • Gerry1211

      Says the inmate from the asylum

    • dmorista

      And you are an NSA troll!

  • Maxx Headroom

    The west has a treasure trove of patsies, i.e. Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nursa, Daesh, ISIS, etc. that it uses for its’ blame game and regime change operations. This well-timed distraction helps the US-backed Syrian government look good while taking the focus off of the fact that a main US patsy, ISIS, is getting demolished by the Russians.

  • Crisis actors and compartmentalized 1st responders get as much TV time as prime time players these days. Who said you needed to go to Hollywood or Broadway to take part in the play? These days, the world being a stage is as obvious as these staged events!

  • Manuela Montesano

    Really,I don’t care about your ‘know it all attitude’, the only thing that I care about is people dead in the attack,nothing more, nothing less. Despite what you may think, we’re not a bunch of idiots, we all knew before what was going on and what was going on during the centuries. Is not only about Paris, is about ‘innocent people’ used as scapegoats to move away ‘public attention’ from the real issue : ‘little people domination’.This, unfortunately, will never end until every single of these ‘men’ will be in charge, until , for them, greed for money, power and control, will have way more ‘value’ than an human being’s life.

  • margaret Bartley

    This webpage is irritating! how can I listen to a video when noise comes blaring in as soon as I log on the page, and the only way to turn it off is to mute the speakers, which means I can’t hear the video. You should let people choose whether or not they want to hear the soundtrack playing.