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Sin City: ‘Vegas Shooters’ Had Relationship With Police – Active Shooting Drills Gave Backdrop

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

This past weekend we were told that a ‘shooting spree’ occurred about five miles from the Vegas strip, a place better known for its seedy sin-filled entertainment, mafia-run blackjack tables, high-roller roulette and closed door prostitution.

The Casino-laden city appears to be a permanent stage for criminal activity of a new sort…

The highly publicized Las Vegas shooting that involved a husband and wife that had apparently filled a shopping cart full of weapons and ammunition seemed to be shocking at first glance, however, after it was revealed that the couple walked some four miles to take the lives of two metropolitan police officers at close range inside CiCi’s pizzeria, something seemed amiss as there wasn’t a clear motive.

The Midwestern couple had been staying with their close friend Kelley Fielder for two weeks prior to the seemingly random attack, after suspiciously making their way across the country from Indiana. According to reports, that same couple entered a nearby Walmart on foot and were found to have engaged in a shootout with Joseph Wilcox, a man who attempted to stop the estranged couple using his legally concealed firearm before police could arrive. The fact that this part of the story was noticeably absent from any of the early mainstream reporting suggests that this didn’t fit in with the biased media narrative on active shooter events and shootings as a whole.

Initially, the Sheriff’s Office, along with major media outlets had incorrectly characterized the incident as a “suicide pact”, later admitting that suspected shooter Jerad Miller was actually gunned down by police, while his wife Amanda Miller is said to have taken her own life – or so the story goes.

IMAGE: ‘The Cinderella Story’ – prime suspects in a Las Vegas area shooting – Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda on their honeymoon in Cincinnati in 2012, prior to their apparent gun-wielding ambush on police and Walmart shoppers. Red flags went up everywhere for patriots after it was revealed that Jerad Miller, one of the alleged shooters, had made a call for a “revolution,” at the scene of the crime. (Photo from WPCO)

IMAGE: The ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ – Jerad playing the anarchy-laden comic villain ‘The Joker’ with his wife Amanda as the villainous sidekick ‘Harley Quinn.’ Jerad is said to have worked as a street performer in downtown Vegas after having been unemployed. Strangely, one of Jerad’s Facebook friends commented on this photo asking if Jerad was getting ‘contract’ work, there was no reply from Jerad on the matter, as Amanda stated it was ” not his contract.”  Amanda’s Facebook profile listed that she worked at the popular craft store Hobby Lobby. How did the couple afford to get across the country? We’re told they sold all their belongings but would that have been enough to purchase weapons and ammo illegally and pay for gas as well as lodging while they made their way to Vegas? (Photo from Facebook)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 08.26.42
IMAGE: The ‘Million Mask March’ – Jerad Miller seen here among fellow Anonymous supporters in Lafayette Indiana. Many believe the clandestine collective has been infiltrated by paid informants and other government personnel since its inception. Jerad Miller frequently posed as a patriot on his on personal YouTube channel but his messages were contradictory and often promoted violent elements. Miller’s Facebook account said that he graduated from Kennewick High School in Washington State but in a statement released by a spokesperson for the school district “he is not mentioned in any yearbook,” adding,”he might have been a dropout.” (Photo from Facebook)

Strange violence

The seemingly adrenaline fueled ambush which took place just five miles northeast of the strip on Sunday at CiCi’s pizzeria later spilled over into a nearby Walmart, as officers who arrived on scene fired on both suspects after the Millers exchanged gunfire with an armed citizen. A large amount of America still finds it difficult to even discuss anomalies surrounding recent shootings such as Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater, LAX airport shooting, the Tuscon shooting, or the less than a month old Isla Vista theatrical campus rampage. The recent video footage from Walmart looks highly suspect as there was no muzzle flash or recoil, this prompted the police department to admit they shot Jerad, later the video then goes dark when Amanda allegedly shoots herself. It should be mentioned that both individuals would have seemingly fired at police side by side, why would one be in front of another while engaged in an apparent firefight with authorities?

Why haven’t authorities released all of the CCTV footage to let the public decide for themselves what really took place, are they worried that the rest of the footage doesn’t fit into their crafted narrative, like so many other things about the Millers alleged shooting?

Also, how did the Millers gain access to weapons, considering their financial situation and the fact that Jerad was a convicted felon?

These are exactly the kinds of events that have become heavily propagandized and used to distort public perception for a larger agenda, especially when you consider the vitriolic outcry from anti-gun rights groups that have routinely followed so many of these bizarre and unexplained shootings over the years with their polarizing perspective. This brand of politics is directly pushing and pulling at the left/right paradigm and as I’ve mentioned before, usually the person or persons named as being responsible in an ‘active shooter’ event are never around to speak to their suspected crimes, as they supposedly take their own lives, are killed by law enforcement or are they taken into custody and drugged like Jared LoughnerJames Holmes, or Sirhan Sirhan, all of whom have shown signs of being under some type of mind manipulation.

Las Vegas Drills & Terror Defense Funds 

It appears there is also a financial motive to keep threats high in the Vegas area, as Nevada officials have sought to increase their budget for potential terror related activity this year, according to KoloTV in Las Vegas:

Nevada’s Homeland Security Commission on Thursday approved a grant allocation plan that will increase funding for the region’s fusion center to nearly $1.1 million, up from $750,000 this year.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Las Vegas was ranked too low on a threat assessment list to receive federal funding in the current federal budget, a move that brought swift criticism from Nevada officials.

For the coming fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, Las Vegas will receive $950,000 in the special funding. That’s on top of statewide counter terrorism funding totaling $3.5 million.”

They also make mention that funds will be allocated to 20 ongoing programs in the area. Terror security has become a for profit industry to fund counter-terrorism efforts across the country. 

Could those on the inside be gaming the system for political leverage and abusing a threat-based money making business?

It was revealed that Las Vegas has been holding active shooter drills in the past year, most recently on May 17th 2013. There also seems to be several privatized secondary training places for active shooter training. Here is a link to one such training facility called CRI – Counter Terrorism & Crime Training School located in Las Vegas. Note that they specialize in something referred to as ‘The Israeli Method.

Active Shootings, OWS & the Millers relationship to Nevada Police

In this latest violent episode near Sin City, it’s still unclear as to what the motive may have been for alleged shooter’s Jerad Miller and his wife Amandaas both were said to have entered the ‘all-you-can-eat’ pizzeria when officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were stated to be having lunch before the couple mortally wounded them. Then in dramatic, almost scripted fashion, according police the suspected shooter’s draped a Gadsden flag on one officer, an iconic yellow flag which has stood as a symbol of national sovereignty with its coiled rattlesnake slogan, “Don’t tread on me,” while also placing a swastika at the scene. The intelligence community has been seen looking to capitalize on this bizarre shooting as pet-organizations like the SPLC and Stratfor have been quick to establish a political narrative that could be used to demonize constitutional rights in America and anyone showing a dissenting opinion about the federal government in general.

IMAGE: ‘The Dark Knight’ – Amanda Miller shown here also protesting at the ‘Million Mask March’ near her hometown in Indiana. The Millers appeared to fit in amongst other lefty OWS protesters. Indeed, Why Do You Wear That Mask? (photo Facebook)

The Las Vegas shooter duo were directly linked to the one of the largest quasi-political movements in recent history, Occupy Wall Street aka the Occupy Movement. Occupy, along with hacktivist group Anonymous, are both Largely a left-wing formation, it may still come as a surprise to some that Occupy was not only infiltrated and co-opted by White House insiders and its third sector community organizers, but was funded and steered by multimillion dollar think-tanks and foundations from their start. Some have suggested that the Millers were fostering a militant element from within the public protest movement.

Why would Jerad and Amanda later portray themselves to believe in liberty, when their views or actions couldn’t be further from anything considered patriotic?

Defaming patriotism from the inside

Jerad and Amanda’s political ideology was a boiling pot of extremes, as the had attempted to link anarchy with libertarianism and individual rights with a disguised cultural Marxisim, suggesting that the Millers may not have been operating alone, when you consider other anomalies in this case. One online image shows Miller in what appears to be full tactical gear, which further points towards him receiving some kind of assistance along the way. Any rational thinking patriot would question people like the Millers and most likely cast them out – and that’s exactly what happened.

As new details emerge in the Vegas shooting case, it appears that we could be looking at a psy-op or provocateured event, as there is evidence to suggest that the Millers had attempted to congregate in Bunkerville at the Bundy Ranch. The Millers were promptly kicked off the ranch after Jerad’s violent leanings had been disclosed during a major media interview and his long criminal history was exposed. It was also reported that he had been asking for firearms while on location – all of which lead to the Bundy family politely asking the couple to leave. What is clear to most liberty-based individuals is that anyone who is a career criminal, has not shown respect to others rights, couple that with Jerad Miller’s highly sensational video messages and social media rants where he appears to have been playing a role, its difficult to accept the shooting at face value.

The Bundy family has been on record as disavowing and condemning the Millers deranged actions, as Ammon Bundy, son to Cliven Bundy, recently told the Associated Press:

The only thing worse than tyranny is anarchy, and we certainly recognize that.” Continuing, he stated: “Not very many people were asked to leave, I think they may have been the only ones.”

According to a Reuters report, the Millers had cooperated with Nevada police three time this year, giving witness testimony to detectives who had not seen them display any anti-law enforcement sentiment. This directly contradicts information taken from both shooting suspects various social media accounts, as there appeared to be distinct references to violence.

Jerad Miller was said to have had quite an extensive wrap sheet, stealing a car between 2001-2003, multiple drug possession charges throughout the last decade, he was charged with harassment and acquitted on a charge of battery. I find it very hard to believe detectives wouldn’t have found Jerad not to be a possible danger following a routine background check, given that he was a known felon that had recently been under house arrest, especially after it was revealed that he had made a threat to an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) worker over the phone discussing shooting people if he was arrested for non-compliance. He was interviewed by police about the incident in February of this year, then the couple were apparent witnesses to a domestic violence case on April 10th, providing details about the alleged assault and then again met with police to discuss a sexual assault on May 31st.

Do these actions fit with those who had been apparently linked to many anti-police and anti-government statements?

What was the nature of their apparent witness testimony and how is it that a convicted felon could comment about possible murder and be discharged?

Why would an allegedly drugged-out couple who were estranged from Indiana without much of a financial cushion that had no place of their own, who had also obtained firearms illegally, be speaking to police?

The media wants you to believe these were just chance meetings with local police as the Millers were playing the part of ‘good samaritan’s’ following the initial reports that they had met with Police.

Could the couple’s contact with police have been used as a potential cover for an informant role they may have played in the Bundy Ranch standoff with the BLM, given the timeline, you would think so?

According to an article entitled “U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans,” The Special Operations Division or SOD helps to launch criminal investigations into citizens throughout the country for the FBI, CIA and NSA, as the Reuters piece states:

Today, much of the SOD’s work is classified, and officials asked that its precise location in Virginia not be revealed. The documents reviewed by Reuters are marked “Law Enforcement Sensitive,” a government categorization that is meant to keep them confidential.

“Remember that the utilization of SOD cannot be revealed or discussed in any investigative function,” a document presented to agents reads. The document specifically directs agents to omit the SOD’s involvement from investigative reports, affidavits, discussions with prosecutors and courtroom testimony. Agents are instructed to then use “normal investigative techniques to recreate the information provided by SOD.”

Is it possible that SOD also deals with informant programs and if they do, given Jerad Miller’s lack of time served for multiple counts of drug possession after he committed a felony, this might be program in which he would have been well suited for?

Here’s an interesting YouTube post from Humanright2u which examines how government and corporate media nexus swiftly worked to engineer a connection between the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Vegas Shooters to further consolidate power and to mitigate constitutional rights as a reaction to the incident…

Note the clip of Miller playing the part of the ‘Joker’  for maximum effect at the end of the YouTube video in front of an American flag. Anyone who is astute at observing these happenings, would see this as a red flag- as no real patriot would characterize liberty and freedom as anarchy. The implications of the Miller’s violent comic book fantasy has been exacerbated by the multiple videos displaying hostile leanings and this is one more blatant contradiction that I believe exposes his political impersonation meant to discredit patriots.

The Millers posted to a Liberal blog, called Liberal Unite, stirring up forums with a hostile view. This suggests these two had been posing as a liberty-based couple. Watch livingonplanetZ’s YouTube analysis…

There has been a historical record of infiltrators trying to frame patriots within the United States, in the 1990′s, Operation PATCON was used by the FBI to deliberately incite violence through a calculated creep into militia groups and patriot organizations around the country. The left-wing version of this kind of controlled opposition was the Occupy Movement, it’s already well-established how ‘color revolution’ financiers like George Soros and those high up in the banking elite had been guiding protests from their inception. Many people believe that the Oklahoma City Bombing had been aided by the highly controversial PATCON mission.

There was also a recent Hollywood film in 2013 called The East, it was a heavy-handed film where apparent left-wing activists had committed ‘covert attacks’ on corporations that had been implicated in some kind of wrongdoing against the populace. The film also tired to blur the line of political ideology by attempting to mix in patriotic elements with far left radicals, creating a deceptive atmosphere in which to view the characters, activists that seemingly were much more akin to Bill Ayers’s Weather Underground domestic terror group from the 60’s. This kind of ideological mixed-bag has proven to be deceptive in today’s political and pop-culture world as well.

As these active shooting events occur we must keep asking questions and stay vigilant…

READ MORE HOLLYWOOD SECRETS AT: 21st Century Wire Hollywood Files

  • Mitch Mitchell

    It would have nothing to do with distracting the public from the criminal Harry Reid would it?

  • Hannon

    Lol, when they show a bunch of crazies or rather manufactured crazies, it makes even the people who believe these BS shootings, bitterly cling to their guns even more.

    • “manufactured crazies”….I like this description. It’s either their generation are the future leaders of America or they are used as a false flag.

      • Hannon

        Lol, I don’t think they’ll be the leaders. A lot of these people can’t find their way around a Candy Land board game, I doubt they’ll survive an economic collapse. As bad as it sounds, when America implodes, natural selection is going to separate the wheat from the chaff. Half of them are on a bunch of those crazy SSRI meds that’ll kill you if you just stop taking them, and the other half of the population is on heart, blood pressure and diabetes meds, never mind finding clean water, food and warmth in the cold. Everyone is expecting a zombie apocalypse, but I’m guessing it’ll be a hectic week, then we’ll be left with the folks smart enough to get ready for it, and we’ll have better stock to draw leaders from.

  • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

    Yes, we have to do what we can to expose these dark events.

  • Ed Gonzalez

    Ahhhh, if we only didn’t have any guns! This fantastic government would protect us. Ahhhh – Wait-ra-minute! This dang gov’t can’t protect us from 10 year olds coming across the border with a water bottle in their hand! How can they possibly
    protect us from a marauding gang of ms-13 with AK-47’s? Never mind!
    Lock and load! I want oboOmer, jarrett and holder all arrested under the ‘enemy combatant’ act! No trial for 30 years! Just lockem-up!

  • Allan Luft

    As much as I am concerned with the lack of videos released in the killings and watching the short video without the flash and recoils, I’m hesitant to jump to any conclusions based on a couple videos with peoples opinions.
    At this point, it’s all rumors and innuendo. It seems more to me at this point that everyone is trying to distance themselves from any affiliation with the shooters than anything and are spinning their own ideas of how the government was controlling the situation.
    My personal political beliefs have evolved over years and years. From back in the early 1980’s when I first became involved when the big recession hit then and having left wing ideologies, to now where the government would consider me a right-wing, home-grown terrorist because I disagree with the way the system is being run.
    Everybody seems to be trying to get inside Jared’s head now and it just can’t be done.
    People’s beliefs change. Sometimes quickly, sometimes over years.
    I’m not defending his actions by any stretch of the imagination, but we truly don’t know what his influence is, was or how he finally decided to do what he did. Maybe he felt someone needed to fire that first shot to start a revolution, maybe it was a psyop program meant to make patriots look like crazies.
    I studied statistical analysis and this “guessing” who, what, where, when and why is no different that having the ability to make statistics say whatever you want. Fact’s can be twisted when select facts are revealed and other information is left out. Politicians do this all the time by misquoting another potential candidate.
    I personally won’t demonize him for doing what maybe in his own mind he thought he needed to do. Granted, shooting a couple random cops isn’t the answer, but that’s simply my opinion…as are the videos and this article.
    And anyone posting on here should be totally aware that you are being monitored…as is evident from all the background of Jared that is being thrown into the light.

  • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

    I thinks its important to see the connection that terror defense spending has with active shooter drills and when they apparently go live. Think about it, for decades America never had all of these agencies or special divisions to watch over the public domain and were supposed to believe that all of these incidents are just a coincidence. Keeping the threat level high is a for profit industry, just as all wars are bankers wars….

  • andrea mitchell

    the jews did 911, the jews caused the financial collapse and they took tens of trillions of the bailout money and now they are training all the pigs in case any goyim get wise to their crimes and try to do something about it, now they have corrupted the system to the point where they are staging all the fake shootings to disarm us and marginalize anyone politically who goes against their crimes and tyranny ,jews are the ones behind gun control,EVERY gun control bill since 1968 has been written and sponsored by JEWS, hitler was right

    • TheWholeTruth

      It wasn’t the Jews it was the Zionist. There IS a difference.

    • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

      You’re not referring to real Jews, you’re referring to militant Jews known as Zionists, who are in charge of the Israeli government and those who support them. They are war criminals. Many Zionists are also American Congressmen/women, making up 11% of Congress, while Jews account for just 2% of America’s population. Real, common Jews disapprove of what they are doing to America and the Palestinians, just as real, common Muslims disapprove of what militant Muslims are doing. There is also a faction of militant Christians as well.

      • CMRedwood

        One of the most influential persons to aid the liberty movement was the late great Aaron Russo, the director of America Freedom to Fascism and an ethnic Jew. At the top of the global mafia hierarchy are the international banksters (dominated by Zionists), and it is exactly this group Russo attempted to expose in his documentary. Note that portions of the mainstream media (e.g. Bill Moyers) are grudgingly admitting there is a an “oligarchy” or “deep state”, however, it’s a limited hangout as they utterly refuse to discuss the primary role of central bankers and their maneuvers to create a system of authoritarian global governance implemented as a Technocracy. Also highly censored is the concept of problem, reaction, solution. BTW, thanks for your comments on anarchy.

        • andrea mitchell

          yes i am familiar with aaron russo i have seen both of his documentaries freedom to fascisim and the other one , but i am suspect of him for 2 ,no 3 reasons , 1(no proof this nick rockerfeller was part of thee rockerfellers , (rockerfrllers are also jewish BTW, see the the grandees) 2)affiliation with alex jones known zio shill ,3) he directed trading places, one of the many films with foreshadowing of 911 in it , a clock is show ,hands are on 9 and 11 , then it cuts to a shot of the WTC , could he be some sort of controlled opposition , i think it is likely,

          • andrea mitchell

            and oh yeah he is ajew, and he is also affiliated with hollywood which is totally 100% jewish , invented by jews, and run by jews, see neal gabler an empire of their own , it is resonable to suspect he is part of the jewish criminal network,also he worked with bette middler

  • andrea mitchell

    “Anonymous, are both Largely a left-wing formation,”

    not anymore

    • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

      Oh hell no, “Anonymous” is all over the political spectrum, including Hitler’s ideology. Unfortunately “freedom” means different things to different people. Some are even vegetarians who believe in “animal rights.” They think you should be killed or jailed for killing and consuming animals, and that’s the form of government they’d want. There are some pretty scary people out there who shouldn’t be in charge of dust or anything else.

  • andrea mitchell

    miller can be a jewish surname “the third most common Jewish surname in the United States (after Cohen and Levy) is Miller

    consider that jews are behind gun control and the NWO

    also the recent fake “shooting” at the jewish community center was done by someone named miller,frazier glen miller, the jewish zionist media and jew run SPLC , tried to paint both the millers here and the miller guy in the JCC shooting as “antisemites” and

    “white supremacists” ,its all just a coincidence though ,just like this posting of a resturant review of cici’s pizza the week before the vegas “shooting”


    “i dont eat out to WITNESS A REVOLUTION” who says that in a resturant review? it doesnt even make any sense , until you put it into the context of what happened a week later

    the miller in the JCC “shooting” was also connected to law enforcement , and was an FBI informant

  • Matt

    Webster’s defines patriot as; one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests. It defines country as; an area of land that is controlled by its own government. Why would you support these ideas if you were for true freedom? You stated,”…as no real patriot would characterize liberty and freedom as anarchy.” It saddens me deeply that you have such misconceptions on what anarchy is. Anarchy is not chaos, it is the absence of government. There will never be freedom as long as government exists.

    Government –

    : the group of people who control and make decisions for a country, state, etc.

    : a particular system used for controlling a country, state, etc.

    : the process or manner of controlling a country, state, etc.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      You took it out of context. Anarchy is the absence of government, however its stated definition according to Websters is:

      A situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.

      I think this definition would apply to the actions of the Millers, particularly Jerad Miller. BTW – we should still strive to uphold a constitutional republic, which means there is still a code of ethics to govern ourselves by.

      • Matt

        It seems that you are still misunderstanding the core concept of anarchism.
        Full Definition of ANARCHY
        a : absence of government
        b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
        c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government
        a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
        b : absence of order : disorder
        Anarchy inherently includes the good and bad, as does any system. Todays media driven misconceptions of anarchy drive the public to associate it only with chaos and disorder. This makes the concept undesirable to most of society. Society has tried the social experiments of republic and democracy time and time again and it has failed continuously failed. Some one in control will always end up being bought and sold. Here in the US we have a democracy, even though we were meant to have a constitutional republic.
        With regards to the constitutional republic; this still entails a person or group of people with equality to you, getting together and imposing laws over you. This is not freedom. Some one thinking something up, writing it down, then forcing it to apply to you is purely magical thinking. You’ll find more freedom in an anarcho capitalist society. Voluntary human interaction in a truly free market. In order for freedom to exist, no one human or group of humans can ever be allowed to impose their will unto another human being.
        How do you suppose laws in a constitutional republic should be imposed. If it is in any way the use of force or coercion, it is not freedom.
        Definition of FREEDOM
        : the quality or state of being free: as
        a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
        b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence
        c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous
        d : ease, facility
        e : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken
        f : improper familiarity
        g : boldness of conception or execution
        h : unrestricted use
        a : a political right
        b : franchise, privilege
        Society has to be changed as a whole. Freedoms are granted upon birth, not by paper and ink. If you cultivate society to recognize a basic code of ethics and the people are supplied with necessities and wants, there would be no reason for forceful control. Change the state of the human mind and the minds of society as a whole and you change the state of the world.
        I appreciate that you have taken the time to respond. Thank you.

        • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

          The main premise of your position is rooted in the documented definitions of words, specifically anarchy and freedom, both of which we learned through some type of schooling or structured system along the way.

          Language and schooling usurps the very function of anarchy, does it not?

          You have to use a structured string of words in order to describe anarchy or freedom, as well as call upon an outlined and edited book of definitions, that we refer to as the dictionary.

          Does that strike you as odd – to prove your point you have to have utilize a systematic way of relying it or your argument for a different society falls apart?

          Being ensnared with linguistic rules wouldn’t be regarded as freedom, according to your point of view?

          You were ‘saddened’ at my use of the word anarchy, which you think I have erroneously used in the article above. I promptly pointed out the ACTUAL DESCRIPTION of what anarchy IS according to what has largely been regarded as one of the most comprehensive dictionary’s around, Merriam-Webster’s, which you also cited to prove your perspective, ironically.

          Webster’s dictionary was brought to fruition by lexicographer Noah Webster, a known supporter of the Constitution, American independence and the Bible. In the 1828 version of the dictionary, he described the Constitution as such:

          “A system of fundamental principles for the government of rational and social beings.”

          I agree that freedom is given at birth but we all adhere to some sort of ideology or set of principles in society to survive, the vision of a “anarcho capitalist society,” still follows a certain way of viewing something which inherently requires structure and by its very nature DOES NOT ALLOW FREE THINKING.

          To the anarcho-zero, the way to view life in its purest form is either ‘freedom or slavery’ packaged in a voluntary veneer, casting out all other methods but their own, which is not very practical – how would you hold up a society without a standard of virtue if everything is voluntary?

          Here is another look at how anarchy is described by Webster’s in case you missed it the first time, still think it was misused in characterizing the Millers:



          : a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.

          The constitutional republic has been hijacked by central bank planners that have steered America towards ruin. This has been well-documented, not because it was a failed set of guidelines as is often implied.

          Also, I think that your views (which btw you have a right too) are more closely tied to ‘statism’ when you wrote the following:

          “If you cultivate society to recognize a basic code of ethics and the people are supplied with necessities and wants, there would be no reason for forceful control.”

          By saying “necessities and wants,” that suggests you proposing a communitarian view in which we should live – one which is inextricably connected to communism BTW.

          The Constitution all we have left to preserve our individual rights, regardless of how people view it.

          A free society wouldn’t exist in an anarcho world because their will always be people looking to assert themselves through some type of force.

          • Ed

            Since you know that the word “anarchy” has multiple meanings, I have to wonder why you would not use a word that is more precise. It gives the appearance that you have an agenda.
            Your opinion on what would exist in an “anarcho world” is meaningless due to lack of proof.

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            So in your opinion, my thoughts on an anarcho world are ‘meaningless’ – that sounds pretty close minded for someone who is in support of an anarchy based society.

            If that’s what you really want?

            Again, your behavior as well as other anarcho supporters, seems more akin to a group think concept – which is deeply connected to communism and not at all FREE.

            I have no agenda other than trying to report what I believe to be the truth, as any other journalist with integrity would do.

            I do find it interesting that Ed/Matt want to continue to divert this thread away from the main points of this article.

            Is that your agenda?

          • Matt

            Your argument is a fallacious one sir. I will try to address every fallacy.

            Firstly, the definition your using on Webster’s website is the abridged one. directly under that it states “Full definition”, which is exactly what you need when explaining a concept. So let’s not talk about ACTUAL DEFINITIONS because you’re clearly not using it. I admitted, “Anarchy inherently includes the good and bad, as does any system.”

            Secondly, there’s no “Law” of language and no language government that I know of. There’s also no universal structured way of schooling. I can walk into the woods and let nature be my teacher. So let’s not rope language and schooling into this. I see much value in learning and talking. Once again, you’re using part of the definition of a word to prove your point. I’ll also mention that you may have both school and language without authority, government, or even order.

            Anarchy has been defined already, so why must we redefine it? No authority and government OR no order. I am neither a slave to nor ensnared by language. It does not take advantage of me, I take advantage of it. Language is a tool that humans use to express themselves. With your mindset, the word anarchy is an oxymoron and ironic to begin with because you’d be putting order to it by coming up with a word for it.

            I don’t have to use a structured string of words to describe an idea. I could wave my arms, paint a picture, create a song, or used an unstructured string of random words that would describe my idea.

            So now, what is it that’s ironic about using a dictionary to define a word? What’s truly ironic is that your response and continued misconception is proving my point.

            “A system of fundamental principles for the government of rational and social beings.”
            Rational and social being can have fundamental principles without the system or the government. This just defines constitution.

            Freedom isn’t given at birth, you’re born WITH it. It’s a part of you from the start. How does structure not allow free thinking? Aren’t you a journalist? Isn’t that the essence of what you do? You freely think and express your ideas in a structured form on a medium.

            Yes freedom or slavery. That’s all it comes down to because either you’re free or your not. You can still have empathy, virtue and a caring for other human beings. People work together constantly to figure out problems for the better good. The difference is whether or not you’re forcing it upon others. I don’t claim to know all the answers or any for that matter and I never have. I do claim to know what hasn’t worked.

            This definition in case YOU missed it, refers to people or groups of people, which is clearly indicated.

            I agree about the hijacking bankers but it is indeed due to a failed set of guidelines. If the guidelines were better, the politicians would have never been able to let the bankers hijack the system in the first place. You’re also missing the fact that it turns out the constitution is worthless when every authority ignores it.

            I am not “suggesting” anything. If I haven’t clearly stated something then address it. My aim is to be clear and rational.

            Necessities and wants don’t have to be provided by the government or any authority. Constantly advancing technology makes this possible.

            I never stated I was an anarcho capitalist, a communist, or any -ist or -ism. I think about and utilize many ideas that can be categorized into many philosophical genres and structures. To stick to one way of thinking is not rational at all. So now I’m a communist because I may share a single idea that can be linked to communism? Is this the 1950’s?

            To assume that The Constitution is the answer to everything is naive. A group of privileged, slave owning, goddess worshipping, debauchery engaging, hypocritical masons got together over 200 years ago, led a violent revolution, and wrote down what they thought was best for everyone else. Now you saying this is our last bastion of hope? They wrote down what was best for them and they even forgot some beneficial ideas. If you want to bring up constitutional amendments and how we can change The Constitution then stop, and regard prohibition. Prohibition led to an extreme amount of crime and violence. This was allowed by the constitution. I realize they “cancelled” prohibition. This still means that a group of the same type of hedonistic, corrupt politicians didn’t know what was best for the people.

            I do have an agenda. It’s to spread rational, open, and free ideas to people and hope that they would do the same. I don’t want to control how people think or control how things are run. I want to do my tiny part in helping to make the world a nicer place, which everyone other human should do their part in, VOLUNTARILY.

            How about you? Are you a commie? Do you have an agenda? He’s a terrorist everyone!
            Pure sensationalism.

            I believe I have addressed all of the fallacy in your argument. Oh wait….

            You article is about the Vegas Shooters. The system is apparently trying to associate freedom, liberty, anarchy, and conspiracy theorism with violence and or terrorism. You are helping the system do it’s job by both misrepresenting ideologies and using tactics like sensationalism (inferring I subscribe to an ideology just because I express a specific idea).
            Due to your comments, this article has become incredibly ironic indeed.

            So, if you truly wish to be a journalist with integrity, start by fairly representing ideas, seize being contradictory, and use words with regards of the complete definition.

            I hope some one can take more away from these comments than they can from this article. Which was interesting until, “-as no real patriot would characterize liberty and freedom as anarchy.”

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Again, you think by forcing your vision of reality or what life should be on others is somehow FREE.


            You keep digging a bigger hole for yourself.

            And BTW – This all started with your perception of how I used the word anarchy.

            Which was used correctly and not misrepresented, as there were two people, meaning multiple persons.

            You took that as a personal affront to inject a concept of how you think society should be. Good for you, you have a right to your opinion as do I.

            You equating my thoughts to terrorism – debased our discussion, it is both disgusting and shameful!!!

            There is no doubt after those comments YOU DO HAVE AN AGENDA!

          • Matt

            Are you purposefully being oblivious to the conversation?
            I’m not forcing my version of reality on anyone.
            Yes I perceived that you misrepresented anarchism. Then I checked and confirmed you were by not using the entire definition.
            Touche’ on the multiple persons point.

            I didn’t take anything as a personal affront to myself. I also never stated how I think society should be, I stated how it shouldn’t be.
            This has become beyond ridiculous. I never equated your thoughts to terrorism. That was also clearly sarcasm, which apparently you are unable to recognize. I believe you’ve been debasing this conversation from the start.
            It seems that you don’t understand the information I’ve clearly laid out or you’re willfully ignoring it. I specifically stated that I do have an agenda in the last comment.
            Or maybe you’re just an ignorant man that just hears what they want and only see bits and pieces of an entire conversation.
            I really hope that at least one other human being reads these comments and sees how absurd this is.
            In my opinion, you have failed to hold up your argument, you have willfully ignored the entire statements I have made, and you’ve failed to understand the basis of the argument.

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Sure Matt, if that’s even your real name. You would rather distort comment threads with drivel and cheap shots to misrepresent my intent, then to have a constructive discussion about a very serious issue we are having in this country.

            You would also rather ‘voluntarily’ spend your time pathetically attacking someone who is actually doing their part to help the public analyze information as well as learning about different happenings both domestically and abroad.

            BTW – You also chose to omit the descriptor of anarchy – So why was that again?

            This has become absurd and ridiculous – the fact I had to defend something I wrote that was taken out of context is outrageous!

            I would be happy to discuss another way that society could exist but you were more interested in trying to defame me with your passive aggressive and patronizing behavior.

            In the future, you might want to learn how to treat people better if you want to educate them on a topic. You might also consider having a respectful discourse.

            I do hope someone does garner something from this asinine conversation, as it was you who’s been portraying yourself as the Emperor with no clothes.

            You’ve chosen to clap your own hands to your own diatribe on society, becoming your own cheerleader to a game you played with yourself, high-fiving your own mirror image when the stadium was empty.

            “The all singing all dancing crap of the world.”

            Best of luck forcing YOUR obviously NOT free thinking vision on someone else!

  • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

    Actually, the Bundy’s are confused about anarchy, which is not chaos. Anarchy is practiced all over the world every single day. When you leave home and go into the marketplace, there is no one in authority telling you what you can and cannot buy, and anarchy simply means “no authority.”

    Anarchy is voluntary cooperation. When you need apples, for example, you go to the store, pick out some apples, and give the cashier some cash for them. That’s a voluntary, peaceful exchange based in anarchy. It does not mean that you simply steal the apples, which would be violating the rights of the storeowner.

    It is government that is chaotic. It is government that can be violent. It is government that will always lie through its teeth to you just to remain in charge of you.

    Individual people who routinely break the law or violate other people’s rights are not attempting to practice anarchy. An anarchist is not a lawless individual. Anarchists are people who are intelligent enough to live peacefully with one another without anyone in authority.

    In an anarchist society, there would be no such thing as a politician, and that is what today’s politicians fear most. They will say and do anything to prevent people from knowing that government isn’t needed for anything at all.

  • As we slowly realize, nothing happens just by coincidence. There is always someone in the background pulling strings to manipulate the people’s thoughts.

  • Memegalt2012

    You nailed it.