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Hollywood Shooting: Was Isla Vista a Genuine Gun Rampage, or Another False Flag?

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

According to reports, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger has been named in an apparent drive-by-shooting incident near the University of California at Santa Barbara in Isla Vista, involving some twelve crime scenes at ten different locations, including three stabbings at the alleged shooter’s apartment complex – all prior to two separate shootouts with police. 

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

As this story unfolds, it could very likely prove to be another choreographed event in order to demonize the gun lobby that will attempt to pull back gun rights in the USby the looks of it, that’s exactly what is happening…

In a YouTube video that was posted days earlier on Reddit – allegedly by actor Rodger entitled, “Retribution”, he lamented ‘being a virgin’ and blamed women for rejecting his advances, outlining a premeditated plot to kill women at the nearby campus for their lack of interest in him through a misogynistic tirade. It was like a plot straight from any teen Vampire TV episode. Rodger appeared to play the dramatic part of a tortured loner, as his lack of sexual gratification and appeal to the opposite sex seemed to be the object of his rage but upon closer inspection the video’s apparent scripted feel could be seen as yet another American psyop meant to distort the public’s perception.

With an already heavy communitarian policing operation on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, how could Rodger’s get away with posting a video plotting murder a few days before allegedly committing the act itself?

The rest is #hashtag history, or is it?

To the majority of  the mainstream viewing audience out there the so-called #IVshooter’s video message of hate and violence will seem very real, however as new information continues to emerge I believe certain tell-tale signs will expose the true nature of this Hollywood-style event. This seems evident in the overwhelming pleas for gun control following the incident at a press conference this past Saturday.

IMAGE: Less Than Zero – Elliot Rodger, appearing like a faux Bond villain, is the alleged killer in the Isla Vista rampage, he is seen here posing with a Cosmopolitan cocktail. He’s said to be the son of ‘Hunger Games’ assistant director Peter Rodger. Police supposedly met with Rodger when his parents became concerned about his vlog habits. We’re also told Rodger has Asperger’s syndrome. However some reports have suggested his video uploads don’t make sense with the timeline with the murders, as one was added around the time of the shootings (static01.mediaite.com).

The dark surf of Hollywood nightmares comes to mind examining the apparent elaborate violent scheme in Isla Vista, echoing some of the most improbable happenings in the past few years across the country such as the highly propagandized Sandy Hook incident apparently carried out by fellow autistic spectrum shooter Adam Lanza the Boston Bombing duo Tsarnaev brothers, the Chris Dorner shootout-chase in L.A., the LAX shooter Paul Ciancia, James Holmes‘s paramilitary ‘joker’ theater killings and Jared Lee Loughner‘s apparent political targets in Tuscon.

Ever wonder how quickly these stories come together with the help of mainstream media?

There seems to be one thing most of these events have in common – eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters, this was also the case in the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, that left 7 people dead in August of 2012 in addition to all the events listed above. The same thing appeared to be reported by KEYT in California as reports of the shooting in Isla Vista came in. An apparent target of Rodger’s rage in Isla Vista was Sierra Swartz, she told reporters she saw two men in the BMW and she ‘walked away’ from the vehicle while being shot at.

Another thing these alleged shooter’s and violent rampages have in common is that the person or persons named as responsible are – never able to speak to their suspected crimes, as they supposedly either take their own life or they’re found dead or drugged.

Perhaps the most egregious part of this seemingly crafted drama was the 140 page manifesto entitled ‘My Twisted World‘ allegedly written by Rodger prior to his blaze of bullets ride through the streets of Santa Barbara. In its contents it apparently describes a person at the edge of his rope, narcissistically going over life events that supposedly lead him to the point of despair.

UPDATE – ADDENDUM NOTE: The post-shooting social profiling of alleged shooter Elliot Rodger places him within the INCEL (‘involuntary celibate’) movement, eg. shunning female relationships, or frustrated with female relations. This is significant because it capture a specific fringe demographic in America which is said to be growing and which overlaps with other fringe demographics.

The entire manifesto reads very stiff and empty, bringing to mind the Chris Dorner manifesto this past year.

IMAGE: Blood Drive – One of  the twelve Isla Vista shooting spree crime scenes – notice the well-placed bright red blood (Boston-style paint?) that last seen in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the LAX shooter and by the machete wielding Woolwich butchers. No apparent footprints or body near this scene – and the police did not even bother to tape off the painted blood area? Clearly, this is not a real crime scene then (photo s.yimg.com).

IMAGE: Store Cleanup at the IV Delimart – Notice the wooden boxes labeled glass and the swirling mess of blood being hastily cleaned up. Wouldn’t the scene be closed off for forensic review? How would they have new glass just minutes or hours after the crime taking place or is it just a coincidence? (photo s3.yimg.com)

IMAGE: The Final Act – Elliot Rodger’s BMW with tagged evidence and debris surrounding the vehicle. A high speed chase leading to two separate shootouts with police – leaving a trail of blood at ten different locations – does this sound hard to believe to you? Rodger’s has also been reprimanded for apparent racist comments by the SPLC. The SPLC was also seen meddling in the aftermath of the LAX shooting.

This YouTube video depicts CCTV footage at the IV delimart during the supposed shooting spree. Strangely, a girl close to the counter doesn’t seek shelter while the shop is apparently under fire…


Here’s another Youtube video with the shop owner of the IV Delimart around the 1:05 min mark he describes the traumatic event without out much emotion at all:


And of, course, the mainstream narrative wouldn’t be complete with the gay/transgender component getting maximum penetration into public minds…

This is a YouTube featuring Fox News’s television psychologist Dr. Robi Ludwig examining Rodger’s sexual orientation “is this somebody trying to fight against his homosexual impulses.”


Truth Frequency Radio gives their thoughts about the case…

As this story is so closely connected to Hollywood, we cannot ignore the well-placed story line and theatrics.

More information will most likely continue to trickle out over time, shedding more light on this seemingly staged rampage…

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