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The DEA: America’s Largest Cocaine Smuggler

21st Century Wire says…

Never before have we seen such naked corruption on a grand scale. Sooner or later, the US Federal government will have to come clean about their beneficiary role in the billions of dollars in narcotics imported into the United States each year.

LOOK THE OTHER WAY: US Attorney General Eric Holder knows how DEA are flooding his hometown of Chicago with cocaine.

Revelations surrounding ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ gave the public an insight into the nefarious, yet symbiotic relationship between US federal agencies and Mexican drug cartels.

This latest investigation (below) shows how the Greater Chicago area has been flooded with Class A drugs under the direct control of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It demonstrates without a shadow of doubt that the US Federal gov’t in Washington DC is not only culpable, but profiting from this illicit trade…

Libertarian News

Newly released documents and testimony from Justice Department and DEA officials now show the stories of government running cocaine are true.

An investigation conducted in Mexico found the American government allowed that country’s largest drug cartel, Sinaloa, to operate without fear of persecution. That groups is estimated to be responsible for 80 percent of the cocaine coming into the country through Chicago. In exchange, the leaders of Sinaloa provided the DEA information on rival gangs.

CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel

Michael Kelly
Business Insider

An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.

Sinaloa, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, supplies 80% of the drugs entering the Chicago area and has a presence in cities across the U.S.

There have long been allegations that Guzman, considered to be “the world’s most powerful drug trafficker,” coordinates with American authorities.

But the El Universal investigation is the first to publish court documents that include corroborating testimony from a DEA agent and a Justice Department official.

The written statements were made to the U.S. District Court in Chicago in relation to the arrest of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the son of Sinaloa leader Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada and allegedly the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator.”

Here’s what DEA agent Manuel Castanon told the Chicago court:

“On March 17, 2009, I met for approximately 30 minutes in a hotel room in Mexico City with Vincente Zambada-Niebla and two other individuals — DEA agent David Herrod and a cooperating source [Sinaloa lawyer Loya Castro] with whom I had worked since 2005. … I did all of the talking on behalf of [the] DEA.”

“El Vicentillo” being presented to the media in Mexico City on March 19, 2009 (REUTERS/Daniel Aguila).

A few hours later, Mexican Marines arrested Zambada-Niebla (a.k.a. “El Vicentillo”) on charges of trafficking more than a billion dollars in cocaine and heroin. Castanon and three other agents then visited Zambada-Niebla in prison, where the Sinaloa officer “reiterated his desire to cooperate,” according to Castanon.

El Universal, citing court documents, reports that DEA agents met with high-level Sinaloa officials such as Castro more than 50 times since 2000.

Then-Justice Department prosecutor Patrick Hearn told the Chicago court that, according to DEA special agent Steve Fraga, Castro “provided information leading to a 23-ton cocaine seizure, other seizures related to” various drug trafficking organizations, and that “El Mayo” Zambada wanted his son to cooperate with the U.S.

Screen Shot 2014 01 12 at 7.05.37 PM

(A screenshot from the documents published by El Universal)

“The DEA agents met with members of the cartel in Mexico to obtain information about their rivals and simultaneously built a network of informants who sign drug cooperation agreements, subject to results, to enable them to obtain future benefits, including cancellation of charges in the U.S.,” reports El Universal, which also interviewed more than one hundred active and retired police officers as well as prisoners and experts.

Zambada-Niebla’s lawyer claimed to the court that in the late 1990s, Castro struck a deal with U.S. agents in which Sinaloa would provide information about rival drug trafficking organizations while the U.S. would dismiss its case against the Sinaloa lawyer and refrain from interferring with Sinaloa drug trafficking activities or actively prosecuting Sinaloa leadership.

“The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote.

After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents.

Zambada-Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. (If true, that re-raises the issue regarding what Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements.)

A Mexican foreign service officer told Stratfor in April 2010 that the U.S. seemed to have sided with the Sinaloa cartel in an attempt to limit the violence in Mexico.

El Universal reported that the coordination between the U.S. and Sinaloa, as well as other cartels, peaked between 2006 and 2012, which is when drug traffickers consolidated their grip on Mexico. The paper concluded by saying that it is unclear whether the arrangements continue.

The DEA and other U.S. agencies declined to comment to El Universal.

[UPDATE 1/14] This post has caused many to interpret that the U.S. government is actively supporting Sinaloa. That has not been established, despite claims by Zambada-Niebla’s lawyer and Stratfor’s source. What El Universal’s investigation and the newly published court documents reveal is that there was a strong correlation from 2005 and 2009 between the rise of the Sinaloa cartel and the DEA’s relatively regular contact with a top Sinaloa lawyer.

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  • Reno Gamble

    This isn’t really news, imo. What is news is, who decided to release the details of this information now. What is the point of this ‘expose’ now at this point? Finally, what are the chances the people responsible and who profited from this won’t go to jail.

  • wendy

    There is to much money in it, there is no choice but to legalize all drugs, street, prescription, etc. and make them over the counter. The vast majority of people are not interested in taking drugs, for all that happens to people with drug habits is the same story, I have seen thousands of times as a physician, I lost my job, my wife left, me, I have not seen my kids, I live in my car, my car broke down, I live in the park, and then, the evironment takes them. I have counted the numbers it is 85%, the odds are failure, down the drain. And it happens more on prescription opiates. Legalize them all, the people are smart, they will figure it out. Drug Laws took evil, violent sociopaths and allowed them a path so that they could make millions of dolars, and now that it has been going on for 2 generations, these sociopaths want in to the govt, the society and they think that it is normal to kill people to do business And it shows throughout our society today, of which corruption, promiscuity, self agendas, and greed are prevelant.

  • hp b

    Poppy Bush has the Sinaloa cartel franchise.
    The Carny Prince, Bill Clinton, is his apprentice.

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jeuu world order

    the mafia is the government is the media is the mafia is the government is the media…

    it seems like a foreign entity is running our country because a foreign entity IS running our country. that foreign entity is “organized jewish power”

    google walt & mearsheimer
    google joel stein hollywood cmon
    google times israel jews media control
    will be the very first results listed, mainstream, from them.

    Here is the last bit of the Joel Stein article; “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    We havent run anything since WE ALL LOST ww2,
    all except organized jewish power, that is

  • disqus_c197zi57ib

    These drug addicts are nothing but walking dead. They love their drugs and will do anything to get them. In time these addicts will die or be killed while stealing to support their habits. Society will be a better place without them.

    • RHHH

      Have you no respect, for the hundreds of millions of poor souls who have died from “reefer madness” every year
      before 1937, when the Deception Enforcement Agency was set up by the royal petrochemical, pharmaceutical, war criminal, banksters, to protect the “accidental apes” from this cheap biodegradable Hemp fuel, tumor inhibitor,
      known for 6,000 years as “the maricle plant”, and to feed us fossil fuels, and toxic plastics, that has made Ameruka
      what it is today ?

  • Jason Vega

    this is what happens when a pack of wild satanic pedophiles run your govt.

  • How Not To Play The Game

    Spoiler Alert! They never stopped.

  • Guest

    Is Darrell Issa getting his waste of time dog and pony show ready for are amusment

  • apeman2502

    Until people face up that the Bush criminal cabal dumped Fast and Furious into Eric The Holder Holder*s lap, they will never see the truth and the cure.
    The British royal family, the Rockefeller/Bush criminal cabal are by far the largest illegal drug pushers in the world going back 300 years.

  • Alabama Mothman

    You know they have to be personally profiting from this. Way too much money involved.

  • signalfire1

    Ask yourself how a small time oil driller by the name of George Herbert Walker Bush, who just happened to have a platform halfway between Cuba and Florida (and which was used by the CIA since the 1950s for bringing in drugs from Central and South America) ended up being first the head of the CIA, and then President, not for four years like is thought, but after his best friend and biggest campaign contributor’s son almost killed Reagan, Bush became ersatz President for the next eight years while Reagan simply grinned and waved at the cameras and then Bush was elected for his own 4 year term. Then we got his idiot son for another eight years, thanks to the treasonous Supreme Court and rigged voting machines.

    Also ask yourself how Hinckley got a gun, and knew where Reagan was going to be exiting at a hotel that morning only a few weeks after his election? It’s not like the President’s meetings are advertised in the newspaper so that every Jody Foster groupie can read all about it.