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LA County Government’s Attack on Solar Powered Homes

21st Century Wire says…

Incredible. To residents of LA County who seek energy independence: you are a target.

Antelope Valley is a significant stretch of desert on the fringe of LA County, and its rugged off-grid individualists are under attack. In the name of “code violations”, armed government ‘NATS’ goon squads are targeting solar energy homes with steep administration charges and fines – and in many cases, forcing lawful residents from their homes (see videos below).

Aside from making life impossible for any home who wants to be free of the extortionate corporate power grid, is there an even bigger agenda at play? Perhaps a United Nations Agenda 21 directive to drive residents from rural areas? 

That seems to be the case…

Why is the government driving folks off their land? 

Brasscheck TV

If you want to use solar panels to power your home in the desert fringes of LA County, you will pay $100,000 to connect to the distant grid (which you don’t actually need) or else get kicked off of your property by heavily-armed Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATS).

Why? Is it possible LA County wants to drive off residents who have legal title to extremely valuable undeveloped land? If so, it’s not the first time in history that LA County has pulled this trick. 

Watch both these videos:

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  • Mike Mittleberger

    Its called Progressive Liberal Socialism & VOTERS Have been voting for it for yrs. Now they can suffer at the hands of Jerry Brown, Nancy pig Pelosi, Diane Feckenstein

    • Angie Foust Cox

      Mr. Mittleberger I love that you get on here and point your figure at people when you must not have listen to the story or watch the videos before writing. Michael Antonvich the county supervisor is a Republican and assumed office in 1980. And as always The republican seems to be going after the poor and thinks they can just take what they want. The taker and the greedy! Not about as you say Liberal Socialism.

      • Doug Murray

        Sorry Angie, this is liberal socialism.

      • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

        US only has one party, masquerading as two and the leaders of both are all whores. They make us think we have two parties to keep us squabbling and divided. Wake up.

        • Heretic2011

          I like to say their the left and right wings of the same bird of prey. Guess who’s the prey.

    • Angela Dansie

      Don’t make this a partisan issue. This is a human issue. The police state is bi-partisan. They all work for the corporate whore-masters. And, solar power is part of the social liberal agenda, so why would they be trying to stop it? It’s definitely an eminent domain land-grab.

  • Jason Schiebelhut

    California is more and more wrapped in the police state….ANYTHING YOU DO BUT BE THEIR SLAVE IS A CRIME,

    • Angela Dansie

      CA & TX seem to be the police state test areas. When they perfect their techniques, they’ll spread to every state, red OR blue…doesn’t matter. They’re all the same party, theCcorporate party

  • De Rod

    Angie, do you honestly think that these policies are the work of one lone supervisor. Pretty naïve on your part don’t you think. They have been and are been implemented in towns, counties and cities all over this country. And yes they are being pushed by Progressive Liberal socialists whether they be Democrats or Republicans. And while we are on the subject of informative journalism you might want to research Agenda 21. A global incentive to remove borders and have one central government dictate. As for Republicans going after the poor do some homework. These last 6 years have seen more people fall into poverty and the middle class decimated while the elitists literally steal this country blind.

    • WilSpeaking

      Finally someone who gets it! “Progressive Liberal socialists” are not limited to the Democrat party, too many are Republicans.

    • Teresa Geib Bacon

      thank you. Whether he had or has his own agenda, it is wrong. I never figured out why if Solar is the way to save the world why Govt makes it so expensive to achieve it. Better yet, why isn’t every house built for the past sev yrs been Solar, or new Bldgs period.

  • prstewart

    This article is *totally* pieced together from 2 year old information and videos. NOT saying it didn’t happen but why has no ‘reporter’ bothered to find out what is CURRENTLY going on. Seriously? Two year old videos and not ONE word about now? Seems there are too few real reporters or journalists these days… only bloggers and regurgitaters. Must have been a slow news day.

    • Richard Dean MacLean

      Umm… because reporters don’t give a crap about a bunch of weird little people who live in the desert. The thing is, those weird little people are AMERICANS who have a right to live on their property as they see fit. No building permit without a utility hookup or water well? Bullshit. I’d take the bastards to court. They cannot make you buy a product now can they … oh wait. I guess times have changed.

      • Matibob

        The only problem is that the majority of judges in LA County are Libs. Therefore they will “hold party line” and ensure that fines are upheld. Sad but true!

        • justsaynotoislam

          Which is why they need to be eradicated, by any means necessary.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        Actually, yeah they can. It cost me an extra 100,000 dollars to build my house in LA County, just for all the permits.

        • Richard Dean MacLean

          Yeah, I was being sarcastic. I ran a small business in SoCal for a long time. I know how badly they can screw people. I was specifically referring to healthcare though. Like I said – sarcastic. Be well.

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            Oh I caught that sarcasm. Made me smile. We are looking to move out of Ca as soon as our house is rightside up again.

    • Angela Dansie

      The same people who control our politicians control the corporate media.

  • Diana

    As long as Obama is allowed to stay in office, this is only going to get worse. He’s here to bleed the wealth out of this country and hand it over to communists. People need to quit complaining and just get him out of office.

    • claudine long

      its the handlers, not the puppet. the next president will be fresh faced and full of promises but you will soon see it won’t change a thing

    • Angela Dansie

      If you think it will get better under the Republicans, you have no idea how deep the problem is!

    • justsaynotoislam

      If you think this is about Obama you haven’t woken up yet. You are part of the problem. Both the left and right are corrupt and want your money and your land.

    • Diana

      Hey, I couldn’t agree more to your comments. It doesn’t matter what you call them, i.e. over the centuries have developed this same corrupt, anti-christ spirit, which is so closely linked today with socialistic, left-right, liberal-conservative politics which is now even dominant in every Church denomination. This is essentially why we have lost our freedoms in America.
      They are ALL of one ancient mind: who killed the prophets of old, Jesus, and Jesus’ disciples, just as they slaughtered and enslaved and war-mongered to kill uncountable millions in every nation of history, and did it all with confident assurance it was for good, God, law and country, and it will be this way until Jesus returns and destroys them all.

  • claudine long

    its so warped how these officials use paperwork and write up new ‘guidelines’ to force these quiet people out. As for the complaints by neighbors, a point has been missed, in that there does not have to be a house on said plot or plots surrounding them, these empty plots are most likely owned by government. That is probably where the so called complaints have been coming from.

    • nocanuk

      Very observant point.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        Nope. Nearly all the land around these places is privately owned. Only Edwards AFB has federal land around them, and they don’t care what you do, as long as you stay off base. The complaints are coming from neighbors or landowners that don’t want to look at a trash dump next to them.

  • Ray Mangini

    Why do these jag offs wear masks? They have no reason to have their identity hidden. These aren’t terrorists or drug dealers. So, why the mask? Oh, I know, because they all watched too much GI Joe as children.

    • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

      I don’t know who those guys are, but they are not Deputies. That photo does not belong with this article.

  • Matibob

    To add further insult there is currently the wood burning ban in LA, Orange and San Bernardino counties. This state surpassed insane years ago.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    Lots of misinformation here. AV has about 400,000 residents, mostly living in tract homes. The NATS program started as a way to get junkyards, tin shacks, and meth labs out of neighborhoods. People started using the system to harass neighbors they didn’t like. Yes, it is an overreach. Yes, it is intrusive, and it needs to be stopped. Oh, and the top photo? I have no idea who they are. Deputy Sheriffs don’t wear that uniform, and that’s who the law is up there.

    • Kurt P

      San Bernardino Police?

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        Could be, but the City of San Bernardino is 70 miles from AV and not in LA County.

  • Michael Sievers

    But the cops won’t trample your rights. They will stand with us to fight the tyranny…
    My a$$. Tyranny always come to your door in a uniform.

  • justsaynotoislam

    Next time they stack up be ready with Molotov cocktails and your own assault teams and make them pay a heavy price for their tyranny. The only way to stop them is with force. Until then, they will keep harassing you and take your land. If your not willing to die for your freedom and property they will keep doing what they are doing.

  • davecad

    the problem with the people posting here is that they seem to think that the problem lies with the polititions . the fact is that the banking cartels that own the federal reserve are the people who have the power in America . these are the people that the polititions represent not the people . it does not matter what party you support they are all in the control of the federal reserve owners look the information up it is not hard to find .

  • BillRind


  • BarefootBoy1

    Folks, it is past time to identify the Puppeteers and go after them! Soros is one of them!

  • Jurist

    Jurisdiction is a function of ownership. You can’t tax or regulate what you don’t own. A claim of jurisdiction is a claim of title.

    Nearly all the land in these united States has been sold to the inhabitants by either the states of the fed govt. The states and the federal government conveyed all right title and interest to the people and guaranteed the title against all claims whatsoever by land patent.

    All county governments are corporate in nature. They are fictions. No county official has the authority of government over the people or the people’s land. No official has signed an oath of office, none. They are not officers of the law. They are pretenders.

    See 42 USC 1983 – 1986 and 18 USC 241and 242.

    go to the organic law tab and watch the Dr. Ed Rivera Video

    Also, check out the hours of programs at servantking. info

    Those alleged officials are mere criminals and should be treated as such.

  • Archie1954

    I blame the fools that want to live near LA. in fact anyone who is stupid enough to live in the US deserves what they get. I moved out years ago and actually cringe if due to familial duties I have to return for short periods of time. I try to get in and out as quickly as possible so I don’t catch the exceptionalists disease that make Americans anathema to the rest of the world!

    • Richard Dean MacLean

      Glad to be rid of you Archie. Stay put and save us all the hassle.

      • Archie1954

        Don’t worry, I wouldn’t live in the hellhole you fools have made of your formerly decent country, for anything!

        • Richard Dean MacLean

          Then it all worked out then. Huh? Good riddance.

          • Archie1954

            Well thank you, coming from American scum,that is a compliment!

          • Richard Dean MacLean

            You are MOST welcome – (to the remark, not to come back)

  • Ralph Sampson

    These government “officials” are total douche bags and they really need to be thrown off of their thrones by any means necessary. I for one will be happy when I read about it.

  • Wobbly One

    Yessssssss… So good to see someone getting it right.

  • Dwightmannn

    UN/NWO Agenda 21 work if you ask me. HOw can the world tell the most prosperous nation to ever grace the face of Gods great creation to, to submit to the tyrannies of the banking elitists. May God have4 mercy on their souls. They are scum if you ask me. . .
    PS I used to live in that area about 10-12 years ago. It is a different world. . .
    Leave these folks alone to do what they see as right.
    unbelievable. . .

  • That’s disappointing news to hear.