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Bill Maher reduced to shreds by Glenn Greenwald over US invading ‘muslim countries’

21st Century Wire says…

He’s regarded by many as the world most annoying broadcast personality…

Some of the most highly paid US talk show hosts are, more often than not, out of their depth when it comes to discussing deep politics. Sadly, more and more these days the majority of middle class, university educated Americans rely heavily on the likes of Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and John Stewart for their world view. Cue the laugh tracks…

This spat which took place on Bill Maher’s recent talk show exposes what happens when an above average IQ guest is allowed to challenge the elite comedian class on America’s TV screens.

Watch as canny veteran journalist Glenn Greenwald makes short work of the host, exposing Maher’s own 4th grade view of Middle East politics and US foreign policy – in front of Maher’s own drooling audience…

“Bill Maher is taken apart by Glenn Greenwald for trying to absolve the US from any responsibility for the mass slaughter and destruction in Muslim countries, blaming it on Islamic fundamentalism, as if the Afghanistan and Iraq wars never happened, as if the US wasn’t pushing for more war in Iran, as if it isn’t intervening in Somalia and Yemen.”

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