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Why does Boston celebrate Martial Law with chants of ‘USA, USA’?

US President delivers guilty verdict on Bombers, Feds send Gitmo team to interrogate suspect

Obama: ‘The people of Massachusetts now owe federal and local law enforcement a debt of gratitude’

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Last night in Boston, following the apprehension of a 19 year old student suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, crowds poured on to the streets of Watertown and surrounding boroughs, celebrating what they believe was an end of their terrible ordeal which began on Monday.

In what looked more like an post-game celebration following a Boston Celtics NBA championship, or a Red Sox World Series victory  – major media reported the communal outpouring of national pride where resident could be seen with painted faces, brandishing American flags, and heard shouting “USA, USA”.

How did Friday become such a huge ‘patriotic moment’ for the people of Boston? Was this some kind of victory for America?

President Obama also emerged from ‘The Situation Room” in typical Hollywood fashion, to inform the people of New England that they “owed a debt of gratitude to federal and local law enforcement officers and officials”.

Was it really a success?

The Voice of America has called it, “A Week of Terror” in Boston.

But other than mustering en mass and on cue, many are still left asking this question of the 9,000 law enforcement, “What have they actually done so far?”

It seems that the biggest urban dragnet in US history could not manage to find the suspect, who was eventually found by a neighbor having a cigarette break.

What is obviously clear by the public reaction, and by the incessant grandstanding by a handful of officials at multiple press briefings, was that the people of Boston had been conditioned to believe that an overwhelming police and military show of force in Boston was necessary in order to ‘make them feel safe’.

Advocate Karl Denninger from Market-Ticker outlines the legal problem with undeclared martial law in Boston:

“By effectively occupying a part of the Boston metro area they made an utter mockery of the 4th Amendment.  There was no “hot pursuit” and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant.  Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.”

For federal and local officials, this was their own personal ‘Katrina moment’, and the media circus scrum saw a number of individuals and departments almost competing for air-time in a bid to make their own corner of the crisis relevant while the national media spotlight was still fresh.  The words of former White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel can be heard echoing through Boston:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”…

The city of Boston was effectively closed down under military-style dictum that included the closure of the city MBTA public transport system, Taxis taken off the road, restricted curfews, bank closures, business closures, police taking over public areas for ‘staging’, door to door searches of homes, and something which was not reported, and unsurprisingly so, the military commandeering of Boston police scanner communications in the early hours of Friday morning. Drivers heading in and out of city arteries could see the signs which read in bright letters, “Shelter-in-place in effect in Boston”, which was an order to stay indoors.

Boy held is still only ‘a suspect’

Here another major point which seems to be lost on everyone from the President downwards – the 19 year old held in custody is still only ‘a suspect’. After the largest man-hunt in New England history, with an estimated 9,000 local and federal police, hundreds of bomb squad workers and SWAT Team marksman, anti-terror specialists and a visible contingent of heavy military vehicles – all spread throughout Boston conducting house-to-house searches, patrolling city neighborhoods – the 19 year old high school wrestling champion and University of  Massachusetts Dartmouth student fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was miraculously located only blocks from the original shoot-out on the evening of April 18th. He has since been transferred to a local hospital and is said to be in serious condition due to gun shot wounds suffered some 24 hours before.

It was a bizarre spectacle – even by American standards, where under a federal mandate, the city of Boston went into complete lock-down for nearly 2 days, enacting what amounts to Martial Law, in order to apprehend one 19 year old suspect, who, based on the assessment of every pundit on every local and major network (as well as the White House) had already been determined to be the most dangerous fugitive in US history. Even after being discovered nearly bleeding to death under a tarp covering a boat in someone’s Sommerville driveway, the feeding frenzy continued, along with accolades and tributes to the bravery of Boston’s 9,000 plus finest.

To call all of this over-the-top is an understatement for sure, but more than anything, it confirms what many already suspected – that faced with any threat – real or fabricated, and after pumping up with the corporate media machine and the new American police state,  and in a macabre sort of fashion which has become almost unique to the post-9/11 American cultural mindset – they will clamour for Martial Law in their communities. Naturally, and with this Boston example offered as clear proof, authorities, technocrat and the architects of the new American police state now know this is indeed the case.

For all this it seems, the Commander ‘n Chief felts that America owes this new over-arching Police State a “debt of gratitude”.

Who benefits?

Who benefits from this week’s events? Do the people of Boston, or the American people benefit from the events of the last few days? As the dust settles, there are a few clear beneficiaries of this regrettable incident.

MA Governor Deval Patrick took advantage of his own “Chris Christie Moment” (of Hurricane Sandy fame in New Jersey), no doubt with his eye on a Presidential run in the future. The Boston Chief of Police Ed Davis also managed to get in front of the national media, but with very little to say… that was worth saying.

After this event, the TSA and the DHS will almost certainly be given new jurisdiction over all major professional and college sporting events, as well as any large public gatherings, festivals and concerts. In light of the recent budget sequester debate in Washington DC, you can also expect that their operating budgets will expand, which means many more billions will be awarded in federal contracts from those departments. The surveillance industry will also benefit.

In a segment which aired this morning on MSNBC’s Rock Center, a network ‘foreign affairs expert’ Richard Engel, claimed that the events of the last 48 hours somehow had serious “national security implications”. Now Americans can expect new powers, passed by law or by executive order, that will give the state increased power to spy upon their private lives and to seize their property or assets under the ever-expanding banner of national security.

Living in the American bubble

Regarding national security implications, Americans and their media experts might consider that during this week alone: Terrorist bombs killed hundreds of innocent civilians including: 75 in Iraq, in 18 in Pakistan, 35 in Somalia – with hundreds of others currently dying, injured and maimed in those countries, as well as others in Syria, Bangladesh, Mali and Thailand. Over the course of a year, these figures can be multiplied by two hundred.

It should also be pointed out to the experts and the people of Boston, that much of terrorist activity in these foreign countries has been not only fomented, but financed and at least in the case of Syria – actively supported their taxpayer dollars, and cynically used for political leverage by local, state and the White House Administration in the United States – in order to secure terror funding in the US, which has become the biggest single gravy train in US domestic history.

Suspects already tired in media

Beyond all the hype and guesswork making its way through the US super-spin cycle this week, it seems that the major stakeholders have still yet to ask for any evidence proving that these two brothers were the actual bombers. Neither of these two suspects fit anything resembling the profile of terrorist, not is it likely they would be able to execute the operation which took place last Monday.

For those who are awake to this fact, there is a lot of evidence here and here to suggest that they may not be the culprits of Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombing.

PHOTO: Tsarnaev brothers were likely set-up to take the fall by FBI or other federal officials.

More interestingly, MSNBC expert Engel also let slip on air that suspect number two, Dzhokhar, who is now in hospital care, “was probably being debriefed”. This was an odd phrase to attach to an alleged terrorist fugitive.

During the FBI  “manhunt”, officials asked the public to help them locate the two suspects believed to be behind the Boston Marathon bombings. Richard Des Lauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division, said that the public must in no way whatsoever ‘question the official account’ of this, and that the public must not look for any other explanation other than the one that was presented by the FBI:

“…these images should be the only ones, I emphasize, the only ones that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible, and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction, and create undo work for vital law-enforcement resources.”

First they ask the public to crowd source evidence, and then they tell the public to ignore that same body of evidence, some of which can be seen here.

Which leads us to where we are right now – two suspects, one dead, one in serious condition.

Unanswered Questions

There are too many question left unanswered by federal investigators and media who seem quite content to leave the story where it is right now…

Firstly, why was Saudi national, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, let go early on and set to fly to Saudi Arabia with the blessing of federal authorities?

We were told that the Tsarnaev brothers became prime suspects for FBI – almost incredibly – on the basis of hospitalised bombing victim Jeff Bauman’s offering of a lead on the make of a backpack he said he saw at the bomb site.

Why were the two brothers suddenly labelled as the prime suspects on Thursday replacing the previous two names being pursued by Boston police, which was immediately followed by a shoot-out… a mere coincidence, or is there more to this than meets the eye?

In addition to these four names, a completely different third set of names appeared early on Tuesday, and also disappeared the following day.

Why were security ‘contractors’ seen standing next to bombs at the finish line, only to be seen quickly leaving before the bombs detonated?

Also, why did the FBI fake the surveillance video they released two days ago of the Tsarnaev brothers?

Did older brother Tamerlan have a FBI handler before this event? On first glance, the answer appears to be yes. There are now confirmed reports that Tamerlan was in fact interfacing with the FBI as far back 2011, where official sources have confirmed he was interviewed by the FBI.

In addition to this, the dead suspect mother claimed that her son was already being watched by the FBI for five years.

During an exclusive interview with RT yesterday the Tsarnaev boys’ mother explained, “He was controlled by the FBI, for three, five years”.

She added, “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the internet he was going. They used to come and talk to me, telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”

Obviously, not nearly enough people in Boston – and in America, have asked any of the right questions so far.

And don’t expect the major networks or federal officials to challenge their own packaged story either. 

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  • Patrick Healey

    Stupidity has a price, trouble is, most Americans will pay that price to the unwakened controlled mass who are stuck to their controlled news, programs and press.

    • And they will be crying NOT ME, OH WHY ME! when it comes crashing down on the ass.

  • Barry Copithorne

    Just like the 1930s in Germany… The people wanted to be controlled…

  • The people of Boston stayed in their houses out of respect for law enforcement to allow them to DO THEIR JOBS. this was not martial law you idiot.

    • max cat

      Angie with all due respect I think you are an idiot if you believe all this nonsense spewed out by the “authorities”. These people rely on the population to be “idiots” so they can further their blatantly obvious agenda. No doubt these young men were set up. The format is now so predictable since 9/11 and so many of you swallow it.

      • kimkraves

        set up?by whom? r u that stupid?yes the gov wants to blow up 8 year old boys.who in the gov did this?do you have a name.

        • Wootsauce

          The government does kill 8 year old kids. Or did you miss the drone strike in Pakistan that missed the target and hot an elementary school?

        • freddadderf

          “…did you miss the drone strike in Pakistan that missed the target and hit an elementary school?”
          Sure, kim. You missed that and just about everything else.

    • They did not have a choice, they were threatned. Police were comming in their homes without warrents and froceing them to stay in their homes is a war zone that they could not leave. Only an Idiot would defend that.

      • kimkraves

        they were let in!!!no one forced anything

        • freddadderf

          They were let in? Oh, sure…some guys with guns and other military equipment were just “let in.”

          “Ahem, excuse us, sir, but we are looking for a suspect and, um, if you do not mind, er, would it not be an inconvenience to you and, uh, your family, if…you know we had a quick look in your home. Really, sir, eh, uh. It will just take a few seconds and if it is a problem, we will come back later. OK sir?”

          Did anyone tell them they need a warrant, or refuse them entry?
          Tell us kim…You are so amazingly smart and keen to all that happened.
          Why would anyone trust any other source of information when we have the omniscient, perspicacious and infallable kimkraves here?
          Share with the class, please.

        • They were let in, LOL

          kimkraves – I am going back and re-reading every one of your posts with a German accent now just for fun.

        • I’m guessing the troops threw some candy to Kim’s kids so it’s all good.

      • Mike Lowery

        These people have had blinders welded to the sides of their skulls! They think when you get a gun shoved in your face by a cop who tells you to stay inside or he’s going to plug you , isn’t forcing anybody into a decision that puts their life in the balance. That cop is just doin his job and by choosing not to take a face full of rounds you would be allowing that cop to do his job… This is a sad, sad thing. Jefferson is spinning round, and round in his grave!

        • Yes, exactly. Try walking into a 7-11 with an Assault Rifle and ask the cashier if he wouldn’t mind handing you whatever is in the register. Totally voluntary LOL

    • kevin

      I watched a video earlier where a soldier told a guy to get back in his house or he was going to shoot him. what is that??

      • kimkraves

        well then the dummy should have stayed inside.i know i would have been.there was a bomber running around the town idiot.you ever hung out with a suicide bomber? maybe you should start

        • freddadderf

          You said there was a bomber running around town.
          Please present to us first-hand evidence/proof.
          TV reports are hearsay.

          Come on…try it.
          You are so certain of what is going on now show us your proof.

        • Kimkraves, I thought you said it wasn’t martial law. I thought it was just a simple request. Now you are calling someone a dummy if he decided to go outside and suggest that Police had any sort of reason to open fire? I think we know who the dummy here is 🙂

        • kevin

          your a fool if you believe your government is going to make you safe by taking away your freedom and privacy I would guess you believe cispa is a good thing so your government can protect your poor little brain from getting any information from the internet that might upset your version of reality that’s been given to you.

    • freddadderf

      The people of Boston were THREATENED with arrest if they went outside

      • No, it wasn’t martial law at all. It was a “lockdown”. You know – the same thing they do in Prisons when inmates act up.

    • freddadderf

      “Just like the 1930s in Germany… The people wanted to be controlled…”

      And this big IDIOT Angie LOVES to be controlled.
      She believes ALL the garbage he sweet cops tell her.

      Enjoy your chains!!

      • Manipulation at its finest. Angie has convinced herself that Daddy Government asked for a simple favor and she happily complied as a good citizen. It had nothing to do with being scared of mistaken identity with all the heavily armed Paramilitary Police marching up and down her driveway looking to make the kill of the day. No she just didn’t feel like going out that day anyway 🙂

    • kimkraves

      someone with a brain. these idiots commenting should all be blown up one by one.

      • Diaz

        Start with yourself. Since you seem to want to give up everything for nothing.
        We should tax your air. Oh wait..they are trying that too. Maybe you should stop breathing for about two days, so you can do your fair share, and respect the authorities in it’s endeavor huh?

        Brainwashed Coward. But don’t fret…there’s more than just you that are pathetic…and you were brainwashed into your way of thinking, just as they were.
        You’ll learn soon enough*nod*

        Some may think you need to be culled from the genepool…I, however, feel you best deserve being left alone to waddle in your own misery.

    • Diaz

      But they didn’t do their job. It was done FOR them. Period.

    • Let’s not call it “Martial Law” people! Let’s call it a friendly request from Government to stay inside and avoid being mistaken by Police for a terrorist and lit up 🙂

    • So your saying thousands of people stayed inside out of respect? I didn’t realize that many people respected authority. Im sorry with everything being shut down for miles around, and hundreds of troops on the streets I didn’t realize all these citizens had a choice. What a moron. Stop drinking Kool-Aid

    • your never going to win a fight with a bunch of idiots with their mind set that the government is 100000% against them. sur ethe government has its really bad points but they are really stretching it here. seeing a lot of these dopes calling actual witnesses liars and stuff its beyond me. i miss the days when the internet and computers were only attainable by rich people and not rednecks on welfare who buyttheir crap at walmart and crucify everyone else for doing the same thing

    • redrabbit

      Lol! they don’t even need to declare it! Good dog.

    • kevin

      how come this was terrorism yet a young man walking into a school and shooting people isn’t?? and how can you have a war on terrorism when terrorism is a tactic??

  • Essential Intel

    The whole spectacle was reminiscent of the final scene in the first Blues Brothers movie,when the entire National guard+Police swat teams were chasing one patsy all over town. It could have been funny in other circumstances.

  • I was wondering why the TV networks didn’t dig for more information on the parents’ claim of ‘frequent FBI visits’ to their home in Cambridge. This claim goes against all the law enforcement agencies saying these two young men were ‘off the grid’, and would have never been identified otherwise. What are we missing here?

  • ReginaRussell

    These two guys TOLD the person they carjacked that they WERE the BOSTON MARATHON BOMBERS dumb dumb!

    • freddadderf

      I believe that!
      How convieeeeenient.

      • kevin

        almost as convinent as the 9/11 bombers passport coming out of a fireball and landing in the street unharmed!!

        • freddadderf

          And don’t forget how they located the car, amongst a sea of thousands of automobiles at an airport parking lot that had the flight training manuals and Koran.
          It is amazing the stupidity of the TV-mesmerized idiot in America.
          Get your official info from ABCCNNBCCBSFOX [and do not question it] then get back to “Idol” because it’s down to four, or three, or who knows how many singers…but it is vital that we know…and VOTE.

    • Honesty777

      U would believe anything that anyone say’s because the T.V. Rules your life..It is your God!!! They pay people to say this stuff and u will be crying when America is one big Nazi Prison Camp and your on the inside of the Fema Fences!

  • I had someone say to me if it makes us safer I am willing to give up rights for a while. Can you belive this shit!

    • kimkraves

      too bad they didnt kill you.one less dummy on earth.

      • Wootsauce

        Easy fella. No need for that

      • Mike Lowery

        WTF ? You want to give up your rights to have a false sense of security? You’re the dummy. The government cares less about the safety of anyone or anything! It’s pure cowardice!

      • freddadderf

        Oh the intelligence of the government-schooled-maistream-media-mesmerized morons. Some cannot offer anything of substance. The best kim can do is say “kill you.”
        Such integrity. That fool kim probably thought it was wrong for the alleged Boston Bomber to kill people but is perfectly OK with killing you, or me, or any that disagree.
        Sounds like you are in agreement with your government – kill those who disagree.
        So much for “freedom of speech.”

        Keep reading my stuff. You might catch on.
        “You can learn a lot from a ‘dummy’.”

      • Diaz

        And you should take ducking lessons. You’re obviously going to need them.

    • Diaz

      Yes. I fully believe it. It’s a chronic virus going around in this country, and alot of others.

      • A complete mental disorder. You can just imagine all those “men” hiding under the bed with the wife and kids. These are the guys doing all the reproducing too and teaching their children to smile when Government agents with assault weapons start yelling into their house.

    • If you don’t have anything to hide then you shouldn’t mind if we do a quick body cavity search of your person.

  • Trish94903

    What a bunch of idiot fucktards here. Everything is a government conspiracy, nothing is what it seems….baaaah, baaaah,baaah…yeah, go bleat after your lunatic theories and ignore common sense and hard evidence. Pathetic.

    • Do you kiss your Police man’s boots with that mouth? Eek.

      • Trish94903

        oooo…poor baby….widdy biddy revolutionary asshat promoter of wild-eyed lunacy can’t handle strong language—only delusional government conspiracy theories made up of your own hatred and wishful thinking. Just the facts, girlfriend—some of us deal with facts; others like you wallow in the love of pimping cop-and-country hatred. Got a problem with authority, huh? Little bit jealous of real men and women who do real jobs instead of hiding behind your computer screen pumping out sophistry. No time for whiny little screen geeks like you and your corps of aliases here burning up bytes with put-downs.

  • Debra

    If I hadn’t stayed up all night watching tweets, youtube video from eye witnesses of what happened, as it was happening, then I might let my mind go to government conspiracies, but there were too many eye witnesses that saw them, including the man who lost both his legs in the bombing. He asked for a pen and paper so he could tell the FBI that he saw the man who put down the backpack and looked right at him. There were also witnesses to the shootout from apartment windows that took photographs, and video, and described what was happening. The brother that died was on a suicide mission as he ran toward the cops shooting. A new interview this morning with his uncle revealed a conversation that he had had with the older brother in 2009 as being radical in the way he was talking. He called a family friend who hung out with the brothers and asked who was influencing him. The friend said there was someone influencing him who was Armenian decent who was brain washing him.

    • freddadderf

      It’s good to know that your right to be stupid has not been revoked.

      Enjoy it!

      • kimkraves

        havent you killed yourself yet fred?

        • Wootsauce

          You are adding nothing to this conversation.

        • freddadderf

          No I have not!!!
          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
          Stay in your bed…please.

    • freddadderf

      For someone who stayed up all night you certainly are asleep.

  • James Adler

    This is conspiratorialist garbage. “It seems that the biggest urban dragnet in US history could not manage
    to find the suspect, who was eventually found by a neighbor having a
    cigarette break.” No, he was a block outside the perimeter. He wasn’t having a cigarette break but lying bloodied in a backyard boat where he’d been hiding for many hours. On and on. Now there’ll be “Boston Marathon truthers” like 9/11 conspiratorialists and JFK Assassination conspiracy lunatics. Castro or LBJ or the CIA shot Kennedy. The CIA bombed the Twin Towers. And now more garbage. Are you helping the world or heaping more and more garbage onto our already polluted world?

    • freddadderf

      Enjoy your chains!!!
      Worship your flag!!!!
      Bow down to your heroes, the police and military.

      You deserve it.

      • kimkraves

        pour gas on urself and ignite it and all your paranoia with be over!!!you will never have to worry again. why cant more people like you just die and stop taking innocent people with you.

        • freddadderf

          Because as long as we are here we can make pathetic fools like you squirm, worry and cry.
          It is amazing how the stupidity has gotten below sea level. Kimkraves is so fearful of a few little words. [S]he can respond with one thing: Extinguish those who do not agree.
          Why are you in such fear with my words? Did they jump off the screen and try to strangle you?
          No, the mere idea of seeing some critical thought caused a major migraine headache and there is not enough morphine to relieve the pain.
          Please, do us a favour. Go lock yourself in your stinking apartment and stay there. You belong there and turn off the Internet and stick with the TV trash like NBC, CNN and the rest. Let them do YOUR thinking since you are incapable of such.

          • Miss Lucy

            What is not a conspiracy theory at all is that people not only voluntarily relinquished their freedom, they invited its loss and celebrated its death en masse…on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s midnight ride.

          • freddadderf

            Sure, if you are willing to perpetuate your theory, go ahead.
            Freedom of speech.

        • Diaz

          Because innocent people taste just like chicken when made right.
          (yes, thats sarcasm)

    • kevin

      wow what garbage YOU speak, do you ever think critically or do you always believe what your fox news tells you? you have been shown no evidence at all. how do YOU know these guys are guilty? by believing a group of people that have a clear history of lieing to the American people, I bet you still think that saddam hussain had weapons of mass distruction, and Iraq had to be smashed to pieces because they were involved in 9/11. try turning your TV off and read some books.

    • freddadderf

      Now there’ll be “Boston Marathon truthers”
      Yes, we want the TRUTH!
      Do you?

    • Mike Lowery

      I bet your piss is red, white and blue! You know why? You’ve put you Uncle Sam’s filthy dirty red, white and blue prick in your mouth more times than you can count and you loved every god damn minute of it!

      • freddadderf

        Normally a comment that is off-colour [or full of colour] such as yours I tend to decry but in this case, since it is absolutely true, who can disagree?

  • freddadderf

    The “Cradle of Liberty” can now be called the “Cradle of Police-State-Martial-Law.”
    The geniuses like Trish who rail against those who believe the her “government” is responsible for all this is why the militarization in America is going full steam.
    These stupid idiots, yelling “USA USA!!” are the biggest wooses in the world.
    An entire urban area, with over three million people locked in their homes all celebrate the “victory” claimed by their hero masters.
    Expect more flag waving…more patriotic idolatry at sporting events and churches. Expect more lumpy throated, teary-eyed numbskulls adoring the flag and bowing down to their captors.
    Shame on you Boston…and the rest of America.
    You are celebrating your capture and the loss of whatever liberties you had.
    Remember this-“Lockdown” is a term that originated in prisons. That should tell you something.

    • kimkraves

      you fool it wasnt a lockdown.what were they suppose to do let people and kids out to get MURDERED by two sociopaths.

      • 3 million people locked inside their homes to protect them from one 19 year old suspect (innocent until guilty?( with a pistol ?

        • just saying

          i think this was more a protection of the accused. he would have been a victim of a mob.. if people caught him first, he would have been murdered.

          • freddadderf

            So, the first guy was “murdered” by that wild mob, eh?
            Do you really believe in police protection?

        • freddadderf

          Three million armed people strolling around, enjoying their fine city would prevent any of kimkraves’ imagined fears from ever happening.
          Remember – An armed society is a polite society.
          Kimkraves can go somewhere else if [s]he wants to live sca-a-a-a-r-r-r-ed all the time

          • PithHelmut

            Civilized people don’t need to be armed to the teeth. Our country is based on death and war so that is going to have an effect. How about changing that instead of calling for the most ridiculous thing since John Wayne – an armed citizenry. Insane!

        • from_the_bleachers

          And people seem to forget that the brothers were only deemed SUSPECTS, as in “we THINK maybe they did it”, somehow the press spun this to have people reacting as if Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper we out together hunting. All this while the city witnessed the biggest most exaggerated display of force in recent history.. Not over two highly trained militants or career criminals, over 2 kids.. Something doesn’t add up..

          • SonOfErin

            kids..with bombs & guns …who already killed & maimed over 200 people. Including a college cop sitting alone in his cruiser who didn’t even see them.

          • from_the_bleachers

            Kids SUSPECTED of having bombs and guns, SUSPECTED of killing and maiming those people.. I fail to see how suspicion = conviction. What real evidence do you have to offer? Bits of information from here and there and a lot of mainstream media regurgitation. Anything conclusive? Demonstrate your accusation is valid, show me the evidence. Innocent until PROVEN, P-R-O-V-E-N guilty. So show all your undeniable evidence or go troll somewhere else..

          • SonOfErin

            What are you Big Bird? I can read, I don’t need it spelled twice. Ithink you might because did I ever say I had undeniable evidence? NO. N-O! I’m not trolling…Nobody believes in innocent until proven guilty more than me-someone who was charged with a crime I DID NOT commit. I had my name printed in the paper along with the charges (felonies). So don’t try to preach to me about it. Truth is though, it doesn’t work that way in the real world. I had to prove my innocence. Sad but true. When I did, did the paper print a retraction? No. You can still google my name & find the online version of the paper my name with this heinous charge. But there are witnesses, photos & videos of these assholes. The finish line of the Boston Marathon is one of the most photographed places on earth that day. I am not a cop so I do not have the evidence…yet. But you bet your ass when asshole #2 has his day in court-you will be eating your words. Just like the DA ate his at MY day in court.

          • from_the_bleachers

            yeah yeah, and in the meantime you can keep speculating on everything without any proof right Mr. detective? You seem to be very certain when the whole “investigation” has been a fiasco and true facts seem scarce, sandwiched in between discrepancies and peppered with unanswered questions. But you know, just don’t have the evidence to prove it yet.. Very very credible indeed, you are a true benefit to have, I’ll be sure to have my fork and knife ready to eat my words ok champ?

          • SonOfErin

            My proof is Martin Richard. The 8 year old boy who died & is photographed standing right in front of this guy & his “backpack” seconds before it went off. But don’t worry, I’ll be long gone from this nut-job site by the trial. I’m just visiting this asylum, not checking in. So when the rest of the evidence is made public you can call it fixed or maybe you’ll man up & say you were wrong, I don’t care either way. Just remember that little boy, the 2 young girls killed & the hundreds maimed & injured when it all does come out…BTW, You ever think that MAYBE we don’t know everything yet for a reason? Like maybe when you & I know it, any other cohorts will know it too. Things are top-secret for a reason.

          • from_the_bleachers

            Do you know how many people with “backpacks” there were at the site of both explosions? dozens! Maybe we don’t know everything because it’s been a mess on behalf of the feds, the media and local law enforcement. You sound like a fanatical nut job. How about you do as you say and just wait for evidence to be made public and take a breather in the meantime champ, you’re getting kind of boring.. (yawn)

          • SonOfErin

            And exactly how many of those people were exactly right behind the dead kid & his family at that exact time? Exactly 1… Good comeback with the nut-job comment though. Point to you on that…though maybe I sound like a nut job to you because I was blocks away from these bombs & but for the Grace of God would be among the dead or wounded. So, yeah, I am a wee bit interested in seeing these assholes brought to justice. How about we both take a breather & remember the dead & injured and agree that whoever is responsible should pay? Sound good chief?

          • van anh

            What was that about the boys throwing hand grenades at the police? That’s pretty damning evidence don’t you think? tai bigone

          • from_the_bleachers

            that’s called your imagination, hand grenades in your mind, it’s only evidence of how big a troll you are. Think about it, if it were that easy to get a hand grenade as it is to troll (like you) we would all have hand grenades now wouldn’t we..

          • Ryan

            facking lol
            no nothing adds up on this one……false flag 101
            member hitler did several of those too

        • PithHelmut

          What was that about the boys throwing hand grenades at the police? That’s pretty damning evidence don’t you think?

          • Did you see this ? Or did you see a script.

        • SonOfErin

          a pistol? did you forget about the bombs?

      • Wootsauce

        They are supposes to be courageous and stand up against fear.

      • freddadderf

        Sure! Only the scared-of-their-own-shadow types like yourself should be locked inside their dreadful homes.
        Please, do us a favour. Stay away from us. Stay away for our children. Stay in YOUR BED under the covers. Be careful, there might be a boogie man underneath it.
        You need a lockdown in your neighborhood so your courageous heroes, the SWAT teams and all the other uniformed gangmembers can exorcise those gremlins from your house so you can sleep again.
        And please, do not procreate. The average IQ of Americans is already near zero and if you should have any offspring, by golly, it will be in negative numbers.
        YOU DO NOT DESERVE LIBERTY…YOU DESERVE THE CHAINS…especially those on your pathetic brain.

      • Mike Lowery

        LOL The entire city of Boston, shut down for two people! This is martial law at it’s finest! Then the dolts of Boston praised their own subjugation and marched through the streets to celebrate the massive waste of tax resources it took to NOT catch the persons they were after! WoW… some people…

        • SonOfErin

          You & this entire site obviously have NO idea what happened. You want to see martial law? Move to China. Nobody was ever forced to anything they did not want to do. I moved around in downtown Boston for hours without any interaction with police. That happens ALL the time under martial law, right?

          • Mike Lowery

            Actually the Chinese are becoming more free individually and we are letting our liberty be stripped from us! It’s a sad state of affairs when the majority of the population is so ignorant of just how valuable their freedom truly is. Those that don’t understand that deserve what’s coming to them. Oh, and I wasn’t laughing at Boston douche bag, I was laughing at kimkraves ignorance.

          • SonOfErin

            “LOL The entire city of Boston, shut down for two people!” …”Then the dolts of Boston praised their own subjugation and marched through the streets to celebrate the massive waste of tax resources it took to NOT catch the persons they were after! WoW… some people”…just going on what you put. Certainly sounds like you are laughing at & putting it down. Maybe I read it wrong…let me try again…nope! But I’m the douche bag. Wow…some people.

          • tom thumb

            Care to name the street?

        • SonOfErin

          BTW – good forming laughing at an American city that just went through one of the worst weeks in its history. You must be a proud patriot.

      • Diaz

        No..you are supposed to protect yourselves from the sociopaths….and the bombers too.
        How pathetic the people have become in this country that think that they are not supposed to protect themselves and their loved-ones, instead of fully relying on the most corrupt bunch on the planet. Never questioning…just licking boots and chanting praise…for something that could have been conceivably done by citizens.

        • Kristen

          yeah ironically it was a citizen that found the kid, not the Boston and government gestapo!

        • from_the_bleachers

          logic.. logic… cannot compute.. The problem my friend is that most of America has lost its balls. Anyone that expects somebody else to protect them is either a fool or a child, and sadly there are many of both in this country, specially in public office.

      • Kristen

        Uhh yes it was a lockdown because they shut off cell phone service, cabs, stores, told everyone to stay in their homes, and enacted a curfew for 1 19yr old kid that was found by a homeowner. So, what else would you call it? You are a moron, and this will be happening more and more!

        • Just wave your flag, pay your taxes, and stay white – you’ll be OK.

          • Kristen

            lol yeah! i
            don’t know what the truth is, and nobody else except the people running
            this country does either. i do know for a fact that before wtc ’93,
            oklahoma bombing, london subway attack, sandy hook, aurora, and now
            this, the police
            or other government agencies just happened to be running “drills.” i
            think that’s pretty weird, and it can all be looked up on the city
            websites of the towns it happened on. plus, after talking to my grandpa,
            that was in a camp during ww2, it’s made me more open to the
            possibility that this country is going down the shitter and maybe never
            be the same. he talked about the check points that were happening back
            then like they are in certain states here, martial law, a census,
            disarming citizens, poisoning the food and water like monsanto, curfews
            enacted and all the other crazy shit happening around here, happened
            back then right before him and his whole family were dragged out of
            their homes in the middle of the night. he’s a very smart, practical guy
            that doesn’t follow the conspiracy stories.

          • What we really need are more cameras and mandatory license plates for people to wear when in Public. It’s for safety, dear – you aren’t a criminal with something to hide are you?

          • Afshin Nejat

            You’ve got a hell of a lot more anatomy than these trolls, as well as the cowards they represent everywhere. Anatomy is “brains, guts, and balls”. Keep using the name and showing the face also. It makes the TRUTH stand out brighter by contrast to the cowards who cringe in its LIGHT.

          • PithHelmut

            Whoever ordered those drills ought to explain themselves publicly.

        • SonOfErin

          Wow…where to begin…Cell phone service was NOT shut off…stores were NOT closed…NO curfew was enacted. People were not TOLD to stay in their homes. How do I know? I was on my phone, in a store in downtown Boston & was out past midnight.

          • That’s funny because I am seeing all kinds of videos of tanks driving through neighborhoods telling people to go inside. Must have been an interpretation problem on my part. A big misunderstanding – the Police were not abusing people at all ( GIGGLE )

          • SonOfErin

            Give me a link to ONE video of a tank ordering people not to go outside. PLEASE! I will happily leave when I see it.

          • van anh

            Just wave your flag, pay your taxes oke ??Game bigone

          • freddadderf

            You are right… people were NOT told to stay in their homes. As a matter of fact the cops did what they could to make sure the people got out for some fresh air:

      • LOL,

        Kimkraves – what a moron you are.

      • freddadderf

        Take a look at this:

        Boston, surrounding communities on lockdown


        Much of Boston’s financial hub closed amid lockdown

        No “lockdown,” eh? Then what is the purpose of the word “lockdown” in the headlines? The word looks cute? The word is the right size to fit in the headline?

      • Kacey

        Are you stupid. Go do research and use your brain

      • Kacey

        You must be the fool. Go do research use ur brain

      • Your fucking kidding …….. I’m not even sure anyone but these patsies got hurt. Are you postive what you seen or was this just another movie and you just thought what you seen was real?

      • Yeah…but…

        “At the direction of authorities, select Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in the Boston area are open to take care of needs of law enforcement and first responders,” spokeswoman Lindsay Harrington told Boston.com. “We are encouraging our guests to stay home today and abide by the lockdown, per the Governor’s recommendation.”

        So I’m quite disappointed that they would put the DD employees at risk.

      • Christinne Radu


      • The not-lockdown didn’t catch the suspect. A call from a resident who went outside and saw him did. And people are perfectly capable of keeping themselves and their kids inside without a not-lockdown. YOU are the fool, if you think there’s nothing wrong with this picture.

      • JasonM

        Who’s the sociopath?

        Are we now in a RoboCop society with no due process?

        Was there a trial already?

        Are we that base now in the US that we are letting the Corprorate Media owned by Banks and the Cops that are paid for by the banks be the judge, jury and public executioner, with no proof.

        Where is the proof you mush head?

        There is no evidence.

        There is more evidence to staged terrorism by the Rogue Network than there is evidence that the two patsy’s were the masterminds.

        Your ignorance to evidence, facts and history is both disturbing and very dangerous to all of our liberties.

        “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

        -Benjamin Franklin

      • Puzzled

        Anyone remember Son of Sam? It was a scary summer, to be sure, in NYC – but no one suggested keeping all of NYC at home.

    • no-nonsense

      Yes, exactly. Very good post! I suggest for every American to read Brecht’s Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui to understand the mechanism of crowd manipulation.

  • mossad not muslims did 9/11/01 and boston also ban jews not guns

    • kimkraves

      was ur mom as dumb as you?

      • Kacey

        No but ur dad was .

  • kevin

    USA USA USA!!! its so sad, in 10years America has gone so far down the wrong road…. and they still skip along hand in hand totally unaware of the storm clouds rolling in as the sun drops below the horizon ,and the cold mist starting to creep round there ankles.

    • All these limp-wristed anti-gun Northeastern Libs cowering in their houses all day grabbing their ankles for Paramilitary Police rather than take any responsibility for their own safety then run into the streets to celebrate like they won a sporting event. What a spectacle of stupidity.

      • SonOfErin

        First off, I’m not anti-gun, way to lump one whole section of the country together with one belief system. Second, love the veiled homophobia against an entire section of the country. Third, There were hundreds of thousands of people in Boston yesterday who were going about their everyday business. I know because I was one. There was no martial law. Not once did I have any interaction with any cop.

        • Must have been a big misunderstanding then. Here I was looking at all these photos of Armed Troops strutting through people’s living room’s with their Assault Weapons. Images of snipers on roofs aiming into houses. Images of tanks and all kinds of military equipment out in front of houses. Apparently this was all a big misunderstanding and everyone should have been hanging out with you looking at handbags at the mall. Don’t even go there with your “homophobia” garbage.

          • SonOfErin

            I’d rather not go there with it but again! 1st its “limpwristed” & now its “at the mall looking at handbags”? Dude, you got some issues you need to work out against gays…ANYWAY-yeah there were armed troops because of, you know, the armed suspects. When there is a terrorist on the run who has already killed at least 4 people including a cop & maimed & injured at least 200, there is going to be a LARGE response…as there should be! So if I actually was at the mall looking at handbags, not working like I actually was, what excuse do you got for the thousands of other people all over the city? Do YOU live in Boston? No. So I assume you are looking at pictures in the paper & on TV. I was walking the city streets & there was a large police presence, but what the hell do you expect when a major city has a manhunt?! A traffic cop taping pictures to trees? WTF?! BTW, here’s a picture you might have missed. When the residents of this neighborhood were asked to stay inside because the suspect was believed to be (and was) in the area, a family with young kids said to the cop “we’re out of milk”….here was his response.
            Does that look like martial law? The police delivering milk??

          • SonOfErin
          • hz w

            if you ask nicely in jail I’m sure they give you extra milk, just so long as youre compliant. The issue isn’t just about police abusing their power, it’s about what control the individual has over his own life. Swaying the balance of power in favor of a nameless faceless souless conglomerate, full of absolutes will lead to something like facism. Don’t you understand that these people don’t give a damn about your pathetic life? If you don’t have the self respect and gall to defend yourself and your family and the courage to wake up every morning knowing that anything can happen and it can all go in an instant? What is the point of life if you live a sterilized immunized life in a guilded cage? I would rather die

          • Trish94903

            ewww, Davey, girl, come OUT of the closet….your homophobia is showing. Little too much overcompensation.

  • kimkraves

    nothing was “forced” by police. there was a man running around town with a gun and maybe explosives.i would lock myself up too with my own piece.what were they supposed to do let liitle kids walk around, go to school etc.they new he was hiding somewhere and they wanted to find him quick.whats the big deal.

    • Wootsauce

      Yes. People should have been out and about. Now terrorists know they can shut down whole cities with just a little push.

  • kimkraves

    i bet that poor 26 year old cop wish he knew beforehand what was going on with those two murders.he might still be alive.the public should be warned about a sociopath walking around killing people. these two aholes killed innocent people.its quite obvious.do u really think an islamic extremist was just hanging around the race with his bro?

    • Mike Lowery

      Do you live under a rock or something? Sociopaths and psychopaths run our country, the corporations, all law enforcement and Wall street! You’re worried about the random chance of coming face to face with a sociopath because if a gang of sociopaths don’t tell the people that there are sociopaths on the loose, you might get taken out by one!?! Hold on.. I’m confused now. lol

  • I have never understood why conspiracy theorists and their obvious disliking of everything government do not just leave the country and never come back. As open as our borders are for people coming in they are just as open for you to take your displeasure and leave. Go find a new country; that’s what your ancestors did, maybe it’s time you do the same.

    • Mike Lowery

      Typical closed minded automaton speaking. Sounds like a broken record.. People, living in a free and open society have every right to scrutinize their elected representatives, their law enforcement and any other public official all the way up to the president. If they so choose to. When people who say otherwise think they’re true Americans it is quite to the contrary. These people are treasonous lap dogs to the broken down system that is ruled through fear and are so afraid of the truth they would rather support the absolute destruction of liberty over opening their eyes and accepting it.

      • Miss Lucy

        Not only did they support it, they cheered it on and are labeling dissent regarding their treason treasonous.

    • It is our RESPONSIBILITY as citizens to ensure that our government upholds the constitution, not to say of screw this I am out of here. Anyone who will not stand up to tyranny doesn’t deserve to be here, not the other way around. The country exists because people stood up to the tyranny of the Crown.

  • Hillary Clinton is your next President. Kerry your next Vice President

    The fix was in 10 years ago The rest is circus.

    The Syrian “rebels” are ‘al Qaeda and work for the US CIA. They always have. They always will.
    CIA funds, trains and equips al Qaeda. They might as well put US Army uniforms on them.

    Benghazi incident a few months ago was about the overthrow of another
    enemy of Israel (Libya), and the installation of another US puppet
    dictatorship regime.

    The murder of US diplomats was done by CIA
    (ie, a Qaeda working for CIA) to cover up the shipment of massive
    amounts of weapons from Libya to Syrian Al Qaeda. Clinton’s arms are
    dripping with innocent peoples’ blood, which qualifies her to be a great
    US President. Yes, the fix was in some time ago.

    And Boston? US
    Navy Seals were deployed into Boston in advance of MOSSAD”s specialty –
    cheap big bombs in heavily crowded eras, and blamed on Muslims. People
    fall for it every time, that’s why they they do it. Who stands to gain
    the most? The military industrial complex, the Department of “Homeland
    Security”, the Israeli-trained state paramilitary swat teams, the
    Blackwaters, even Wall Street, big oil.

    Who loses? you people lose and you cheer them on like they were GODS, like you were their slaves, which you actually are

    what they fear though: Even though they will strip away all your real
    freedoms a layer at time, until you have no freedoms left, those of us
    who are awake will know how to strip away all their power
    AT ONCE. They have an Achilles heel, and we know what it is.

    • Mark

      I agree with everything you wrote except the next president will be Jeb Bush – after all they alternate parties every eight years.

    • Kacey

      Thanks love child for enlightening us . Everyone should research this subject.

  • hp

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

  • Sheep will always be sheep.

  • The property the boat was on was actully one block outside the search zone… and the owner discovered him ONLY after the lockdown was lifted and he went out to walk his dog.


  • DarkStarAz

    For two guys who had absolutely nothing to do with this they were exceptionally well armed with guns and explosives


      really, could you provide me with a link to the video that shows CLEARLY one of these “suspects” firing a gun, or throwing an explosive, or planiting a bomb? as per the usual m.o., we will see no dashcam video, or the video of them planting bombs, or any clear evidence of them committing ANY of these crimes, we’ll just be told to BELIEVE that they did, as per our govt. that NEVER LIES TO US!!! now, did you wanna discuss a price for those saddam wmds i have for sale, oh wait, that’s right, turns out he didn’t have any. did he?

  • Qui bono? Chechens and Dagistanis are a pain in the neck to Georgia (and Russia). U.S. and Israel have buddied up to Georgia to better protect their interests in the region. They alredy have bases there. This gives the U.S. added incentive to overtly go after the “terror cells” in Chechnia and Dagestan. Same story as Afghanistan. Just a different stan.

  • Diaz

    LOL..with all the police and LE(alphabet soup) presence at the initial bombing, they didn’t see anything, and couldn’t stop it.
    Then, with noone BUT police on the streets, they couldn’t find a suspect.

    And you applaud and chant U-S-A, U-S-A??!!

    How pathetic all of you that chanted this are. Now, bow and kiss more ass. Don’t think or do anything for yourselves.
    Leave that to the non-brainwashed. You might hurt yourself, and others.

  • Diaz

    Here’s my gripe.
    If that was me that did the bombing, would I have stayed in that vicinity?
    Hell no. And neither would any of you reading this.

    There’s going to be some BS coming out of this, and already is.

  • Sheeple are always led to the Slaughter. These Sheeple make me Sick!

  • Thank you for being a voice of reason I have been attempting to share the same thoughts with many people

  • Miss Lucy

    What were they supposed to do? Provide safety free from tyranny. Why is it automatically presumed anymore that civil rights and public safety are mutually exclusive?

    “So this is how liberty dies…with cries of thunderous applause.” Star Wars

    “They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    I have no idea what people who cheer liberty’s loss and harangue those who mourn its passing deserve.

  • PithHelmut

    I didn’t like the link to an article by Michael Savage. His name suits him perfectly and he’s a wingnut. That only detracts from the credibility of this site unfortunately. To finally nail this treachery, please use only credible sources.

  • musimann

    The behavior of the people of Boston last night was well…..embarrassing. If Americans are really that stupid then we are headed for a miserable future and slavery. I found it ironic that a guy taking a cigarette break did what the best police state we have could not. It like the rest of this “reality show” reveals how truly incompetent they are. From letting a bomb go off with all those security personnel on site to the absurd drama of finding the “real bombers.” Does anyone not see the absurdity of “locking down” an entire city because just one alleged criminal is on the loose? And there he was bleeding out in a boat – harmless. But what really made me mad was they shot up the boat anyway.

    • freddadderf

      While the idiocy of the people in Boston was obvious, a couple of other things are just as bothersome.
      -There were people all over the US celebrating in a similar fashion. We are 2200 miles from Boston and the slaves here did similar flag waving and USA cheers.
      -Which is more despicable:
      The people who are willing to accept the lockdowns, Martial law and the increased polices state, or;
      The people who are willing to dress up in their Ninja costumes and harass, intimidate, abuse, dominate and/or murder their fellow man?

  • musimann

    And one more point by making their names public instead of going to work to find them at the minimum left another police officer and one suspect dead and the entire city traumatized – which perhaps was their real intent. Remember he was just a suspect – not tried and convicted.

  • Kacey

    The websites infowars.com and davidicke.com are very informative . They analyse all the pictures

  • Michaelcrook Doesnotexist

    No one “owes” any branch of law enforcement anything. They were doing their jobs, jobs for which they’re well-compensated and that are paid for on the public’s dime. Does anyone ever feel as though they “owe” the garbageman a “debt of gratitude” for keeping trash off the curb?

  • SonOfErin

    Martial Law?!?! ARE YOU JOKING??? I am a resident of Boston, at NO time was anyone FORCED to stay home, in fact I was in downtown Boston for several hours with ZERO interaction with Police. There was NEVER ANY CURFEW. There were NO house to house searches without the consent of the owner. In fact, a family in Watertown told one of those very officers they were out of milk. Guess what happened? THE COP WENT & GOT THEM MILK! OOHHH….GOV’T IS TAKING OVER BOSTON BY GOING TO THE STORE FOR CITIZENS!!!…report facts if you want to taken seriously!

    • your going to fight a losing battle with all these drunken hillbillies that think the worlds against them. the only reason the government does what it does sometimes is because creeps like the ones commenting here and do these blogs create a reason for the government to worry. these people think george washington and company would be totally on their side are gravely mistaken. they should read about shays rebellion and how well that went. half the crap they are posting here about boston is bullcrap. i dont live in boston but i had theor poilce scanner on the entire time, i had every media outlet known from boston on my computer, ive read twwets from people that live there and i talk to people who live there, in chelsea and in watertown and they all said the same thing that you did and any other witness has said.

      • Ryan

        your head is in the sand boy. there were bomb sniffing dogs, all kinds of police there stating it was a drill. special ops among others…..all very suspicious before the race even started. then a few guys left the scene of the bomb that were standing there right before the bomb went off. Those 2 guys were NOT the two they went after. it’s pointless even trying to tell you what’s really happened. i’m done trying to speak with sheep. fack em’

    • GunnySch

      You say a body can’t live for a few small hours without milk, so Sheriff Taylor went down to the corner drug to fetch Mizz Watson her milk? (even though “at NO time was anyone FORCED to stay home”)

      Ain’t that the way..seeinz how he’s got nothin urgent to do…not like a manhunt or anything – reckon that’d be a whole nother story altogether.

      • SonOfErin

        Seriously?! You’re gonna spin a good deed by a cop who did not have to help a family out but did into a BAD thing? NO-NOBODY WAS FORCED TO STAY HOME!!! People were asked to stay home so that there were less people on the streets in order to search for this fuck!!!! This site is nuts. You are all paranoid. I’m outta here….GOODBYE! Wish you well!!

  • commandojackson@yahoo.com

    you lying peace of shit

  • The effects of aspartame, MSG, hydrogenated fats, Red#20, vaccines, etc. – beginning to show.

  • Ryan

    yeah; i think we are in big facking trouble when the “mob” responds like this. those of us that know and feel what hand was dealt or has been dealt for a long time……it just gets worse now. “boston strong”……..I wonder if they took that from Lance Armstrong’s company “livestrong”? He lived strong alright……from PED’s and ROIDS. Oh gosh! How screwed up!

  • Ryan

    YOU do NOT receive the REAL information idiots (those who believe these two did it all ……………..are idiots in this case.

  • Lane

    Rabble rabble rabble conspiracy, tin-foil hat.

  • Michelle

    This is a prime example of half truths and misinformation. As a person who was in Boston around the vicinity of both the bombing and the lockdown (which was not 2 days long but a couple of hours long), I am disappointed by your attempt to intellectualize and politicize a situation that had real frightening consequences. Why was there a lock down? Oh maybe because 5 people died and over 170 people were injured by this “student” whom you are trying to describe as being innocuous. Unfortunately for both men, they were seen handling and using the both guns and makeshift bombs by several on-lookers both Friday and Saturday in there attempt to attack the law enforcements. Reading through your article, I notice too many holes in your story to even take it seriously.

  • had enuff

    What a transformation from the leaders of liberty to the lair of the pussys

  • IF the department of homeland insecurity HAD BEEN DOING ITS JOB, this would never have occurred! Think about their willingness to interrogate someone 2 years or so ago, and they let him go! They knew he was particularly unreliable, but did nothing to initiate surveillance. Go figure and how stupid they must have been by not having an idea who they MIGHT be dealing with.
    You know things are really bad when they have to declare martial law in order to find the ONE 19 year old who has a gun. You know its bad when the POLICE have to start calling on the public to do their police work for them!
    Terrorist or not, they should have known something about the older brother, IF they had been watching him. This is the exact thing Obama wants us to fall into. It is the exact crisis they want to take advantage of because they want that power over you. It is coming folks and you jello heads will still believe it was all necessary!
    Wise up, demand better of our elected officials especially with actual TRUTH! And all you bleeding hearts in liberal-land, go find your self an island somewhere that I DON’T HAVE TO SUPPORT! I’m sick of you freeloaders, this is NOT your country, because YOU did NOTHING to build it!

    • freddadderf

      A very good rant, until the final paragraph. Once again it’s the old “conservatives are superior to those stinkin’ liberals” nonsense.
      What did the conservatives in Boston do?
      They stayed inside their homes, without protest while martial law was implemented.
      What did the conservatives do in Congress during those years, early in this century, when they had the majority in both houses and el presidente?
      They just voted for TSA, Homeland Security and the Patriot Acts, that’s all. All of which were part of the “lockdown” scenario we saw in Boston.
      I used to be one of those “conservatives” who had nothing to say but blame the “liberals” for every ill ever conceived. The truth is- WE THE PEOPLE…all the People are to blame. We allowed this stuff to happen. We the People have fallen into two political/philosophical camps, blaming each other only to be
      Boston is a culmination of the years of this bickering over stupid ideologies rather than finding the common ground.
      Tell me, has the Rush Limbaugh types ever converted a “stinkin’ liberal” over to the “conservative” side using such pap?
      THINK NOT!

  • freddadderf

    We’re from the “government.” We’re here to help you. You need to get some fresh air!!

  • DesertSun59

    Yawn. Much ado about nothing. Righties constantly amuse me with their conspiracy theories and their pretend false flag briefings they give each other, and their worshipping of Glen Beck who told everyone that the ‘suspect’ was a Saudi who was whisked away… by the POTUS. LMAO.

    You all use claims and assertions as your ‘facts’. That’s why your lives suck so bad.

    The ‘suspect’ is on video. The ‘suspect’ was videoed planting a bomb. The ‘suspect’ was hiding in a boat after a shootout with police that HE and his BROTHER initiated after THEY carjacked a car – and after they killed an MIT security guard. Sorry folks. The incident is OVER now and lo and behold: they got their man.

    This ‘suspect’ was a clear and present danger. The cops did precisely what they were supposed to do. The ‘suspect’ was taken into custody. Boston went back to normal after the incident was taken care of. Martial law was never declared by anyone except for the briefings you all gave each other about how it was so.

    • Typical response from ignorance.

      The incident is FAR from over. In fact it is just now starting to roll. This test of how the people will react to Martial Law gave the government exactly what they wanted. They now see the people will kneel down and open wide.

    • freddadderf

      Only one thing in your rant that could be true. Yes, martial law was never officially declared, only a “lockdown.” Guess it’s a matter of semantics. For most people, being forced to remain in your house while the gangmember go out harassing folks, with military-style arms, tanks, vehicles and what-have-you is so much better because it is not officially “martial law.”
      No wonder the United States is in such deep dung. Too many government/cop/mainstream media/military-worshiping-types who accept any and all abuses, no, not abuses…PROTECTIONS, from their benevolent masters to the point they will give their lives in Afghanistan, Iran, Viet Nam or any other place deemed a threat to “our ‘freedoms’.”
      Go on DesertSun, enjoy your stupidity. Be assured your right to be stupid, uninformed and to believe anything your media tell you has not been infringed or revoked.

    • jimmy corn

      Holy Sh**! That is an actual person’s reaction to this? Holy Fu** God help us all. Its a sad day when I have to say THEY DESERVE WHAT IS COMING NEXT!

      “The ‘suspect’ is on video. The ‘suspect’ was videoed planting a bomb.” Wow really have you seen a video that NO ONE ELSE IN THIS COUNTRY have seen? I am positive THERES IS NO VIDEO of said suspect planting ANY BOMBS! The only thing the FBI has come out with is 2 pictures of the said suspects nothing else. Similar to the other thousands of people there who had their pictures taken. If that is good enough for them to be guilty then god damn shouldnt we “hunt down” the other dozens of people with backpacks?
      Interesting wasn’t the younger suspect carrying a mostly whitish color backpack why do we see a photo of the destroyed one mostly black only a white tag is seen?

      But who has the backpack that matches the one photoed as the bomb. One of the Craft or Seal team agents which from earlier pictures of him with his backpack the same backpack that matches the picture of the blown up one.

      But hey maybe the agent got scared and dropped his backpack. lol

    • jimmy corn

      Holy Sh**! That is an actual person’s reaction to this? Holy Fu** God help us all. Its a sad day when I have to say THEY DESERVE WHAT IS COMING NEXT!

      “The ‘suspect’ is on video. The ‘suspect’ was videoed planting a bomb.” Wow really have you seen a video that NO ONE ELSE IN THIS COUNTRY have seen? I am positive THERES IS NO VIDEO of said suspect planting ANY BOMBS! The only thing the FBI has come out with is 4 pictures of the said suspects nothing else. Similar to the other thousands of people there who had their pictures taken. If that is good enough for them to be guilty then god damn shouldnt we “hunt down” the other dozens of people with backpacks?
      Interesting wasn’t the younger suspect carrying a mostly whitish color backpack why do we see a photo of the destroyed one mostly black only a white tag is seen?
      But you know the did carjack some random person and the first thing they said was he we are the bombers. which is smart if your trying to get away from a police manhunt. Makes sense but I would of put up a huge banner that said hey were right here we did the bombings.

  • “The people of Massachusetts now owe federal and local law enforcement a debt of gratitude”

    Um…The people of Massachusetts now owe federal and local law enforcement a lawsuit for unconstitutional search and detainment.

  • millsmess88

    No doubt the Federal Bureau of Instigation has already dispatched ‘agents’ to take ‘care’ of article author Henningsen–with extreme prejudice.

  • freddadderf

    So, what’s the difference??

  • Over reaction, and overkill! What else could you call it?

  • Spot on.

  • Ben

    Damn ‘Murricans are stupid. Oy vey! Oy vey!